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Earn 3k Today Review: The Biggest Scam Ever!

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By Anis

March 24, 2017

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This review is going to be about Earn 3k Today which is a big scam let’s find out why it’s a scam without any further ado.

What is Earn 3k Today all About?

Earn 3k Today is a system that promises you to earn $10,000 in easy six steps, I’m sure you have watched the video, you have surely noticed that it makes very bold claims.

I have seen this scam before and honestly I am sick and tired of these popping up every day, what makes me angry is the fact they use similar sentences all the time.

What kills me is when they say I was specifically chosen (they all say this) to try this system and I better buy into it now or it will disappear.

Earn 3k Today claim they will give you $500 by just watching the video which is the first lie of this system full of lies and hype.

This scam is connected with other scams which are Secret Millionaire Club and My Online Business.

Same scam, same BS.

How Does Earn 3k Scam People?

Usually, this type of scams buy email addresses and send loads of spammy emails to people looking for online jobs.

When you watch the video as I said before they will promise you $500 if you watch all of it, that’s not true because they just want you to watch the whole video hoping you get dead set into the program and buy it.

Earn 3k today 3 spots remaining scamWhen you click the yellow get started button you will be only forwarded to another scam that is connected with them, yesterday it forwarded me to The Easy Marketers Club and Auto home profits and today it’s forwarding me to a scam called My Mobile Money Pages.

Duh! Another boring BS video to watch: Stop whatever you doing right now, let me ask you a simple question, is a few minutes of your time worth $543.43 per day? These scams never end, it sucks.

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Beware of the Scam Artists

Scams like Earn 3K Today love to buy actors from Fiverr, they use them as testimonials and they cost them only $5, work from home programs that use fake testimonies are full of it and they are there only to make money not to help you make money.

You have surely seen some testimonials in the sales video, they claim to earn around $10k per day, well I know that every single one of them is a scam artist because I have reviewed a lot of scams and always seen them acting (they are so good at it.Earn 3k today fake testimonials

Let’s have a look at the first actor that appears in the video, he claims to enjoy over $10,000 per day but the truth is Earn 3K Today paid him to say so, yeah he was paid $5 to pretend he earns $10,000 per day I wish I was kidding! But this is the sad truth!

On Fiverr, you can buy any actor you want for $5 (sometimes $10) and the first testimonial of this scam is a top seller actor on Fiverr you can see his Fiverr profile here.

Fiverr actor Those Fiverr actors don’t mind helping a scam stealing people’s money, they just want money.

This exact actor appeared on many other scams and you will see him in action in this other scam called The Easy Marketers Club.

With that being said there are many unethical sites like Earn 3k Today out there and many will come in the future for sure just remember to run away if you see this actor giving a testimonial video.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

Earn 3k Today is 100% scam I will never recommend this program to anyone, this site is there only to make the owners rich at the expense of folks that work hard for their money.

They are full of upsells and hype, they are selling you a dream.

There are no free lunches online unfortunately and there are absolutely no shortcuts to success you know you got to work for it to earn it.

With that said I still believe there are honest work at home opportunities I know most of the online jobs are scams but if you are looking for an honest way to earn a dime online I recommend you to do affiliate marketing.

It’s a profitable business but requires hard work and patience to make it work but it’s totally worth it and the sky is the limit in terms of earnings.

There are many products you can promote, Amazon alone has millions of products you can promote to earn a profit.

If you are a newbie I recommend you a simple step by step training that will teach you affiliate marketing the right way.

The training I recommend is called Wealthy Affiliate it’s more than just a training it’s a community with friendly and welcoming members that will help you and share creative ideas with you.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to try (No Credit Card) you will get 10 free affiliate marketing lessons, support, 2 free websites with hosting to get you started.

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  • I watched part of the video just to get more info, but it was the typical get rich quick for little work scam. I didn’t stay to see if I’d get $500, but I wasn’t expecting it at that point.

  • I watched the video, no $500 dollars just lies and some punk saying how rich he can make you. To bad no one can put him in jail, he must have worked for the government at one time seeing how well he lies.

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