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Profit with our Sites Review (It Is A Huge Scam!) Updated 2019

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By Anis

August 5, 2019

Profit With Our Sites review

Hello! Welcome to my Profit with our Sites review!

Scams are all around us.

There have always been scam artists, people whose chosen profession is to dream up clever scams.

Many of these are intelligent persons who might just as easily have put their talents to better and more honest use

But for some obscure reason, their thinking is predatory and they look upon the world as a wolf might look on a flock of sheep.

Today we're going to focus on this newly released program called Profit with our Sites

If you are looking for reviews I recommend to read this full review!

Profit with Our Sites Quick Summary

Name: Profit with Our Sites


Price: $37 + upsells

Owner: Jake (probably a stage name)

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!​​​

Update June 2018: A New Scam has popped up name Clone My Sites, it's literally the same as Profit with Our Sites!

Profit With Our Sites review

What is Profit with our Sites?

To begin this Profit with our Sites review, let's get to know it.

Profit with our Sites is a program that has been recently released it promises easy earnings on autopilot

Jake the owner of Profit with our Sites claims  he has made 10 million dollars in 4 years

And he is ready to allow to copy his millionaire websites so you can start earning money on autopilot

Unfortunately, that's a complete load of BS

Nobody is going to sell you or allow you to copy their millionaire websites for a little price

That's a scam

The Fake Testimonials

When you open the Profit with our Sites sales video, you'll see a running list of people who have made over $2,000 in just one week, or $89.00 the first day, and so on.

Really all you really get from Profit with our sites page is a bevy of happy and wealthy members or, "partners".

I have reviewed a lot of scams that are similar to Profit with Our Sites

Here are some examples

What they do is try to fool you with fake testimonials that have been paid

The fake actors and testimonials are usually both from a site called Fiverr.

Anis Chity

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The $1000 per Day Scam

Of course, Profit with our Sites owner"Jake", doesn't promise that to everyone, but that's what others are making.

He does, however, promise a more "modest" $1,000 a day starting now.

All you have to do is verify the account he has already set up for you during his presentation.

And as an added bonus, Jake has deposited $135 into it, money that is available right now as soon as you sign up.

And by the end of the presentation, that sum will have grown to $175!

The Free Weird Trick

You have to watch the Profit with our Sites video (also mostly satisfied "partners" who make big bucks after partnering with Jake).

After the endorsements, Jake promises to teach you a free trick that will earn you $1,000 a day, starting right now, today.

Wow, who wouldn't like that?

A thousand bucks a day!

There is little on Profit with our Sites other than this talk of big bucks, but there's Jake's short video to watch. It's okay, but we've seen and heard better pitches.

Profit with Our Sites - Everything is Done for You?

This guy called Jake wants to partner with you so you can make a minimum of $1,000 a day.

He does all the work.

You don't have to do a thing.

Who wouldn't like that?

Jake goes on and on about how lucky you are to be able to get in because thousands want to become his partners.

But Jake only partners with people who are serious and have no doubts.

You're very lucky to be "invited" because tonight Jake is closing the door to new partners.

(NB this is being written the next day and through an incredible stroke of luck, Profit with our Sites is going to be open today after all, but not tomorrow.)

The Fake Scarcity Tactics

You have to grab this account while the video is still playing.

You also have to hurry because Profit with our Sites is closing the doors tonight.

After all, he can't just allow everybody to get in on this fast high-profit plan.


Don't be fooled by those fake scarcity tactics

That's just a way to pressure you into buying the Profit with our Sites scam without thinking twice

They even Promise You Money without Work!

Okay, the Profit with our Sites pitch isn't really much different from other scam pitches.

Part of Jake's presentation includes setting up an account for you with $135 already in it, and by the end of his presentation, on it has grown to $175 or so.

As soon as you join and gain access to your new account, the money will be there for you to use in any way you see fit.

As Danny Aiello kept saying to his acolyte Léo (Jean Reno) in the film "The Professional", "It's your money.

