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7 Figure Dream Life Review: Nasty Scam?

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By Anis

November 14, 2017

7 figure dream life review

This is a web which promotes some business opportunity referred to as digital altitude or aspire today. It is specifically created by some company which has an aim of driving some signups to their businesses.

The Aspire Today Company has been able to use this tool in the recruitment of some new members.

This new web claims to help one make $5,000 per week when you just complete watching their provided video.

This claim seems so bold and in my own thoughts, I initially called it a scam.

There have been over three hundred and fifty reviews which have too referred it to as a scam.

However, after I got much deeper into the 7 figure dream life, I came to realize that this web is not really a scam.

The main reason for stating that the website is not a scam is because I have some first-hand information.

In the last 18 months, I was invited to join this web and have been able to make $60, 000 which is not bad.

How does it work?

On visiting the web, you will be provided with some videos which upon watching their sales, you get much convinced that the system can help you make money.

Upon clicking the button below, you then get forwarded to the Aspire Today Company where you are then able to sign up for some $37.

This initial cost helps in the accessing of their basic training then you are assigned a coach. Once done, you then will start the twenty one training steps. Most of these steps are usually locked.

Your coach will then be required to manually unlock them. This is mainly done since you cannot skip any of the given steps. Your business coach talks to you through the phone to basically help you understand each step.

The other reason for doing this is because each coach is a salesperson and will try selling you to some higher priced products.

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Is 7 figure dream life a scam and signs of the scam

I do not really think that this system is a scam since have been able to understand how this business model works though I can still tell why most people would refer it to a scam.

Such reasons include;

This business model at first appears like pyramid selling.

I, however, do not see this business as a pyramid. I fully understand how it works and the possible profits you can make with it.

Can you make money with this system?

I have been in this industry for some years and can tell that it is very possible to make money with it.

You are able to earn some commission for the products which won.

This will simply mean that when you become an affiliate member without buying all the given products, you will be able to earn about 3% of the given product sales hence it is advisable that you buy all and enjoy the 60% commission.


After I got some deeper look into 7 figure dream life, I can conclude that this system is not a scam as I thought it could be.

You can be in a good position to earn lots of money if you invest a lot of your energy, time and money.

If you are a newbie or on a tight budget

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