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15 Legit Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms (These Are Great!) (2019)

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By Anis Chity

August 10, 2019

Legit Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Hello there! Welcome to my "15 Legit Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms"!

It is amazing how the invention and development of the internet has impacted and improved our lives, don't you think?

Communication is a lot better. Entertainment is great. And many more. One of these is actually online jobs.

Who would have thought that you can actually work and earn money online at home?

You can earn at your home, without even have to leave your house. This is even more advantageous for stay-at-home moms.

In this article, I will give you 15 legit online jobs for stay-at-home moms. These can also apply for those who just want to earn money at home!

So, without any further ado, let's get started.

#1 Writing

About any online job involves writing and there are tons of companies that look for writers.

If young adults can do it, so can moms!

f you are proficient in English and like to put your thoughts in an article or blog, then you're more than qualified.

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Actually, moms don’t need to have an extensive background in writing and journalism. They can also write about their experiences and as long as the articles make sense and are structured well.

The pay depends upon negotiations with your boss when you get hired as well as the mode of salary, usually it’s through Paypal.

For beginners, the average pay is about $1-2 per hour but can grow as you continue throughout the years.

But there are also companies who pay per blog or article.

Examples of companies that you can start with a writing job are as follows:

#2 Data Entry

This job is great but it requires time and moms can find it difficult to allot time especially when they have to take care of their children.

But this job actually helps moms manage their time.

They can do this when their kids are at school.

Requirements are of course technical skills, including knowledge in MS Excel and Word, and internet connection.

Furthermore, moms have to be fast and pay attention to detail. The pay may be based on the job, words typed or by hour.

Some companies that offer data entry jobs are:

#3 Tutoring

Teachers are not the only ones who have the privilege to teach.

Moms can also do it online. After all they are the children’s first teachers.

Depending on the company, they may require a specific subject that moms will teach. Usually it’s English.

Companies also require that the applicant have teaching or mentoring experiences. Furthermore, a Bachelor’s Degree when teaching English.

You also need a fast internet connection and a mode of interacting like Skype.

Pay can range from $10-60 an hour and work for about 15 hours a week. So it’s definitely worth it.

Check out these sites if you’re interested

#4 Search Engine Evaluator

The name is pretty self-explanatory.

Sometimes, when people make a search, the results are not all accurate.

The job of the search engine evaluator is to check whether the results are relevant, timely and free from spams.

This is a convenient job for moms because there’s not much requirement to apply.

Furthermore, they get to make their own schedule.

The pay is also reasonable, for every hour, you can earn about $10-15.

Some companies that offer this job are:  

#5 Proofreading

Are you a mom who likes to spot mistakes and then correct them?

Then, you should consider applying for a proofreading job.

Of course, one of the requirements is you have to have a keen eye for grammar and spotting any writing mistakes because it’s your job to correct them.

This is beneficial for the company. You can also have the opportunity to learn more and widen your horizon.

Furthermore, it is convenient since you’ll be working at the comfort of your home.

Examples of companies that hire proofreaders are: 

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#6 Virtual Assistant

Some moms have to give up their careers so they can put their attention on their children.

They find it very difficult to do so. But they have to weigh their responsibilities between work and family.

If you’re a mom, and you miss working at the office, fret not, because you can have this feeling again but online.

A lot of companies look for virtual assistants to attend to the needs of the company.

They actually play an important role because they are one of the people who keep the business going even if their doing it behind a computer.

A virtual assistant’s job involves a variety of administrative assistance to clients.

From managing blogs and monitoring email to scheduling meetings, sending invoices, and doing data entry work.

It’s also convenient because you get to choose you area of specialty and negotiate with your schedule.

The pay can range from $25-100 depending on the type of work and the company.

Some of the companies that hire virtual assistants:

#7 Transcription

Some online jobs require good writing skills. Some need someone with good voices.

There are also those jobs who need someone with sharp listening skills and have a knack for paying attention to detail.

Actually, moms are good at this.

After all, they know everything that’s going on in their houses without anyone telling them, because they have these supermom powers.

With this, some moms may enjoy being a transcriber.

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A transcriber’s main job is to listen to some audio files, and then record or type what they hear.

It’s basically just transferring words into paper.

This task also requires patience and attention to detail because some audio files may be unclear.

Furthermore, you have to make sure that the report you send to your company is accurate.

Additionally, moms must be able to type fast and efficiently so they can catch up quickly. The pay can range from $7-21 per hour.

#8 Blogging

It’s the 21st century and blogging is still up and running.

In fact, companies need blogs to let people be aware of what’s going on with them.

Blogging can be something that’s fun for moms to do because they get to share their ideas, info, exercise their thinking and of course, they get paid.

It’s not only limited to companies.

Moms can also write blogs in other publications, social media outlets or parent-focused websites where they can share their parenting or personal experiences.

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Blogging is also one of the most flexible jobs moms can find online.

There’s not much technicality needed. And they get to create their own schedule based on negotiations of course.

If you work as a blogger to someone else, it can be difficult to adjust at first.

You have to get used to your time. Furthermore, there are going to be deadlines for every blog you make and the pay can start low.

But as the years progress and so do you, your income will eventually grow up to $1000 and up a month.

Blogging is also a good way for advertising, sponsorship, affiliate marketing and for personal.

You get to strengthen your passion of writing about the things you love in line with topic.

