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37 Clicks SCAM! [Full Review]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 29, 2018

Does 37 Clicks Work?, Is 37 Clicks Real?, What is 37 clicks?

37 clicks

Is 37 Clicks a Scam? This honest review is going to help you decide whether you should buy this system or not

37 Clicks Quick Review

Name: 37 Clicks aka Online Profit System

Website: 37Clicks.com

Type: Link Posting

Price: $97 + upsells & Hidden costs

Owner: Kelly Scott

Verdict: Scam

What is 37 Clicks?

Recently I reviewed two scams called Home Online Profit Education and Home Job Source

These scams are known as link posting scams

They promise you easy riches by simply posting links all over the internet

Needless to say that they don’t pay¬†at all because they are all about making money from you.

37 Clicks is owned by online marketer called Rory Ricord

37 Clicks is The Same!

After having a closer look at 37 Clicks I realized it’s the exact scam looking for victims

Since you are here to make money online

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How Does 37 Clicks Scam Works?

37 Clicks promise you easy money they literally say you will be making thousands of dollars by simply placing links

That fairy tale success does not exist unfortunately

As I said before this scam has been around a few years ago but since it was exposed as a scam they had to change their name to 37 clicks

I invite you to read these scam reviews and notice the ridiculous similarity

One thing these scams have in common is

Fake Endorsements!

I have seen a lot of people fall for a scam because they thought it was recommended by CNN or USAToday.

37 Clicks is one of those scams using fake endorsement to look legit

You can visit CNN official website and search for an article or a video where 37 clicks was mentioned

Don’t fall for any website that uses these fake logos!

They even Show you Fake Checks!

They say these checks are real, this is how they prove that their system pays

Honestly, do these checks look legit?

It’s obvious to me that they are fake

Fake Checks

They Make Making Money Online Look SO Easy!

37 Clicks obviously targets newbies that are desperate to make money online

When someone promises $1,500 and $3000 per month

and all you have to do is post 5 links online

You need to run away

It’s too good to be true!

No one will give you $1,500 per month by simply posting links unless they want to scam you.

37 Clicks Wants Your Money Only

37 Clicks, unfortunately, is there only to make the owners rich

You are not going to make money

They want your email address and $37

Your email address to keep recommending you products hoping you buy

They charge $37 which is a tiny sum of money because they will be upselling you a lot of products

$37 is only to have a look inside, you should expect to spend thousands of dollars for scams like these!

The Fine Print Says it All

If you read the fine print of the 37 Clicks you will read the opposite they promised you in the sales page

In the sales page, they say you are going to make money simply pasting links

In the fine print, they say the opposite.

They do this because that’s how they make sure they don’t get sued

In a Few Words

  • There is no easy money
  • 37 Clicks is all about stealing your hard earned Cash

37 Clicks is a Scam – Final Thoughts

Disclaimer: you the reader are free to join and buy any program you want, I’m not recommending 37 Clicks because I believe it’s a scam.

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Your Turn!

Did you fall for the 37 Clicks Scam?

Please share with us your thoughts and comments below! Thanks!

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