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Pensco Trust Review: Legit or Scam?

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November 4, 2017

Pensco Trust Company

Pensco Trust Company Review

  • Company: PENSCO Trust
  • Website:
  • Owner: Curtis Glovier
  • Price: Is determined by your investment amount
  • It is meant for: Investors
  • Rating: two and a half stars out of five, average

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What does PENSCO Trust Company do?

PENSCO manages the assets of businesses’ and individuals’ retirement accounts without offering investment advice, selling investments or giving out any tax or legal advice.

All preexisting clients and potential clients are told to be their own custodians on matters concerning selecting an investment opportunity and picking relevant professionals to assist in the investment opportunity.

The Alternative Investments provided by PENSCO are not insured by the FDIC and are vulnerable to risks as grave as losing the entire principal.

PENSCO has an indirect affiliation with two parties: one registered broker-dealer and an investment company through the Opus Bank or Opus Affiliates.

PENSCO is not affiliated with any other investment sponsor, investment, financial professional, legal or tax adviser outside the Opus Affiliates circles.


Why Should You Choose PENSCO Trust Company?

PENSCO has $16 billion worth of assets in its custody which belongs to over 54,000 clients.

Handling such immense alternative assets all in retirement accounts requires great knowledge and handling ethos. Besides, the company has been around for a long time, having been founded in 1989.

Therefore, a lot of experience has been accumulated by this company to offer top-notch alternative assets management services.

Another reason why you should consider joining PENSCO Trust Company is their experience in fraud detection and their capability to offer guidance to its client when they are selecting an investment so that they don’t fall victims to fraudulent deals.

Why Should You Stay Away from PENSCO Trust Company?

The company is overly indemnified, refusing to take responsibility for outcomes coming from investors investment decisions. They are also quite a number of negative reviews online and that probably means something.

Besides, their website is drab with minimal customer support

What is the investment platforms provided?

PENSCO is collaborating with investment platforms that avail private placement opportunities covering a range of industries to the investors. These sites are:

  • MicroVentures
  • Equity Round
  • I-Bankers DIRECT
  • Peerreality
  • US capital
  • Seed change
  • CircleUp

Other than IRA, what else?

PENSCO has made IRA to be its main line of business but not entirely.

The company also offers financing options for real estate which comes with a non-recourse loan.

The self-directed IRA investors choosing to invest in the real estate have the option of leveraging their purchase with one non-recourse-loan.

A non-recourse loan is usually backed by pledged collateral.


Definitely No! All services offered by the company seem genuine.

The reviews from the major online reviewers are mainly favorable.

Having been founded in 1989, the company could have collapsed long ago had it been dealing with scams.

Besides, PENSCO trust reviews on the internet (like Glassdoor and Yelp ) talk highly of the company.

However, the decision to enter into a transaction with the company is with the investors themselves.

Who can invest with PENSCO?

The investment products offered by the company are not available for everyone.

You need to be a citizen of the United States for you to invest with PENSCO.

Which company can I recommend?

There are many IRA custodians in the market today but Regal Assets stands out of the pack.

The company is more trustworthy with diverse and excellent services

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