Here are some sites where you can find jobs as a blogger:

#9 Bookkeeping

Pursuing an accounting profession is very difficult.

There are a lot of concepts, underlying theories and a whole lot of analysis.

Some women choose this path because they can and maybe it’s their passion.However, it can’t be avoided that some women are bound for motherhood and when situation demands.

They need to sacrifice their years of practicing their profession for their family.

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This is not always the case because moms can find accounting-related jobs online such as bookkeeping.

Sure, it’s like the most basic mode of accounting but wouldn’t it feel nice to have a home-based job that is in line with the aforementioned profession?

That way, women can both be moms and continue to exercise their field.

After all, there are tons of companies who are in need of keeping and recording their financial transactions. Average pay is around $20- 50 an hour.

Some companies relating to bookkeeping jobs are: 

#10 Chat Email Support

Do you like to help people and attend to their needs? Do you have great communication and social skills?

Then, working in chat email support might just be the thing for you.

These days, people are becoming too dependent on technology and other people and they depend on them for support or assistance.

There are instances that as users, we encounter problems. Then we panic because we don’t know what to do or how to fix it.

That's when the chat email supporter comes in.

Its job is basically to assist customers either through email or chat regarding technical issues and customer service matters.

It is also requiring that the applicant must be fast in typing. You can extend your services through call.

In light of this, moms have to have patience when dealing with customers because some of them may be harsh.

No matter what their attitude is, it is part of your responsibility to maintain calm and do your best in providing them with service.

Average pay can start from $10-12 per hour.

Examples of companies where you can apply are:  

#11 Court Research

This is one of the less easy jobs that you can find online.

Basically, the task is to pull or find legal documents from the local courthouses. And you’re not always gonna be working at home. Sometimes you have to actually visit the courthouse.

That’s why this job is referred to as work from home as opposed to work at home.

 The type of data you will be collecting might include tax liens, deeds, lawsuits, probate cases, civil cases, names, addresses, mortgages, and similar data.

That data will be gathered for lenders, lawyers, marketers, reference/background check firms, etc.

The pay usually is from $15-20 per hour and it also depends on per document collected.

So if you’re fast and accurate, then you have more chances of earning more.

The following are the companies that hire court researchers:

#12 Graphics design

It is natural for moms to be good at designing. After all, it is a woman’s forte to organize, design and be stylish.

Why not apply this skill in the digital world and earn extra cash? Besides it’s probably some moms’ passion to be engaged in the arts so this job should be quite easy.

There is a catch though. Since it is graphic design, it needs to be digital. Moms may be technologically challenged because perhaps they’re used to designing physically.

This job requires that the employee must be knowledgeable and know how to use editing and designing software.

But, this can be learned. With time, moms will get the gist and already know how to work things out.

It may take a while before moms can be fully developed. Or have filled the room with progress but it’s really worth it.

The income can range from $25-300 an hour, depending on the company and the task.

It’s also a great opportunity to showcase your skills and provide your services to companies to strengthen their brand.

The following are some of the companies who are in need of graphic designers:

#13 Resume Writing

This is similar to the writing or the blogging job because it involves writing. The only difference is this is specific because you’re going to write resumes.

As an applicant, you would find yourself pressured at the first thing you pass to the company you wish to work in, your resume.

After all, resumes are tools in which companies take a glance at the applicant. By making the resume, one has to ensure that it is impressive but at the same time, accurate.

If you can’t make it because of pressure or any other reason, you can ask help from resume writers.

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Moms probably have careers before they became moms so they’re quite familiar with writing resumes.

They would need all the information about their client, from previous work, educational background and others.

It is up to them on how to make out of the given information to make the applicant appealing and make sure that they get the job.

With this job, it is important to maintain the integrity so as to keep the profile true and not exaggerated for the sake of making the resume look great. The pay is around $16-20 per hour.

The following are examples of companies that hire resume writers:  

#14 Social Media Manager

These days, almost everyone owns social media accounts. May it be teens, parents or even grandparents.

Moms engage in social media by posting about their children’s achievements, their family gatherings, or just sharing some cooking or health tips.

If you’re a mom and you feel like you’re already social media savvy, why not make money out of it?

A social media manager is someone who manages the social media accounts of companies and businesses.

Here are some of the companies that hire social media managers: 

Also, they take care of inquiries, marketing, replying comments, posting and more.

This is a great opportunity for moms because they get to help companies by increasing their online presence and strengthen their brand.

They will also learn about the company they’re working in more and actually engage in it despite being virtual.

Plus, it’s in social media so it might also be entertaining for moms. The average pay is about $15 per hour.

#15 Translating

Some moms are gifted, in a way that they’re bilingual or even know more languages.

If they feel the need to earn money by imparting their extraordinary skill, then they should become translators.

Sure, one can translate through the internet these days because the internet is so flexible. However one of the flaws that the internet has is that it cannot resolve everything.

Here are some companies that need translators: 

It’s not even reliable to have documents translated online because they might be wrong.

This is where the  translator comes to the rescue. If you’re the head of a company, you would rather have a person translate as opposed to a machine.

Depending on what language the company requires the employee to have, what matters is that the employee is proficient in that language to be able to provide services appropriately.

The salary for this job is around $25 an hour.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have them! The 15 Legit Online Jobs for Stay At Home Moms!

Thank you so much for reading my article! I hope that you are able to learn a thing or two from it.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them on the comment section!

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