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I can see that you are a highly motivated person that really wants to create an income for you or your family!

I’ve been there too and thanks to blogging my life changed and I have so much freedom to travel anywhere and be with my family as much as I want while I’m getting paid every month!

That’s the beauty of blogging and that’s exactly what you are going to learn here!

By the way! Let me introduce myself to you!

My name is Anis I was born in Italy and I’ve Moroccan origins, currently, I’m based in beautiful Budapest, Hungary which is a city I truly love, thanks to my online business I can just stay as much as I want in Budapest as I have no boss waiting for me to return or something!

My plan was just to stay in Budapest for 2 weeks and then go somewhere else, but I met so many friends and had so much fun that it became so hard for me to leave.

Budapest Boat Party!

Me in Gillert Hill – Budapest

Now the COVID-19 hit the world and we are under quarantine here in Budapest too even though it’s not as strict as other countries. But the thing is most of my friends lost their jobs and they are hopeless while I’m still getting paid every month.

That’s the beauty of having an online business especially in difficult times like this.

So with that said I’m not a millionaire or anything here trying to sell you some crap courses but just a regular guy that wants to help you start a simple online business that is going to help you live a more comfortable life for you and your family.

So thanks again for joining my blogging training! I do offer a lot of value in there and I am sure you will love it!

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Anis – Blogging for Newbies

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