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10 Part Time Jobs For People Over 50 (Try These Out!) (2019)

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By Anis Chity

August 18, 2019

Part Time Jobs For People Over 50

Hello! Welcome to my "10 Part Time Jobs For People Over 50" article!

Most of the time, we see aging as something that will hinder our ability to work and be active.

However, I beg to differ. There will still be a lot of opportunities as we grow older. We can still have fun and of course, work to earn money.

This article will give you 10 part time jobs for people over 50. Whether you are unemployed, or looking for an extra source of income, or even a retiree, all of these can work for you.

With that being said, let's get started.

#1 Tutor


Surely, by the age of 50, we’ve already stocked knowledge and gained experiences, what better way to make use of these than to start being a part time tutor?

Teaching gives out this rewarding feeling knowing that you’ve helped a person become better mentally and intellectually.

It could make you feel good about yourself. Moreover, it’s a great way to exercise your mind.

Tutoring retains everything you know and you get to learn new things everyday. This will keep your mental state sharp.

For you to become an efficient tutor, you need to be good at communication, organization, and problem solving.

The pay isn’t bad also, a tutor can earn from $10 - $100 per hour.

#2 Babysitter


Children are inherently adorable. They have this magic that makes your worries and tiredness disappear.

But babysitting isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Some people might think that babysitting is a tough job.

But if you’ve had experience with children and are fond of them, then babysitting should be an easy job for you.

Being a babysitter requires a flexible working schedule which is convenient if you are employed in a full time job.

The set of responsibilities you need to fulfill include updating the parents, making meals, playing with the children, cleaning the play areas, picking up the children at school, etc.,

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Your duties and responsibilities also vary depending on the age of the child or children you are babysitting.

Being a babysitter isn’t a walk in the park. You need to have certain qualifications to be accepted in the job.

For your work to be satisfactory, given that you should be close to children, you also need to have patience, first aid skills and child development knowledge.

Moreover, you need to know how to deal with unexpected conflicts. The typical salary of a babysitter ranges from $7 to $27 per hour.

#3 Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor

You might think being a fitness instructor at the age of 50 or over doesn’t sound right.

Furthermore, it seems just straight ridiculous considering the conditions that come with old age such as arthritis.

But what people neglect is the thought that age has nothing to do with being a fitness instructor.

As long as you can carry the weight of being an instructor then there’s no reason for you to consider it.

There are cases where your age can actually be an advantage.

One is, some older clients prefer to have a fitness instructor that is close to their age.

They feel more comfortable knowing that they are being handled by a seasoned and experienced instructor.

It is also an inspiration for other people to see a mature aged person exercising and staying in shape.

Working as a fitness instructor sounds great if you want to be active and productive while approaching your retirement. The average pay for this job is $23 per hour.

#4 Hair and Beauty

Hair and beauty

If you have an eye for beauty, then you might want to consider getting into hair and beauty business for a part time job.

Working as a beautician is a great way of meeting and socialising with new people.

Aside from that reason, it’s an enjoyable job. Imagine getting constant compliments and praises from your clients for making them look and feel good.

Whether you want to be a makeup artist, hair stylist, or nail technician, you need to have background knowledge about that specific field.

A beautician does various tasks depending on where you specialize in.

You can be into hair treatments, nail treatments, or skin care. As a beautician, you need to be artistic, creative, passionate, and dedicated to your craft.

#5 Travel Agent

Travel agent

Aside from the legal issues that comes with retirement, when you’re over 50, you’ll also start to plan what you want to do after.

You might be planning of beaches and out of the country trips. But of course you also need to think of the financial concerns.

For your plans to be effective, you might be considering a part time job. Perhaps you would like to apply as a travel agent.

Typically, it is a travel agent’s job to plan, organize and book other people’s travel goals.

This will be a convenient job for your future plans of traveling.

In this job, you get to learn a lot about different countries and what those countries have to offer. That ought to help you formulate ideas for your post retirement vacations.

Being employed as a travel agent also comes with incentives, you can have travel discounts, upgrades, and free trips.

Anis Chity

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#6 Business Owner

Business owner

Most people find success by starting their own business. It doesn’t take an easy process. There will be a lot of ups and downs.

But, if you’re really passionate about something that you want to start a business with it, this marks a great start.

If you have a regular job but want to put up your own business, you can do the latter gradually by making it just part-time.

