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30 Great Sites To Get Paid To Write Articles From Home! (Updated 2020)

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By Anis

December 15, 2019

Great Sites to Get Paid to Write Articles from Home

Hello! Welcome to my "30 Great Sites To Get Paid To Write Articles From Home" article!

Today, we have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to earning money online. One of them is writing.

Do you want to get paid to write articles from home? You have landed in the right place! I have put together for you a list with 30 sites that are looking for articles writers like you!

Most of them pay around $50 to $300 per every single article through Paypal! Let's dive in!

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Why writing articles is profitable?

Writing articles for other people is one of the most reliable ways to earn a living online.

There are millions of websites online that are ready to pay you via Paypal today.

Many sites are willing to pay you up to $300 per a single article. Moreover, it won't require you any complex background or experiences. As long as you can write and research about the topics well, then you are good to go.

Why people would pay you to write?

It's simple! Webmasters make money from their websites thanks to their content.

Content is so good and that's why they are willing to pay you good money for every piece of article.

I personally buy articles from other people. In fact I have spent over $2,000 on a website called HireWriters.

The latter is a content service marketplace where I can find writers just like you who are willing to write articles on my site.

The content that I buy I publish it on this website you're reading now.Needless to say that the articles I buy from other writers make me a lot of money!

Because, they eventually rank on Google and attract a lot of traffic which I know how to turn into recurring commissions.

I make a full-time income  writing articles on my site and I always need writers to help create more content for my site.

I am definitely not the only one who buys articles and pays writers for new content. There are lots of webmasters that are willing to pay you to write content.

Basic requirements you need 

If you want to make money writing articles online you will need some basic requirements which are:

  • Good writing skills
  • Access to the Internet
  • A good laptop or desktop computer.

The above requirements are basic and most people possess them.

However I don't like misleading people and give them unrealistic claims.

Having just some basic good writing skills and access to the internet  can make you money!

But if you want to earn enough money that can be considered worth your time you will need a bit more than just good writing skills.

Most successful writers that make a full time income have two things more which you probably don't have right now:

  • a blog or website.
  • Some basic SEO knowledge.

The first thing almost any website will ask you if you want to write articles for them is if you have a website. As a content writer people expect you to have your own blog where you showcase your work and article samples.

If you have a blog or website you will automatically have some good SEO knowledge.

Don't be scared by the word SEO. It simply means making your articles optimized for Search Engines like Google or Bing.

For example, this article that you're reading right now on my site is SEO friendly.

It means that I optimized it for Google so I make sure people will find it and read it.

Chances are you have found my site on Google or Bing.

When webmasters pay you to write articles, they want articles that bring them traffic and sales.

Anis Chity

If you don't have a website and have zero knowledge on SEO, then you want to check out The Training I Recommend for beginners.

This training will teach you how to start a successful site that will make you money and also improve your writing skills along the way! How awesome is that?

Great Sites To Get Paid To Write Articles From Home

Below I'm going to share with you the best sites where you can make money writing at the comfort of your house.

This list is going to be updated regularly.

If you want to share with us a good site where you make money writing make sure you let us know in the comments section below.

Hirewriters logo

HireWriters is my favourite go to site when I need good articles to buy.

There are lots of writers there that I have made friendships with.

You can make money writing different types of content like blog posts, reviews, ebooks, Facebook posts and more.

You can earn up to $70 per article.

But that will depends on your ratings, the higher your rating is the higher your pay per post will be.

Here's a full review of Hirewriters

iWriter logo

IWriter is a popular content writing service.

You can write about any topic you like and get paid.

Their site is easy to navigate and pretty straightforward.

The best thing about Iwriter is  you can start writing articles right after you sign up.

If your articles are good they will be accepted and you will get paid via Paypal fast!

Textbroker logo

Textbroker is a site that I recommend for newbie writers.

Because it allows you to work your way up to high payouts.

When you sign up to TextBroker for the first time as a writer you will have no ratings, but when you write articles for other people they can give you ratings.

Your job is to over deliver in order to get good star ratings from your clients.

The ratings you will get will play a big role on how much you can earn per article.

