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AZ Formula – Scam or $2k a Day Pushing a Button?

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By Anis

August 7, 2018

Want to learn the truth behind the AZ Formula Scam?

Is it a scam or $2k paydays?

Just read this honest review to find out!

  • Name: AZ Formula
  • Website:
  • Price: $37 + upsells
  • Owner: Steven Cook
  • Recommended? No
az formula

What is AZ Formula?

AZ Formula is another product from Clickbank that was created by Steven Cook.

After watching the video presentation, you probably heard all those big income promises like making $2000 per day after spending 15 minutes setting up the AZ Formula system.

Steven tells you there are limited positions, so you need to hurry up otherwise all the spots will be filled!

I know what AZ Formula is all about, and below I'm going to tell you exactly how this system works!

Don't buy this program before you read the truth below!

How AZ Formula ACTUALLY Works!

After having a closer look at AZ Formula it was clear to me that this program is about selling your own stuff on Amazon.

This is called E-commerce, needless to say it's a profitable business, that has a big income potential where regular people make a killing!

But there is no such thing as clicking a button to earn an automated $10k a week doing this!

Basically AZ Formula is a Clickbank product, and these Clickbank products usually give you some generic PDF's and brief generic videos about making money online.

They don't teach you anything but just mislead you and make you spend your hard earned cash!

Don't even take my word for it, I highly encourage you to click on my older reviews of other Clickbank products like AZ Formula.

You will notice how they have the same design, price, income claims...

Below, I'd like to actually PROVE to you that AZ Formula is a scam!

This is the most important part of this review, which you don't want to miss!

1) AZ Formula is SO EXPENSIVE!

AZ Formula is not going to be a cheap product, they charge you only $37 to get started but that is literally a hook to lure people inside.

When you buy this scam, you will receive tons and tons of spam emails trying to sell you other similar scams!

When I bought Kindle Sniper (Another scam from Clickbank) I started receiving 2-3 email a day!

I took a screenshot for you:

ultimate paydays scam

AZ Formula is going to do the exact same thing.

To give you an idea how unethical and expensive this product is, as I'm writing this AZ Formula has a lucrative affiliate program.

It means if I sign up to their affiliate program, I'll be able to promote AZ formula on my site and make money.

Obviously I don't recommend AZ Formula but the point is I will make just a little below $400 every time I sell just one AZ Formula membership!

What does that mean?

It means someone has to pay, that is you, if you make the mistake and buy AZ Formula!

Here's the headline of the AZ Formula affiliate program page.

az formula affiliate program


As soon as you buy AZ Formula you will have to buy more upsells that are:

  • Gold AZ Package: $197
  • Platinum AZ Package: $297
az formula funnel payout

Sick & Tired of Scams?

To make money online, you need a solid training that gives you step by step lessons! I have a suggestion for you below!

2) The AZ Formula Testimonials Are Fake!

Every Clickbank product I review uses fake testimonials.

Testimonials are those people that said good things about AZ Formula.

AZ Formula uses these fake testimonies just to make their scam look legit.

Those testimonials are 100% fake as they sell testimonial videos for cheap on a website called

Here's the proof!

az formula testimonial
az formula testimonial is a fiverr actor


az formula fake testimonial
az formula paid testimonial from


another actor from az formula
paid actor from

3) Steven Cook - Even the Owner is Fake!

If the fake testimonials are not enough, guess what? Even the owner is fake!

The real owner of AZ Formula is hidden because there is no point to show your face inside such a big scam like AZ Formula!

The photo of Steven Cook that you see below is a stock photo that you can buy online from a site called ShutterStock!

az formula owner is fake
the owner of AZ Formula is a stock photo


az formula owner is fake

Stop Falling for Scams!

If you want to make money online, you will need a training that works, that is real, that offers you real training.

My recommended training is free to join (no credit card) you get 10 free lessons!

You have nothing to lose ;)​​​​

4) $10k a Week Automatically is a Fairy Tale!

az formula is not a one click profit system

Making $10k a week automatically pushing a few buttons is an insult to someone's intelligence, at least that's how I see it.

AZ Formula is a get rich quick scheme, this is a tactic overused by scammers to make their potential clients so excited about the promise of making money fast only to hit them with expensive stuff to buy.

Scams like AZ Formula touch your psychological triggers by telling you  things you want to hear (in the sales video) and sharing with you emotional stories you can relate to and making you feel like you're already making money!

Those are psychological techniques used by professional sales people to make people buy whatever they want to sell.

AZ Formula and most scams hire professional sales people to film their sales videos or to write their sales pages!

Next time you come across a scam like AZ Formula be very careful and remember these points!

Is AZ Formula A Scam?

AZ Formula is a complete scam in my opinion, the only good thing about it is you can get a refund.

Other than that it's a complete waste of time, money & energy.

AZ Formula as I have explained above it is going to be:

  • annoying you with tons of spam
  • Very expensive!
  • It's NOT going to make you money!

To make things even worse:

  • The owner is fake (I have proven that)
  • AZ Formula testimonials are FAKE (I proved that too!)
  • Making $10k a week clicking a button is a bad joke!
az formula scam is a fraud

With all that said, there is no way I'd recommend AZ Formula to anyone, because it simply does not work!

How to Make Money [Legit Way]

Do you think AZ Formula is a scam or legit?

Did you buy it? Do you have anything to say?

Make sure you leave comments below!

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