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Get More Free Time is a SCAM! [Reviewed!]

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By Anis

August 17, 2017

Get more free time review

This review is going to be about a new money making program called Get More Free Time which promises you to earn a lot of money online

Is it a Scam? Yes, it is and I am going to explain why in this review, make sure you read it also to learn about a legit online business opportunity training that actually works.

What is Get More Free Time?

Get More Free time is one of the online money-making platforms developed by Kelly Simons.

The platform serves as a link posting platform with many links leading the client to various pages.

The website uses a fictional story of a woman who emerged successful as a result of trading on their site.

The site looks similar to that of Home Online Profit Education, apparently created by the same person.

Once you join, the page directs you to the sales page, where they convince you to buy some of their products. Interestingly, some of the products on this platform such as MOBE are genuine.

The problem is misleading people that it’s easier to make money with these commodities.

How Does Get More Free Time Work?

The first step is signing up for membership on their website.

After filling in your details and confirming account details, a sales page opens where you get many advertisements for products.

The page lacks more navigating options and every link you click on the page leads you to a buy option.

However, there isn’t any information to advise you on how to make money on this platform.

The next step is to buy one of the advertised products before you start doing any meaningful business.

Sadly, all the software sold here belongs to other companies.

The Get More Free Time only concentrates on selling but not teaching you how to make money out of the site.

Sadly, all the software sold here belongs to other companies.

The Get More Free Time only concentrates on selling but not teaching you how to make money out of the site.

How Much Does It Cost?

There isn’t a constant amount paid to join this platform, however, people part with a lot of money as they continue trading on this site.

First, you pay a joining fee ranging from $59 to a high of $200.

The much you pay depends on the number of the products you purchase.

Products such as MOBE are genuine but require investment both regarding money and time.

The returns are not guaranteed within a short period, as the website tends to mislead newbies.

You will spend up to several thousand of dollars to make any meaningful step.

The system works in a way that only benefits the people behind it.

They have professional salespeople, who work to entice you into purchasing most of their dubious products.

The more you buy, the more you spend and the poorer you become.

Is ‘Get More Free Time’ A Scam?

The platform has all signs of a scam.

To begin with, they don’t tell people the truth about making money online.

Any platform that makes unrealistic promises qualifies to be a scam.

You will also notice fake testimonials from a mom who is paid to say whatever she says.

They also claim that you will earn a lot of money because their system is 100% risk-free.

This statement is a lie because any experienced business person will tell you for a fact that all businesses have risks.

Another sign of a scam includes the false endorsement statements.

This scam never got any CNN or MSCN endorsement.

They use these support claims to instill confidence in you, before milking your wallet dry.

Parting Shot

Get More Free Time does not offer the heaven it promises its prospective online traders.

Although many products sold on this platform are genuine, the manner in which everything takes place casts doubt on the whole system.

Any money-making platform that promises free cash without work is a scam.

Legitimate online money making businesses provide sufficient training on how to make profits.

The promise of offering a ‘work from home’ opportunity lures many jobless people or those whose interest is getting flexible jobs.

However, once you dip your neck in, you start counting your losses.

Do not be fooled by the fake testimonials on this site.

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