Zerys logo

Zerys is another good site where you can make money writing articles from home.

While the payout is not as great compared to the writing sites mentioned above.

I think Zerys is a good option for new freelance writers that want a good site without some crazy guidelines or complicated writings tests.

If you're a new writer check out Zerys.

Writer's Domain logo

Writer Domain is another great site for the inexperienced freelance writers.

Here's how Writer Domain Works

  • Sign up
  • Add your Paypal email
  • Submit an article as a sample (must be around 500 words long)
  • Pass the grammar test.

If you pass the Writer Domain test you can start writing articles for money.

Then you will have to get star ratings from clients, the better your work is the better your pay per post will be.

Anis Chity

With this program, you can earn a passive income while writing!

BKA Content logo

Buy Keywords Articles (BKA) is a site that will pay you to write SEO articles optimized for specific keywords.

That's when some SEO knowledge will come in handy.

But SEO is easy to learn, you can read some articles online that will teach you some basic SEO.

However I highly recommend you to Start a Website where you learn SEO through trial and error.

If you are into music, then Music Tuts+ may be perfect for you! The payment method is through Paypal.

It is one of the blogs that you can find in the Envato blog network. They are in need of writers, preferably with music or audio production background.

Basically, they just want them to write music articles for the blog and get paid! Each article should focus on one main point.

To be specific, they need “Quick Tips” articles. It is like a mini-tutorial with 500 words. Each article can compensate you for $50, if ever it is accepted.

Real Python logo

For helpful tutorials about Python, web development, and data science - Real Python has got you covered.

(Heads up, majority of their content tend to focus on Python, however). With at least 1,500 words, they pay up to $300 per article through Paypal, according to a third party research source.

It is favored that writers have advance-leveled knowledge on web development.

 With a humble goal in mind to "help Python developers around the world become more awesome" - Real Python only creates the highest quality tutorials online.

Listverse picture

Forget about writing articles and enter in to Listverse - the biggest online platform featuring lists!

Write about anything, just make sure it meets the requirement of one-of-a kind! They normally want lists that include 10 items minimum, with one or two paragraphs to explain each. For every approved list, make up to $100 via Paypal. 

Best of all, your list has a chance to win a reward of $1,000 if it happens to receive most page views by the end of the year.

DotDash logo

A.K.A., this is one of the most difficult websites to be accepted into, yet it'll definitely feel worth it as it proves to have the most exposure among all in this list. 

DotDash proudly stands as the 94th most viewed website internationally. With fair monthly rates, it maintains a variety of positions in micro-niches like "Playing Tennis." Payment method is unspecified.

Not everyone is gifted with the innate discipline to earn, manage, and even save money properly.

If that happens to be you, why not share your knowledge on MoneyPantry? A blog which is the ultimate guide for money earning and saving - including comprehensive real-life experiences with tips, strategies, and numbers! 

 Articles must meet the minimum of 700 words yet, 1,000 to 2,000 words are generally encourages. Payment is done through Paypal and ranges from $30 - $50, determined by a number of components.

Photoshop tutorials logo, one of the widely known platforms on Photoshop, is currently looking for applicants willing to write short articles, round-ups, or detailed tutorials. 

 Payment is done via Paypal. Tips, round-ups, and brief compositions are paid between and $25 and $50 each once accepted. Full-on tutorials however are charged $150 - $300.

Being paid to travel may sound like a fantasy, but if you consider writing for the Travel Writer's Life - it'll be nothing less of a dream come true. 

 Teach others how to earn money while traveling, be it through writing, tours, photography, and other means! They are also welcome case studies that will enable their readers to learn more about making a living while traveling.

 Here's payment system breaks down via Paypal: $50 - $70 per ordinary articles, $100 - $150 per articles featuring interviews and original stories, and $150 - $200 for articles with definitive instructions for the audience to implement.

As a blog devoted to the heaven-sent art of writing, Write Naked, funds writers to pen compositions that can assist other writers to succeed.

Some examples of the content are: interviews with renowned authors, articles regarding publishing trends, writing basics, and tips imparted by experienced writers to those aspiring ones.

