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Is Rosland Capital a Scam? (Updated 2022) Watch Out!

Is Rosland Capital A Scam?

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Rosland Capital A Scam" review! (Updated for 2022!)

Investing in the precious metal industry is one of the best things you can do to earn money. However, it is a big factor to choose an excellent firm or dealer. And chances are, since you are here, you have encountered Rosland Capital, one way or another.

If you are interested in investing in this site, you definitely want to learn more about it.

Is Rosland Capital a scam? Or a legitimate company? We will answer that here! To make sure this is the real deal, you want to read this honest short Rosland Capital review!

So, let's get started.

Rosland Capital Quick Summary

Name: Rosland Capital


Owner: Marin Aleksov

Type: Precious metals dealer

Minimum Purchase Amount: $10,000

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No!

Rosland Capital


What is Rosland Capital?

Before we answer, "Is Rosland Capital a scam?", let's talk about it first.

There is no better way to start it by having some background information about this firm. Rosland Capital is a newly released California-based precious metal investing siteFurthermore, this company was founded in 2008 by Marin Alekson. He has 20+ of experience in the precious metals industry.

Even though Rosland Capital is a new business, Marin gives it a big weight of authority. This is because he is very experienced in this field. In addition, he definitely knows what he's doing.

What caught my attention about this company is the fact they have been endorsed by celebrities. One of them are Bill O'Reilly and William Devane whom I have seen on the Rosland Capital official website.

Here's a Rosland Capital Commercial starred by William Devane.

What I liked about this company is their educational material that they have put together for their clients. In addition, there's lots of great information on their website about precious metals and the benefits of buying it.

How Does Rosland Capital Work?

With Rosland Capital you can purchase physical gold coins and metals and also golden IRAs. After that, you can have them delivered to your home. Rosland Capital has a fast delivery system that can deliver your investments in less than 10 days.

Unlike the other dealers out there, it is not possible to purchase Gold and other precious metals directly from the Rosland Capital website.

You can see what you want to buy on the site. However, the moment you want to purchase something, you need to make a call to see if what you're looking for is available and its pricing.

Let's say you're interested in buying some silver bars. First, you need to to make a call. You have to see if they are available and to check their price.

The same applies to IRAs. Another thing, the calls between you and Rosland are recorded for safety reasons.

What Does Rosland Company Offer?

Rosland Company offers you coins, bars, numismatic coins, platinum, and palladium. In addition, there are a lot of variety of precious metals you can choose from.

There are also traditional coins if you're interested in them. Furthermore, they can offer you IRAs that come with a minimum investment of $10,000.


#1 You can sell Back to Rosland Company

Rosland Capital does not only sell you precious metals. This company also allows you to sell back your investments at the current market value.

You can also sell them products that you did not buy from their site.

Personally, that's something good in my book that should be considered by investors like you.

#2 Gold & Precious Metals Can be Delivered to Your House

One thing I like about this company is that it offers a house delivery service!

Furthermore, Rosland Capital has an amazing delivery system that can deliver your stuff in less than 10 days

That's something unheard of in the industry, to be honest.

#3 Rosland Capital has an Expert Economist

This is a big one. I don't know if you know Jeffrey Nichols. But he's an expert economist with lots of experience and authority.

He is the writer of the Rosland Capital newsletter. If you sign up for their newsletter, you can expect some gold info in your inbox!


#1 The Support Team is Meh

A good company, in my opinion, must have a very good support team that will instantly answer your burning questions.

Unfortunately, that's not the case with Rosland Capital.

The support team is pretty bad and the info available on their site is limited.

#2 The Shared Storage

With Rosland Capital, you can store your precious metal. But it will be on a shared storage

Meaning that your stuff will be mixed with other investors metals.

Do you want that to happen? Of course not!

#3 Deceptive Sale Tactics & Lack of Transparency

After doing some research online, I came across many complaints about the Rosland Capital service.

The complaints claim that this company uses deceptive sale tactics and also charges high commissions rates.

That is a red flag that should be raised.

Rosland Capital Ratings and Reviews

Listed below is the ratings and reviews I found online about Rosland Capital.

  • BBB - 4.46 out of 5, based on 169 reviews, A+ Accredited Business.
  • Trustlink - 3.7 out of 5 based on 70 reviews and complaints.

Is Rosland Capital a Scam?

Rosland Capital is not a scam. It is a legit company in the precious metal industry. Additionally, the products it offers are excellent.

However, the only thing that gives it away is the fact that there way too many complaints and negative comments about this company online. Furthermore, they also have some rude agents that use deceptive sales practices against the consumers. These are things that you should consider. In conclusion, that's why I don't recommend this company.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Rosland Capital a scam?" review! If you have comments and questions, please feel free to leave them on the comment section below.

The Best Precious Metal Firm

Although I do not recommend Rosland Capital, investing in the precious metal industry is still excellent.

That is why, I will give you my best recommendation! If ever you want to invest, you have to give Goldco a try!

It has been providing services in more than a decade. Its products are high quality and very affordable.

On top of that, the support team is great! They will really make sure to assist you in any way you want. 

If that is not enough, you can try to make your own research. You will find out how satisfied investors are with this firm.

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  • Hi Anis
    My problem is l bought gold coins from Rosland and l am now thinking have l been conned. Is there any legit company l can go to that will give me an honest valuation. I also believe that the price of gold is going to substantially increase in value. I am looking for a company that l can work with buying and from time to time selling gold.
    Can you help?
    James Niazi

  • Do not use Rosland Capital they ripped me off for 11,000 dollars. I have filed a complaint with the BBB of California and now in contact with the attorney general for California as we speak.

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