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Online Empire Maker Review: Scam or Legit?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 15, 2018

Does Online Empire Maker Work?, Is Online Empire Maker a Pyramid Scheme?, Is Online Empire Maker Real or Fake?

Online Empire Maker

Before you join Online Empire Maker, there are few things you might need to know about the program that will help you avoid losing money.

Of course, many people are saying there are signs this is a scam and it would be good to also confirm whether their claims hold water.

If you are looking for information about the program, this Online Empire Maker review will help you answer the most important questions about it.

What is Online Empire Maker?

According to their website, Online Empire Maker claims it’s a perfect way of building an online empire that could help you make millions.

It originated from a guy called Jason Rogers (fake name) and promises quick money.

Their model of operation is suspect as it says, you could amass a lot of money in a quick turnaround, so does the Online Empire Maker program give you quick money and is it legit?

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How does Online Empire Maker Work?

Once you get to the homepage of the program, you will be forced to watch a 15 minutes video before you can go to the next page.

You are not given the next button until you watch the video.

This purposely gets you convinced that this is a perfect way to make lots of money doing nothing.

You are lured to believe they will pay you from $1000 in checks, and once you enter you are even guaranteed to get a $500 check just because you watched the video.

All this is to ensure you stay till end where you will be told to part with some money so as to enroll.

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Is Online Empire Maker a scam?

Is online empire maker scam? By all standards, Online Empire Maker is a scam.

Here are some similar scams to Online Empire Maker

You will see some of the reasons that make this program a dirty trick to fleece unsuspecting individuals who are in a rush to make money.

The scam signs

There are many signs that pass this program for a scam.

One that is clearly visible is the misleading information that is used on the site, probably to lure visitors to buy the program.

The first scam sign is the video that is on the home page of the site that will purport that you can earn hundreds by just doing nothing.

Not a single argument seems to share the truth as all information is exaggerated to get you excited and probably pay for it.

You will also find fake reviews, which are done by known freelancers on Fivver.

All of them are claiming they made lots of money, but once you follow up, it is lies and these are guys paid to record the reviews.

Can you make money?

There is no room for you to make money through the Online Empire Maker program.

The only person earning is the creator, so don’t waste your time and money investing in it because you will never see returns.

Online Empire Maker – Final Review

With the information above, it is fair to say that the Online Empire Maker program is a scam that should be avoided by all means.

Don’t put your money into this project because it doesn’t work!

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  • Hi there,

    Great review right there, this is a perspective of things I had not cared to look at but I am thankful I saw your review before drowning my money for nothing, I truly appreciate your honesty and promise to bookmark your website for future reviews and follow your recommendations for making money online.

  • By the sounds of your review – this online empire maker seems to be beating around the bush when it comes to HOW you are going to earn the money. This has put me off instantly. Did you find out what their system was about or are they well hidden from prying eyes? Also, do they offer a trial period so you can see underneath the hood before taking it on?

    • Hi Chris, the Online Empire Maker is only planning to steal your hard earned money, they don’t explain how money is going to be made, they will charge you a small upfront fee, but as you go forward you will be hit with multiple useless upsells.

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