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5 Amazing Ways on How to Make Extra Money in Retirement

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 7, 2017

Fun Jobs to do after retirement, Passive income ideas for retired people

Don’t know how to make extra money in retirement? You will LOVE these 5 online jobs to do after retirement, your hobby alone can make you money online. I am still young for the word retirement.

I am still young for the word retirement. But I know that if you don’t invest wisely in your life you will have a hard time in your retirement days.

But I know that if you don’t invest wisely in your life you will have a hard time in your retirement days.

Even after retirement, it’s still important or even necessary to make some extra money.

There are many ways to make extra money when retired but in this post, I focus on legitimate ways to earn cash and  great home based jobs for retired people.


1) Start a Simple Online Business from Your Passion or Hobby

There is absolutely nothing better than making money with your passion, hobby or interest.

In fact, nobody wants a boring 9-5 job just to survive right?

Thanks to the internet you can start a simple online business from your passion.

You don’t need any knowledge or experience if you can read and write you can start an online business nowadays.

All you need is a strong desire of success and patience.

You will find many articles on the internet that have already gathered the important information for you to get started and start a website that makes money.

But to be honest everyone shares tactics that worked for them and that’s so confusing and overwhelming.

So the best thing a beginner to the online world can do is to look for a proper training where you find all the lessons to absorb and apply at the right time.

There is one that I tried and  I can actually recommend.

It’s Wealthy Affiliate it’s a great community where you not only get a high-quality training.

But a big and supportive community where you can learn, ask questions, and scale your online business to how big you want it.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great and a reliable way for retired people to make a passive income online.

With Wealthy Affiliate your hobby can make you money from home.

Having a website is one of the best business ideas after retirement

In a few words here is how Wealthy Affiliate works and what is going to teach you.


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2) Sell Your Old Stuff Online

We all have stuff that we no longer use or that we just want to sell.

On the internet, you can sell anything that you want.

Here are some great sites and places where you can sell your unused stuff.


1) Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great place to sell stuff or even to buy things at a low price.

I always buy Playstation video games through Facebook groups.

There are surely many Facebook groups in your city, here is how to find them.

Simply go to Facebook, in the search box type ” Buy & Sell ” Your city  here”

You will see several listings of Facebook groups in your area.

Make sure to join only groups with lots of members.

In Facebook groups, there are no fees to pay however it’s not very safe as you need to meet people in person.

In this case, you just need to use common sense and avoid anyone you don’t feel comfortable with.


2) Swappa

Swappa is a great marketplace where you can sell your used mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Swappa is free and so easy to use.

In this site, you can only sell devices in working conditions.

It’s so easy to sell on Swappa all you have to do is sign up, confirm your email address.

Then upload pictures and a description of your product and wait for the Swappa team to accept it and list it.

Swappa is a very safe place to sell your tech stuff.

Of course, these are not the only sites on the internet.

There are many others like Amazon and Ebay for example.

Did You Know?You can even buy items with little to no value for a little price, add value to them and resell them! For instance, buy an old chair and add value to it by painting it to make it look better and more valuable.

3) Teach People a Language Online

This is for people that can speak and teach at least one language.

Italki is an amazing community where you can learn languages and make friends.

But you can also teach languages you speak, set your own schedule and hours and work from home.

Teaching languages is not the only way to make money with Italki as you can also make extra money by referring friends.

You will get $10 for every friend you refer to Italki.

So it means that you can make money teaching languages on Italki.

If you can’t teach languages you can learn, invite people and make money

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4) Design & Sell Custom T-shirts Online

Have you ever thought about having the tools to design your own custom t-shirts and someone to promote them for you for free and even do the packaging and shipping for you?

That’s possible with TeeSpring!

You can create your own t-shirts and sell them.

TeeSpring will teach the art of selling and how to find your target audience.

Inside Teespring, you will find training, tutorials, and tips to advertise your business.

The best part it’s free with no risks!

With this awesome site, you can create passive income with no money.

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5) Get Paid to Write Articles Online

Writing articles online is one of the fastest ways to earn money online especially if you have great writing skills.

You don’t have to be James Patterson to make money online writing.

If you can write articles without many grammar issues you can make money online writing.

The best part is you can write about anything you want.

There are many sites where you can get paid to write.

There are also facebook groups where you can find webmasters looking for writers.

Writing is definitely one of the best online jobs to do after retirement.

Here a few sites to get started.


Hirewriters is a website where both beginners & expert people can make money writing.

Beginners earn $3 per post while experts can earn up to $30 per article.

Once you register you will be automatically considered a beginner writer (no matter how good you are at writing)

You need to write articles and prove that you are not a beginner writer.

The higher ratings you get the more money you can make money per article.

The Content Authority

This is another site that is perfect for new writers.

It’s a bit strict in the sense that they strive for quality content.

Learn more by reading my Content Authority review

How to Earn Extra Money in Retirement: Quick Tip!

These are all legitimate retirement income ideas and ways to work from home in retirement.

But one thing you want to do is to only choose on an option and focus on it.

If you are going to try them all you will only waste time and never make money.

They are legitimate but you need to give them time and patience to see results because quick money is something that doesn’t exist.

Anyone on the internet that tells you can make money with no effort is a scammer.

As you can see there are many passive income opportunities you just need to choose one and keep working on it.

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Do you have questions? Any comments or feedback are very welcome!

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  • Hello Anis, I have read about Wealthy affiliate and have found them to be very genuine and very worthy for the training for anyone looking to learn how to earn online. It is a wonderful community of helpful people. Out of the others you have listed, Wealthy Affiliate is what I prefer. Thank you for your helpful post.

  • Hey Anis,

    Great list of possible ways to make money. I have looked into TeeSpring as an extra source of income. It’s a pretty great service and if you’re good at promoting via facebook it can be very profitable. There are a lot of resources out there dedicated to making money with TeeSpring. It’s definitely interesting!

    Thanks for the great post – keep it up!

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