 Although the payment method is unspecified, each submitted article is paid $75, with a number of words between 450 and 650.

Moreover, submission periods are classified into "Close" and "Open" reading periods. Articles are only accepted during "Open" reading periods.

UX Booth logo

Backed with the courteous vision of making a user-friendly world, UX Booth will pay you to write articles on design and usability.

They prefer written compositions backed with research, written in 3rd person, and reaching 1,200 to 1,800 words. 

Articles are paid up to $100 each, which is done through Paypal.

Better Humans logo

Just in time for the New Year, Better Humans kick starts your self-improvement journey. 

 This blog pays writers to add to their plethora of articles on self-improvement and human potential.

Mind you, they are very keen on writers having personal experience to back up the advice they are giving out.

Don’t even bother to pass inspirational essays, thought-pieces, lengthy summaries of advice you’ve accumulated in the past, or listicles - it won’t make the cut.

They want empirically-proven advice to address real challenges the readers may be encountering; so do your research. 

 Articles must meet the minimum of 2,750 words. If accepted, expect to receive around $500 for said article via Paypal.

Greatist logo

Mental health, relationships, wellness, and life in general - get your story out with the Greatist!

This website specializes in wholesome content, and will fund writers to share their personal experiences and lessons.

Every so often, articles that cover topics regarding social media, technology, career, and struggles with substance abuse are welcome.

Written works are expected to reach 1,000 - 1, 500 words and submitted via Google Docs. $125 is charged per article that meets their expectations.

Longreads logo

Write nearly anything on Longreads, essays, reviews, interviews, memoirs, blogs posts, reading lists, investigative projects, long-form journalism - you name it.

The perfect niche for flexible writers. They are looking for sweetly written, well-told stories of significant human experiences that readers may undoubtedly relate to.

Varying by category the work falls into, it can be between 8000 and 6,000 words. Payment method is unspecified, however, minimum fee is $250 ranging up to $1,500+ per work.

BitchMedia logo

At last, an outlet for the third wave feminist! Bitch Media pays writer to forward this goal while being guided by the mission to provision astute feminist responses towards pop culture and mainstream media.

Content creators are needed for through their printed magazines and online platform.

Depending on the category, articles are between 1,200 and 3,000 words. The nature of the work will also determine the pay, ranging from $150 to $1,000. Get a move on, b*tch.

Study up on web development from front to back, because Code Tuts+ has an opening for writers for their in-depth web development tutorials!

Let out the computer whiz as it’s time to talk code. CSS3, HTML5, server-side JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and document-based database systems are just some examples of topics to cover when writing articles. 

Payment is done via Paypal. Here’s the breakdown: Shorter tutorials (a.k.a. “Quick tip”) earn $100 while in-depth tutorials are paid $250.

Tenderly logo

Heard of Tenderly? It’s a publication that proudly flaunts the vegan lifestyle!

It pays writers to write about eating delightfully healthy food, vegan recipes, traveling as a vegan as well tackling issues on the climate crisis, vegan culture, activism and mistreatment of animals.

The target market are most vegans (obviously), vegetarians (let’s not forget about those) and people who are simply want to get educated on the vegan lifestyle.

Funny enough, there is no for you to go vegan if you plan to write for them. Nevertheless, everything must be vegan-oriented.

Within the 30 days the written work is accepted, Tenderly pays at least $200 per article meeting the 500 - 5,000 word requirement. You have more chances of earning a heftier sum if a lot of research, reporting, and overall effort was put. 

WritersWeekly logo

Similar to Write Naked, Writer’s Weekly want you to write about, well… writing. Let’s get this straight: rather than focusing on the how-to-be-a-better-writer narrative, Writers Weekly teaches its readers on how to get paid or make money through writing.

Unconventional book marketing ideas, markets that pay or writers, everything and anything that is new to the writing industry and could truly be of help.

In addition, Writers weekly is an online publication that is circulated among paying subscribers, not a blog.

Per article, $60 is apportioned through Paypal.

B. Michelle Pippin website

Check out B. Michelle Pippin, a business blog open to all applicants who would like to earn for writing about marketing and making money online.

