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Daily Web Biz & Financial Independence Academy Scam Alerts!

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By Anis

March 11, 2017

Financial Independence and daily web biz sites

Financial Independence and Daily Web Biz are some big scams that you need to avoid because they are stealing people’s money on a regular basis with their different programs!

If you are about to buy Daily Web Biz, Financial Independence Academy or any of their ridiculously similar one-page websites you really need to read this whole review.

In this post, I would like to show you how these sites are scamming lots of people on the internet.

Read this whole review if you want to

  • Never fall for a scam again
  • Where to report these scams
  • Discover some honest & legitimate sites to earn money

Quick Review

Name: Financial Independence Academy aka Financially Healthy & Daily Web Biz

Website: &

Price: $97 + Upsells

Verdict: SCAM

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Daily Web Biz & Financial Independence Scam


So one day I was looking for some affiliate programs on Google I was simply doing some research online

In the search results, I would see a post that says make ”$359 per day posting links for companies!” I clicked on it because I was so curious.

This program was called The Direct Online Income as soon as I clicked and entered their site I knew it’s a scam (I know how to spot a scam because of past experiences)

After researching the site I’d see a lot of people complaining and some still questioning its legitimacy so I decided to write a review where I explain why it’s a scam with facts.

During my research, I have found tens of similar scams but with different names, I decided to review each one of them because people were looking for reviews

By just writing those reviews I have discovered even more scams with exactly the same product and sales pitch

I really lost count of how many of them I have reviewed and how many I still have to review!

Here you can read my reviews on these scams click on them to see the similarities and how they scam.


Today I have just discovered Financial Independence Academy and Daily Web Biz I can assure you they are identical to the programs mentioned above

The difference is only on the names

Someone is putting this stuff on the internet to scam people and earn some quick 97 dollars

I am sure as soon as Financial Independence Academy and Daily Web Biz get exposed the scammer will invent other names!

By the way, Financial Independence Academy links to the Financially healthy program, all these products link to each other.

Since I have reviewed those scams before, in this review I’ll focus on Financial Independence Academy and Web Biz Daily

I am going to share with you some facts and proof why they are just scams because I still see some people intrigued by them!

1) Fake CNN and Fox News Websites


I have seen many CNN and Fox news websites out there that these scams create and use to promote their fake products.Donald Trump CNN scam

Just a few days ago I stumbled upon a fake CNN website where the scammers say Donald Trump is thanking Sara Taylor for the work at home program she created for the Americans

Please never fall for these fake sites again!

Daily Web Biz and Financial Independence Academy are also promoted on those fake sites

2) Don’t be fooled by the CNN, ABC logos


Financial Independence, Daily Web Biz, and company love to use these CNN, CNBC logosCNN logos scam

They use them all the time everywhere because when people see them they are more likely to think it’s a legit business.

Everyone can simply copy and paste these logos so please don’t be fooled.

3) You Don’t know What You’re Buying


These guys instead of explaining how to use the system to make money they just keep hyping the program up to steal the most money from you

They have a recycled course that they claim will teach you how to post links

I have entered my email address (not my personal one) into Daily Web Biz and I was immediately taken to another scam which is Home Wealth Solutions.

4) From $97 to $27 in 20 Seconds


The advertised price is $97 but when you go to the checkout page just click on the refresh button of your browser 4 times and the price will magically go down to $27!

Daily web Biz discount

Basically, whenever you want to exit the checkout page you get a discount.

This shows how desperate they are to steal your hard earned cash!

4) Fake Owners

Daily Web Biz fake stock image

There is no way to see the owners of these programs because they are hiding but they are using fake names and stock photos.

Owners using fake names and photos

4) Don’t be Their Next Victim


Unfortunately, a lot of people fell into their trap and wasted their money on garbage.

People complaining

How to Avoid Work from Home Scams in the Future


I must admit that I was a victim of a scam before after you fall for a scam you won’t believe how you trusted them.

Scammers are so good at what they are doing and they perfectly know how to drag you to buy their garbage!

With that being said please never trust anyone offering you big bucks for minimal work.

This video from BBB shows you how to avoid scams and if you are a victim of a scam feel free to report it to them!

Final Recommendations


Daily Web Biz, Financial Independence Academy or Home Wealth Solutions are all recycled products that don’t work

These programs are there to make the people behind them some quick cash at the expense of people that worked hard to earn them.

I have spent hours researching this post for you guys I hope you will use the social buttons to share with everyone looking for online jobs because these scams are targeting newbies looking for ways to earn money online!

If you want to make money online you need to find a legitimate training that shows you step by step how to make money online.

I have put faith on Wealthy Affiliate and it worked for me.

Wealthy affiliate is free to join (NO CREDIT CARD) after you register you get 2 free websites, 10 free lessons and more!

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more!


Don’t forget to add your comments if you have questions or experiences to share and also to warn others thanks!

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  • Hi Anis, it really is amazing how many marketers out there put a product together, sell it and then relaunch it under a different name later. A lot of them use 2.0 or 3.0 or deluxe or premier to think you are getting something new. In these examples you have they just change the name. This is going on every day.
    I hope people wise up soon. Thanks for this review and those downsells are laughable. Really well done!

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