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Is CoinInvest a Scam? (Here Is The Truth!) (Updated 2023)

Is CoinInvest A Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is CoinInvest A Scam?" review! 

(Updated for 2023!)

In this review, we will go through the said firm from top to bottom. Together, we will find out the answer to "Is CoinInvest A Scam?" So, without any further ado, let's get started!

What is CoinInvest? allows you to easily and quickly buy, trade, and invest in rare coins and precious metals.

Coininvest GmbH has been a member of StoneX Group, a Fortune 500 business with a NASDAQ (SNEX) listing, since 2019. Coininvest employs over 3,000 people globally across 48 offices. The company operates in five areas: Commercial Hedging, Global Payments, Securities, Physical Commodities, and Clearing and Execution Services.

Is CoinInvest a scam?

You might be wondering if CoinInvest is a scam. After all no one wants to lose their money from websites that they do not know online.

To assure you CoinInvest is not a scam since they have been an associate member of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) which assures industry standards and ensures development of good trading practices.

CoinInvest Services and Products

CoinInvest allows you to buy, sell, or invest in rare coins and precious metals. Their main products include high-quality and investment-grade metals like silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

Gold coins can be purchased from a variety of locations, including Europe, the United Kingdom, the Americas, and South Africa. You can also buy silver, platinum, and palladium coins from these same locations, which extend all the way to Australasia. 

CoinInvest also has stocks for bullion bars of gold, palladium, platinum, and silver. All you have to do is choose the size and weight you wish to buy. They offer options for every budget range. Their coins come from the most famous mints in the world. Mints like the Canadian Maple Leaf, Vienna Philharmonics, and the South African Krugerrand. 

You can learn more about the services and products they offer by visiting their website.

Are there any benefits by working with CoinInvest?

The firm is an official associate member of the London Bulion Market Association since 2017.

With that, CoinInvest is guaranteed excellent trading practices in the market. Furthermore, the LBMA refines the industry standards.

Here are other benefits of CoinInvest:

Quick Delivery

When you order a certain product, CoinInvest does a quick delivery. Actually, the order gets shipped out within 24 hours. In this way, you won't have to wait for days or even weeks for your orders to ship out!

Features Offered

When you log in to their site, the first things you will realize are the different features available. Many of them are informative, guides, and tips which will hopefully help you make a decision when planning to acquire gold or silver.


CoinInvest offers great support and assistance. The website has a chat pop-up where clients can get in touch with experts when it comes to precious metals.

Easy sign up

New and inexperienced buyers normally face a hard time when trying to sign up to many company portals. That said, with CoinInvest signing up is quite simple and fast. It is also "user-friendly".

Value Indicator

On the site, you will be able to find different types of gold or silver coins that are matched with their current market price. With this, it will be easier to keep track of the values of each metals.

How Are Their Reviews? (Updated 2022)

TrustPilot - 4.5 out of 5 with 553 reviews.


CoinInvest is not a scam! CoinInvest, in our opinion, is a safe and secure firm that offers a vast selection of investment coins and bars in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that can be delivered to your home and can help you preserve your financial assets from inflation.

Although there have been some reports of slow delivery and hidden charges which drives some people away from working with the firm.

Well, if you're really want to play it safe, then picking a solid firm to trust your purchases with is very important. I would highly recommend Augusta Precious Metals, as it is one of the top bullion firms that has high ratings.

To read an in-depth review of them, hop over here.

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  • I'd avoid this company like the plague if I were you.

    Very deceptive sales practices – they claim to offer VAT free silver coins, then when your delivery is held up because the VAT hasn't been paid, they claim "well we didn't charge you any VAT".

    You then have a delivery stuck in customs with no way of getting a refund.

  • Beware !
    Not such a great experience buying Gold coins from these guys .
    First off there was a 300ukp charge just appeared after i clicked the pay button , seems this was a “charge” applied when i chose to pay by credit card and not to pay by bank transfer (which was never explained of course).
    They did allow me to redo the transaction and returned the 300 , but their purchasing process was very unclear.
    Then they used UPS to deliver the coins, and UPS were unable to give a specific delivery time, and you cant leave this stuff on the doormat or with a neighbour !
    And finally now when i was looking to sell back some proof coins to them i am told they only pay spot price on buy back.
    So the buy back offer on American Buffalo proof coin that they are selling for 1690 eur on their website is 1350eur ie. 21% less than they are selling it for .
    Be Aware !

  • I don’t think they are a scam but i have to say i’m very disappointed with their service.

    Got 200 silver coins and some had marks on the edges and specially the older ones were in a really bad shape, very eroded and with several scratches

    The disappointing thing is that they won’t replace them as they say this is “normal”

    Hope this comment helps people stay out of trouble

  • Sounds like Coin Invest is definitely not a scam. I am German, and most of my family is in Frankfurt where this company is based. I don’t deal in gold and silver, but I do have family that does. I think this is a great company to start investing with if you truly want to invest in gold and silver. I used to have a large collection of gold and silver coins, but have since gotten rid of them all. To think what they would be worth today!

  • Very interesting way to invest, I had never heard of this particular company before I know gold went up a lot in value, I did not think about other metals such as silver, it also seems like a low cost way to start investing for the future , I did not know there was so many varied coins to choose from I like the idea of this type of investment

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