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Is AppCoins ICO a Scam? [Full Review!]

App coins

The Review of App Coins, at the mention of App coins, what comes to mind is the international influence that Aptoide, its founder, has had in the world over the last six years.

Since its foundation in 2011 by Paulo and Alvaro Pinto.

It is one of the most reliable cryptocurrencies. Lisbon, in Portugal, is its center of all operations but, keep in mind that most of its other offices are spread all over the world like Singapore.

Most developers use this app to increase the productivity of their apps such as games and other useful apps.

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Benefits of using AppCoins

Promotes exquisite marketing skillsOne of the merits of using AppCoins is that it can help to solve the complication that is usually caused by middlemen.

In the real sense, it is worth noting that the more parties involved between the developer and the user of the app, the lower the marketing benefits.

Increases purchases of in-apps Keep in mind that in the current technological arena, most people that have devices which are connected to the internet have the capability of buying additional features.

It is worth noting that the role of intermediaries has been eliminated thus, increasing the in-app buying abilities.

Increases the transparency of apps and games developer of an app can go through a hard time trying to figure out the real reason that caused his game to be locked out of the play store.

The good thing about AppCoins is that it helps to establish a straight chain of transparency between the visitors in the app as well as the developer.my #1 recommendation

AppCoins Working Mechanism

The developers of Aptoide understand that the cardinal objective of designing AppCoins is to bring to light a universally accepted means of payment. Transparency and reliability are the two concrete pillars within which AppCoins stands.

The interphase of Aptoide has been engineered to ensure that the high-value currencies access the right type of the target audience.

It is because this can be able to help them identify an environment that is full of opportunities that can be traded through paying fees to all intermediaries.

Ideally, AppCoins can also be used for the benefit of the developer of the app by reducing the total count of intermediaries that help to solve the installation processes.

It is worth noting that for every installation that takes place, the intermediaries have to benefit in one way or the other.

To top it all off, AppCoins allows the users as well as the developers to access a lot of methods of payments that might not have been possible back in the days.


When it comes to cryptocurrency, AppCoins is the best option to go with because, over the last five years, a lot of scam currency apps have been far on the rise.

It has the best reviews from reliable clients that will not battle an eyelid when questioned about the proficiency of the app.

In a nutshell, AppCoins has gained a critical influence ever since its foundation close to a decade ago.

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