I'm just keeping it right here where it's safe.

You can't trust banks. But it's your money. I've got it right here for you. Here.

Here's a hundred bucks."

Anis Chity

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I didn't even sign up and you are promising me money?

That's complete BS and just a nasty way to get you in

Profit with our Sites - $37 Only?

However, despite the promise of "free" mentioned several times, Jake wants a "good faith" one-time payment of only $37.00 to prove your serious commitment to his wonderful money-making plan.

Okay, $37 doesn't seem like a heavy fee to cough up.

After all, $37 may be worth the cost of entry into Jake's inner sanctum to find out exactly what he's talking about.

Even if it's a scam of some sort, it's only going to cost you $37 to find out.

Well, that's exactly why Jake set that price.

Profit With Our Sites review $37

If he tried to get more, fewer people would take a chance.

If he charged too little, his own bank account would suffer. We can't know exactly why or how he chose that exact amount, $37, but that's what it costs, despite the promise of absolutely FREE shouted at you.

But when you multiply $37 by perhaps a thousand or more gullible applicants, that $37 entry fee becomes a serious pile of money in Jake's bank account.

Just think: if a thousand new "partners" join up today, that $37 turns into $37,000.00. And that could be Jake's take just today!

The Internet Made Everything Easier for the Scammers!

We have to remember that unlike the good old days when these scams were perpetrated through the US mails, a guy like Jake had to have copies of his plan printed up.

They would also buy mailing lists, buy stamps and go through all the trouble of mailing out these letters and then wait.

Today, all Jake has to do is what he's doing right here on the Internet.

Jake just has to make his pitch.

This approach may be likened to fishing. You just go to a river or stream where you know there are fish and throw in a hook with some bait.

The more attractive the bait — even if the fish suspects a hook — many will still give it a shot.

It's the same on the Internet some go for the bait out of curiosity.

Others because they feel that low $37 entry fee is cheap enough to enable them to check the program out.

Still others, usually elderly on Social Security — many losing much of their former reasoning ability — actually believe the pitch and without giving the matter a second thought, they jump on the bandwagon.

You may be thinking, "This couldn't happen to me.

I'm way too smart to let some fast-talking salesman lure me into a scam that's only going to cost me money".

Well, contrary to what you think, thousands of cautious and normally intelligent adults get taken in daily by scam artists.

Despite their precautions and normal suspicion of anyone offering them a way to make easy money, there is always a personable man or woman out there who is just clever enough and hungry enough and indifferent enough to clean you out.

It happens every day, not only here but all over the world.

The Bogus Money Back Guarantee

Profit with Our Sites absolutely guarantees your money back.

If after your 60 days free (?) trial that only costs you $37, you're not pleased with all the money that has come rolling into your account.

How can you go wrong? You'll be getting a free (!) lifetime account with lifetime access to your funds. You'll receive lifetime updates.

Probably for legal reasons, you'll see, at the bottom of the web page in small dark gray letters against a black background, a disclaimer that's nearly impossible to read.

It says that none of the prominent companies such as Google, Amazon, etc. endorse this system.

And the disclaimer continues to mention that this Easy Internet Plan does not actually represent all the promises made by all their enthusiastic endorsements preceding this disclaimer.

And the examples touted above, as well as The Profit with our Sites persuasive presentation, do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.

That means that when your investment money disappears, you have no recourse but to go to a pub and cry into your beer.

You won't Even get a Refund!

To receive a refund of your $37, you have to go through a long tedious hassle that hardly makes it worth the effort.

Furthermore, too many such sites simply ignore such requests.

Phones ring but no one answers.

We're not sure about that in Profit with our Sites case, but his Terms of Use are the most concrete and believable part of the entire presentation.

A World Bursting With Scams

Every word printed or spoken by Jake in his Profit with our Sites video presentation screams "SCAM".

In the United States today, with so many goods and services being outsourced to other countries, thousands find themselves unemployed and desperately looking for a way to augment whatever meager income they may be currently receiving.

