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If you're on this page chances are you were about to join a freelance writing opportunity but you realized you could be making more money by writing for yourself instead of helping people take their businesses to the next level?

I was in your shoes, I used to write for other people and get paid per article.

But I found a better way which allowed me to earn a lot more from my own writing!

So let me give you a little background of myself and how I started making money writing for myself and not for other people!

Hey! My Name is Anis

My name is Anis Chity, I'm an affiliate marketer from Italy who used to be a struggling university student under debt!

Anis chity
Anis Chity

Today I want to share with you the same affiliate marketing training I was following since 2016 which is the reason I started making more money from my writing.

Thanks to this training I can earn some really good extra income like this every month.

Wealthy affiliate commissions
wealthy affiliate commissions

Thanks to this affiliate marketing training I can write articles on my own website where I promote other people products and earn affiliate commissions.

The best part is...

The best part is the articles I write will keep making me money every single month!

After months and months of hard work and writing articles for my own website I started making monthly paychecks like this.

This is exactly when I decided to quit my freelance writing jobs, my univeristy studies and do this full-time!

This training which I'll share with you allowed me to make money by simply writing for myself. 

This training allowed me to monetize my own writing thanks to affiliate marketing!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply a business model which allows you to make money when you sell other people products on your website.

Let me give you 2 examples on how affiliate marketing works.

Real Life Example 1: Uber

Let's take UBER as an example.

Uber is a peer to peer ridesharing app.

I'm pretty sure you have taken an Uber ride at least once in your life, right?

Did you notice that Uber has an incentive program where you could get a discount or a coupon code if you invite your friends?

Well, that's affiliate marketing!

You get rewarded when you recommend products and services to other people.

this is the Uber app

Real Life Example 2: Amazon

Amazon is an e-commerce giant where I'm sure you have made a least one purchase.

But did know you it has an affiliate program?

If you join the Amazon affiliate program, you will be able to promote the Amazon products and earn commissions when people buy using your own Amazon "affiliate link".


To help you understand affiliate marketing even better let me give you another quick example related to Amazon.

Let's say you're looking for a camera to buy on Amazon, but to make sure you buy the best one you decide to read a review about it on Google.

You would search something like: the best cameras on Amazon.

You see the results, and you click on the website on the first position.

You read this review, and you find your camera, you click on the link in this review and you get redirected to Amazon where you'll make a purchase.

Did you know that the owner of that website where you clicked the link to buy the camera will earn an affiliate commission?

Yes, the owner of that website has probably written that review years ago and he's/she's still making money from it!

Just imagine if that website owner wrote that article for someone else? He would get paid for that article and that's it! While the website owner is making passive income just from one article!

I think you're starting to understand how profitable affiliate marketing is and how much money you're leaving on the table by doing freelance writing instead of affiliate marketing and writing for yourself!

Here are 3 reasons why writing for yourself and doing Affiliate marketing is better than Freelance writing and helping other people get rich while you're stuck trading hours for dollars.

3 Reasons Why Writing for yourself is Better than Freelance Writing!

#1 You Make MORE Money from Your Own Writing

Remember that Amazon affiliate marketing example?

That website owner has written a review about the best cameras on Amazon which ranks #1 on Google.

That review gets tons of visitors per month and therefore lots of sales.

So from 1 article that website owner can make money forever.

Just imagine if that website owner sold that article to another webmaster?

I think you got the idea ;)

I used to write for other people, I'd earn around $50 per post, which is not bad.

But on this website, I publish blog posts which bring me over 1.1k visitors a day.

That's over 30k visits a month!

A percentage of these visitors buy the products I recommend on my website which make me over $3k a month!

my google analytics daily traffic

My site got 1.1k visitors on the 8th April.

#2 With Affiliate Marketing You Earn Passive Income

The downside of doing freelance writing is that you earn money only when you're working.

You're basically trading dollars for hours.

When you stop working the money will stop.

With affiliate marketing you'll need to update your website with weekly content to keep it alive, but let's say you fall sick for a week or something?

As a freelance writer, you won't have any source of income because when you stop working, you won't earn a single cent.

That's NOT the case with affiliate marketing, because you can make money even if you stop for 5 months because your articles would be still bringing traffic from Google and other search engines.

That's why I prefer affiliate marketing over freelance writing because you can earn passive income even if you don't work!

In a few words, affiliate marketing is a long term business.

#3 You Just Write & the Clients Will Find You!

With freelance writing, as soon as you deliver your work to your client you must start looking for more clients so you keep the money coming.

With affiliate marketing, you don't have to look for clients manually like this!

All you have to do is write articles about keywords that people are typing into Google and people will start looking for your articles.

Let me ask you a question.

How did you find my site?

Chances are you've found my site through Google, Bing or Youtube.