By doing so, it also serves as an opportunity to observe the nature of your business.

The thing about business is that there is no shortcut. You can’t expect that you would earn a lot of money on the first week or month.

Success comes with time. Having a part-time business doesn’t cost as much as starting up a full-time business.

You also get to choose your own schedule of when you operate your business based on the days of the week.

An example of a part-time business is making and taking orders on pastry especially cakes and cupcakes.

If you’re a mom, you can totally relate to this.

If you have co-workers who like to order baked goods from you, you only operate your business based on that particular order.

The entire process  then is like make-to-order.

When you’ve saved up enough money and found out that your business is feasible for full-time, you can focus on this job and start innovating more ideas to keep it stable and growing.

The salary for having a part-time business depends on what type of business you’re dealing with.

#7 Event Organizer

Event organizer

Event organizers are really in demand nowadays. Furthermore, organizing events isn’t just limited to birthdays.

It can be anything really; Christmas parties, reunion parties, and many more.

Being an event organizer means that you must possess creative and innovative ideas to make the event interesting, fun and organized.

Moreover, organizational skills, time management and efficiency are must-haves.

This job can put pressure on you since time will be a challenge especially if there will be unexpected changes. People also judge the quality of an event based on the person who organized it.

The key to being a great event organizer is to know what your client really wants. At the same time, create ways to kick things up a bit that can surprise them in a good way.

Since this job is not on a daily basis, you can have enough time to think about things carefully before making decisions and acting on them.

The average salary for this job is around $19 per hour.

#8 Consulting


If you’re over 50, don’t feel so bad and worried that you’re growing old. Additionally, with this age, you must have a lot of experiences already in life and in your field.

If you are engaged in the business world, you encounter a lot of different transactions, contracts, agreements and meetings about what keeps our economy running.

It’s really an important aspect in our society to conduct a smooth flow of business. One reason why this happens is because of brilliant consultants.

Being a consultant means that you share your knowledge and expertise for businesses or people.

It’s really a great thing. You also help them save money by hiring you as a consultant rather than hiring a full time employee.

This part time job is perfect for you especially if you’re really passionate and great at your trade.

This is because it means that you continue to enhance your knowledge by parting them to other people. The average pay of a consultant is at $14-18 per hour.

#9 Photo/Videography

Photography and Videography

In line with event organizers, photo and videographers are also in demand. They document various events, making them very important.

Usually, photographers and videographers are present during birthdays, weddings, graduations and other celebrations.

Some may want to settle with photo or video alone while some do both.

This job requires precision, creativity and of course, knowledge on the dynamics of the field of photography and videography.

It’s also a great way of mastering your craft. Should you engage in videography, you must know how to edit videos and complement them with wonderful ideas.

And in terms of photography, you must also learn about how to enhance photos, and how to take them which includes building the set.

Being a photographer or videographer is a fun job because aside from doing what you like, you also get to experience or be a part of everybody else’s joyful moments. This job pays about $15 an hour.

#10 Pet sitter

Pet sitter

Being a pet sitter can be pretty rewarding. Especially if you love furry and cute critters.

This job requires extra effort though, since not all pets are alike. Let’s take dogs and cats as examples.

Some dogs are gentle and obedient while some are high-spirited or they can be ferocious. The amount of attention you give actually depends on what type of dog you’re dealing with.

And cats are just quiet and not as playful as dogs. But some cats can be quite mean especially if they’re being handled by a person who’s not their owner.

You just have to be careful with this job as it poses risks too. Furthermore, find your way around pets.

It might also be wise if you evaluate a pet first if you can handle it or not.

A pet sitter’s job includes feeding, walking, bathing, grooming and playing with the pet.

Basically, you just have to keep things under control while the owner’s not around. This job is also not limited to dogs and cats, so you have to be flexible.

And just keep in mind that animals are different from each other. So if you encounter something new, get ready to do some research to help you perform your duties well.

A pet sitter can make about $12 per hour or it can depend on the distance of the home where the pet is in and the amount of attention the pet needs.

Bottom Line

And that concludes my article. I have presented you 10 part time jobs for people over 50.

These are the ones which are perfect for anyone over 50 years old who wants to earn money.

I suggest that you choose the one that you are really interested in.

In that way, you won't feel like you are working, but having fun.

Thank you so much for reading this! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them on the comment section!

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