If you watch TV, you're constantly bombarded by commercials for weight-loss programs, new medicines, and so on.

They show unhappy people before who then, after using the product they play at the beach, stroll through the woods or play basketball with their children.

Apparently, they've been cured or restored to good health, weight, etc. In fact, it appears they never even have to work again; just enjoy life.

"Doctors" come out and tell you all the benefits.

You know they're doctors because they have a stethoscope draped around their shoulders.

But then at the bottom of your screen, you'll see a disclaimer basically saying that the above results are not typical, your results may vary, and so on.

In this disclaimer, they essentially tell you that everything you just watched was fiction.

But the fine print is so small and fleeting that it's almost impossible for a viewer to consider it.

Better still: today tell you that the people appearing in the commercials are "real people" not "actors". What in the world does that mean?

So, as you see, most advertising borders on scams. Nearly all the ads and commercials skate very close to the definition of scam.

Companies tout life insurance for the elderly. They'll never be turned down, their rates will never go up and there are no medical questions.

During the pitch, they don't mention, however, that in the fine print of the policy, a number of pre-existing conditions are not covered.

When a beneficiary expects to collect at least enough money for funeral expenses, he or she is enlightened. End of story.

For years, gullible but hopeful people filled their garages with Amway products. But they only learn eventually that Amway wasn't nearly so interested in selling a product.

But rather having members get out and bring in new members. Now if we stop for a moment and think, "Wait a minute.

If everybody in my town sells Amway products, who's going to buy them from me?"

However, setups such as "Profit With Our Sites" are even more insidious.

What they're really selling is "air". That is, during the first month perhaps, it appears that you have money growing on the account the company has set up for you.

We didn't buy into Profit with Our sites pitch so we can't say for sure just when the axe falls.

But it's easy to imagine that you are discouraged from taking funds from your rapidly growing account.

As gamblers say, "Let it ride", and you can speed up the profit-making process by depositing more money into your account.

Somewhere along in there comes "hard times".

Some of the investments have soured and at this point, funds may be frozen, and eventually, after unanswered phone calls, letters that are ignored, etc. you begin to realize that you've been had.

This is not only sad but cruel. A great number of participants are poor and/or elderly.

They have very limited funds and even that $37 initial investment can easily be a hardship for them.

With food products constantly rising. Even such basic items like bread and milk are becoming more and more expensive with each day that passes.

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Another little "cheat" companies constantly use: Most items such as coffee, flour, sugar, have traditionally come in pound containers. One pound or five pounds, etc.

But although the price has escalated, nearly all these products that formerly sold by the pound, come in scaled-down packages holding perhaps only four pounds were before they held five.

A pound of coffee still looks the same, but you'll find that it is really only twelve ounces, not sixteen.


Profit with Our Sites is a Scam - Final Review

As you see, the Internet has fostered even more scams that reach more persons than ever before.

Certainly, many who see these websites recognize the telltale signs immediately. And you may wonder that these scammers can bring anyone on board.

Every day, more and more people have turned their eyes to the Internet. They have it on their cell phones.

In restaurants, groups sitting at the table no longer talk to one another but rather, each diner has his/her eyes glued to a cell phone.

That means that while thousands have become immune to scams, there are many more thousands who have not.

A personable, soft-spoken scam artist can make you feel that you've found a new best friend.

The better scoundrels have a warm, winning and persuasive personality. Sincerity is their middle name.

After a session with an experienced scammer, you feel better, uplifted and your outlook on life will be improved…until it's too late.

Remember that no matter what you think or have been told, these people for all their persuasive sincere charm, have absolutely no empathy for you.

They look upon the public in somewhat the same way a wolf may look on a rafter of turkeys. All these people see when they look at you, is another easy mark.

People, be aware. If you come to a site like Profit With Our Sites, stop!

On this or any other similar site, do some checking before you get carried away.

You can find a number of sites that do their best to keep up with each new scam that is reported, but in the end, you have to protect yourself.

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