Yes, all I did is write the article and make sure it ranks on those search engines.

This is something I have learned from the training I'm about to share with you ;)

Let me be Your "Affiliate" Mentor

Do you want to start your affiliate website to make extra money or even create a full-time income like me?

You're in luck! Because today you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free!

If you join by clicking the button below I'm going to be guiding you and mentoring you into creating your own profitable affiliate website!

Here's How I Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

As you can see affiliate marketing is a LOT more reliable and more profitable than freelance writing.

But what I did not tell you is I tried affiliate marketing on my own before but I did not succeed in it.

But when I found this affiliate marketing training called Wealthy Affiliate I finally started making money by using affiliate marketing!

wealthy affiliate landing page

Wealthy Affiliate is Exactly What I WAS Looking for!

You know to make money from affiliate marketing you will need to know things like:

  • How to build a website
  • How to drive visitors to your website
  • How to write articles that people are "actually" looking for.
  • How to turn visitors into sales and commissions.

As a total newbie, I did not know these things, in fact they sounded complicated.

But thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate lessons I was able to learn all of this even though I was a complete newbie!

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you affiliate marketing in 4 simple steps which I'll breakdown for you below.

Wealthy Affiliate Will Teach You Affiliate Marketing in 4 Simple Steps.


#1 Choose an Interest

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make money by writing ONLY about stuff that you're passionate about or at least have some interest on.

Any passion can be turned into a thriving long term business thanks to affiliate marketing.

If you like guitars, for example, you can make a full-time income from this passion.

The first Wealthy Affiliate lessons will focus on teaching you how to choose an interest (aka a niche) that is profitable!


#2 Build a Website

The second step is to build a website about your chosen niche (interest).

A website is ridiculously easy to build thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

When I first joined Wealthy AffilIiate I was scared about how to build a website because I had no clue how I would build one.

But thanks to their lesson about website building I was able to build this website you're reading in a few seconds and with ease!


#3 Attract Visitors

Once you have chosen your niche and built a website about it now, it's time to get visitors.

You're not going to be constantly looking for clients like you would do with freelance writing!

All you have to do is regularly publish articles on your website (like Wealthy Affiliate will teach you) and visitors will start finding your site on Google and other search engines.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you one VERY valuable skill which is called SEO (search engine optimization)

This skill called SEO is exactly how I was able to build a website with over 1k visitors a day!

I learned this skill thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate training.

 This skill is worth TONS of money and if you master it as I did, you will be able to write articles that rank in the first pages of Google and bring tons of targeted visitors.

This is one of the top reasons why I recommend affiliate marketing over freelance writing because with the latter you will need to keep looking around for clients while with affiliate marketing you just write content and people will start looking for it!

my google analytics daily traffic

#4 Earn Revenue

When you have traffic it's time to monetize that traffic, all you have to do is recommend other people products.

This is exactly how I earn over $3k a month, I simply recommend other people products, when they buy through my affiliate links I earn commissions!

Robert Foster Bennet

Bob Bennett

" Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions and Ordinary People Millionaires."

Here's is What Wealthy Affiliate is all About

As I said earlier, I learned everything about affiliate marketing from the Wealthy Affiliate training!

Wealthy Affiliate is the best online training platform for newbies to learn and master affiliate marketing.

There are 3 main things you can expect from Wealthy Affiliate.


Comprehensive Step by Step Training

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) will give you detailed and step by step training about affiliate marketing.

WA will literally hold your hand and guide you click by click into creating your own profitable affiliate marketing website!

On top of that there are even weekly webinars you can attend as a Wealthy Affiliate premium member.


Tools & Resources

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a PDF or just another guide.

WA will give you the tools like a website builder, keyword research and domain research tools and more to help you actually implement and take action on what you have learned from the training!


24/7 Support

As a Wealthy Affiliate member you will have 24/7 technical support, if you need any help just send a message to the support team and your issue will be fixed!

There are also millions of members to interact with and get support from!

And of Course You Will Get Direct Help from Me!

private message anis chity on wealthy affiliate

Once you Join Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to private message me any time you want.

You will never feel stuck or anything because there is a big community to help you and on top of tha,t you can private message me and get help whenever you need it!

Other Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Here are some success stories who decided to write for themselves instead of writing for other people.

Do you think they would me making this kind of income if they did write for other people?

I don't think so!

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vitaly wa income
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Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Still Have Questions?

Anis Chity

Just Create Your Wealthy Affiliate "FREE" Account & I'm going to be your personal affiliate coach and help you with any question you have!

If you Join WA Under me you will get the following bonuses

  • Personal help & support from me whenever you need it
  • I'll make sure you don't repeat the same mistakes I did!
  • I'll regularly review your affiliate website & give you suggestions
  • I'll help you get website visitors and how to convert them into sales!

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