Articles can cover productivity hacks, tax tips, getting booked for speaking gigs, attaining national media spots, earning online, and the like.

Experts, fluent in English language as well as with first-hand experiences on the topics are highly encouraged to contribute. 

Via Paypal, accepted works are charged $50 to $150 individually.

Anis Chity

Start earning a passive income just by writing content with this program!

It makes me earn a 4-digit monthly income!

CorelDRAW, Sketch app, Inkscape, InDesign, Illustrator - if any of those were the slightest bit familiar to you, consider writing articles for Vector Tuts+.

Earn no problem by talking about the Vector arts, or any kind of typography focused material. Know how to draw? Even better! Vector Tuts+ can’t wait to see what drawing tutorials you may contribute. 

Quick tip tutorials earn between $50 and $70, while regular tutorials are paid between $150 to $200 via Paypal.

Great news, Vector Tuts+ is willing to draw out more money if high profile educators and artists do the articles or tutorials themselves.

Metro Parent logo

Got any parenting wisdom? Then this this Michigan-based publication needs you to help grown-ups solve all their parenting woes.

Note that it is tailored to address parents in southeast Michigan; articles are pretty flexible though - talk about health and wellness, food, pets, education, kids, travel, and other similar topics.

Also, certain topics are expected to be discussed in specific months of the year. 

Unlike most of the platforms on this list, Metro Parent’s method of payment is over check. Depending on the type of article and category, articles range from 50 to 2,500 words with a pay from $25 to $200.

Sitepoint logo

As one of the growing websites specializing in web development, Sitepoint is eager to charge quality freelance writer to work for their continuously expanding network.

UX prototyping, Vue, Angular, Node, React, analytics, web performance, and more hubs on Sitepoint - are examples of topics articles are expected to tackle.

To ensure said quality freelancers, an application process takes place - in which background knowledge and past experiences is an edge.

A lot of components determine the rate, however, $100 is a starting wage per article - which is sent through Paypal.

Smashing Magazine logo

Being in the game for quite some time and being a big name in the world of web development and web design, Smashing Magazine is open to freelancers comprehensive of aforementioned topics.

It isn’t easy, they are looking for ultimate guides, case studies, research-supported opinion pieces, detailed tutorials and articles on web development and web design.

Other topics can be accessibility, e-commerce, design patterns, Photoshop, user experience - basically as long as it enhances the overall web experience.

Rates aren’t disclosed specifically, however, based on experience, it pays up to $200 per article. Payment is made through Bank Transfer or Paypal, upon your convenience.

Clubhouse logo

Finally, we are down to the last on the list: Clubhouse!

In the form of career advice, analysis of the software team, in-depth tutorials, how-to guides, and thought leadership compositions associated with software development and engineering - Clubhouse is a platform for writers to share software development and/or engineering experience. 

While the payment method is specified, the breakdown is: $350 for each blog post accepted, $400 for how-to’s or tutorials, and a whopping $600 for how-to’s or tutorials with working code examples included.

Babbletype logo

Babbletpye is a website that provides writing services to clients and job opportunities to writers!

Moreover, they have transcription and translation services. You simply apply for in the website and take tests.

Afterwards, you have to wait for the confirmation if you are accepted. Payments are made through Paypal.

You can read my Babbletype review here!

Writerbay logo

Writerbay is an online platform that is centered on writing services. Moreover, it can compensate writers who will work for them!

Similar to Babbletype, there are tests and requirements you have to comply with. Then you have to wait and find out whether you are accepted or not.

Payments are sent through Paypal, Global Bank Transfer, Web Money and Payoneer.

You can check out my Writerbay review here!

Bottom Line

There you have all of them! The 30 great sites to get paid to write articles from home!

It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to earn money online. Moreover, it is great for aspiring writers! It is not always you can earn an income through your passion.

But let me be honest. When you try out one of these sites, it wont' always be a guarantee that you will be accepted, no matter how experienced you are.

So I suggest that you try out all of them until you landed a position and you are satisfied with it!

Thank you so much for reading my "30 Great Sites To Get Paid To Write Articles From Home" article! Let me know what you think in the comment section!

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