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9 Signs That You Are Talking to a Legitimate Home Buyer

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By Anis Chity

December 8, 2020

9 Signs That You're Talking to a Legitimate Home Buyer

There are countless contemplations and attempts of retreat before finally deciding to put your home for sale. After rendering the decision, it's now time to engage in checking out buyers while they examine your property.

The real estate industry is a forum where buyers and sellers reap the benefits they deserve individually. Now, let's try to assume the functions of home sellers and learn how to scan legitimate home purchasers.

Dealing with Suspicions

In the year 2018, there are at least $150 million costs sacrificed in real estate fraudulent scams. Typically, scams happen because of some cybersecurity issues. For example, broadly accessible data and hacked email accounts.  

Some hackers would even intervene in the negotiations and victimize a potential homebuyer whom the seller didn't even know. It's quite disconcerting that the technology, which is supposed to make everything convenient for us, is the one that also enables widespread deceptions.

Regardless if it's an on-market or off-market house sale, keep in mind that the risk of getting fast-talked can be thwarted by considerably knowing who you're conversing with.

The Entire Family is Around During Site Visit

Of course, a house is where the family dwells together. Hence, it is essential to bring the family together for an open house. After all, the entire family will reside in the place upon fulfillment of the deal. 

A couple of minutes will not be enough if a buyer is seriously interested in your house. That is not even an inspection, it's barely a symptom of a window shopper. 

Take simple warnings such as this so that you wouldn't have to waste your time entertaining people who will not accompany you to the finish line.

Sticking Out an Agreeable Offer

A big offer doesn't always mean a secure deal. Be aware that some trickers will propose unrealistic prices as bait. Make sure to prepare a counter-offer in case you don't find the initial bid acceptable.

A legitimate buyer will definitely try his best to shoot reasonable pricing. Some would even profess their edge over other buyers by saying that they would finalize all the papers as soon as possible.

Some would even suggest a considerable timeline to allow the owners to move comfortably.

Sporting the Best Behavior

What is meant by best behavior is when buyers don't risk their opportunity to close the deal by being proper and decent. No sure buyer would ridicule your home decorations.

Mockery isn't a plain and old gesture of congeniality, it's simply a sign of insolence, and it's never tolerable as a character as a legitimate home buyer.

Asks About Other Potential Buyers

Awareness of the competition should hang around a legitimate buyer's thoughts. Some would even ask the tax information about what is the best price others have offered, and when are they willing to settle the payments.

If you see that an imaginable buyer is projecting possessive statements, you can now partially deduce him as a reliable buyer.

Throws the Right Questions

There is a myriad of questions to be solicited by a buyer. However, there are only a few questions that would validate your buyer's legitimacy.

Inquiries on the distance of the house from schools, churches, and local markets are kind of questions you should require to hear.

If your buyer is aiming to obtain the responses to these questions, it means they imagine themselves as the actual residence of the house.

Do Follow-Ups

A serious buyer will not settle for a one day schedule of site viewing. Oftentimes, they would revisit the house and bring family members with them. 

Kids are guests you shouldn't take for granted. Parents would often hear their children's opinions about a new house.

They would take follow-ups as an opportunity to refine what they have missed in the previous visits.

Extends Meeting Time

Take note that longer meetings mean that your prospective buyers are highly attracted to your property. It shows that they are willing to know more about the house they will soon take over.

Meticulous questioning comes with a comprehensive inspection. They would even ask about the name of plants in your yard and the finest details like how frequent do you trim your lawn.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

If they have readied all the mortgage pre-approval papers, it's now ultra-safe to consider them as legitimate buyers.

Having all the papers signed means that they know what's the worth of their ideal home. Generally, pre-approval papers imply a greater possibility of mortgage approval.

From then, you can now declare that you're transacting with a confident buyer.

Accompanied by Real Estate Agents

A home is a large bargain one could have. There are only a few serious buyers who can carry out a transaction all by themselves. 

Of course, a real estate agent is paid for their expertise in property purchases. With his fact, buyers would bring the agent with them in every home he visits.

If you notice that a prospective buyer isn't escorted by an agent, you can say that the buyer is somehow hesitant about the purchase.


As repetitively emphasized, selling a house is a venture you can consider a milestone or worst, a miserable fiasco.

Spotting legitimate buyers is one important ability you should possess as a seller. Most importantly, be motivated to complete the negotiation without jeopardizing the interests of both parties. 

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