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Affiliate Genie Review – A Scam or Six Figures Affiliate Marketing?

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By Anis

August 24, 2018

affiliate genie scam review

Affiliate Genie Reviewed!

Looking for a real Affiliate Genie review?

Is Affiliate Genie a BIG scam?

I have bought it, and I'm going to give you my review.

I'm not promoting this, just the real truth, so keep reading!

welcome to affiliate genie

Affiliate Genie Summary Review

  • Name: Affiliate Genie
  • Website:
  • Price: $7 + upsells
  • Owner: Sara Shirley, Jason & Chris
  • Recommended? No
affiliate genie scam review

What is Affiliate Genie?

Affiliate Genie is advertised as a magic software that is going to instantly generate for you profitable affiliate compaigns.

You don't have to create any websites, write any content or drive any traffic, all you have to do is spend a few minutes setting up your done for you campaigns and you're all done.

They claim that the campaigns their software builds for you are proven to convert as they have made them millions of dollars.

Now all you have to do is choose a template add your affiliate link, drive traffic and you will enjoy their same success.

affiliate genie bs

$10,000 a day with video what?

Everything is automated and you don't have to do anything except spending a few minutes setting up your automated campaigns.

Now this all sounds to good to be true, isn't?

When I had a look I had the same impression.

I was very skeptical, I review products like Affiliate Genie all the time and most of them turn out to be duds!

Here are some examples for you to read:

As you can see there are quite a lot of programs out there that are affiliate marketing courses, but unfortunately most of them are NO good!

Is this the case with Affiliate Genie?

To review this I put the money where my mouth is and decided to have a look inside Affiliate Genie to give an accurate and honest review just like we always do here at

In a few words, Affiliate Genie is a software that should make you thousands of dollars after you set it up, that's what they promise! Is it true? Keep reading below to find out!

How Affiliate Genie Actually Works

To get started all you have to spend is $7, well it's pretty funny, they really charge you $7 and you will get in return a software that will pull in $1,000's.

How credible is that?

Affiliate Genie have a FAQ section on their site where they explain why they don't charge a lot of money for this since it's a big money maker

Here's their answer!

affiliate genie scam faq section

Affiliate Genie FAQ Section

Anyway after spending that $7 I was immediately stopped to see an upsell aka another amazing software to buy!

affiliate genie buy now button

Affiliate Genie PRO Upsell

This costs $17 as you can see above and it's called Affiliate Genie PRO, maybe I will buy this upsell later but I want to see my software that I paid $7 for first.

Affiliate Genie Pro will give you more features like:

  • More campaign templates that are proven to make $1,000's
  • Keyword packs to use to get traffic
  • More done for you videos

Affiliate Genie is quite a low quality software!

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I clicked on the skip button to go to my $7 software!

But I was slapped with another UPSELL!

affiliate genie resell rights scam

Affiliate Genie resell rights $47

TIRED OF SCAMS? Here is a Legit Affiliate Marketing Training! (Free to Join)

This upsell costs $47 and it's called "Affiliate Genie Resell Rights" 

Basically here's how it works:

Instead of promoting Affiliate Genie and earning just a small percentage of the affiliate commission you generate, you do earn 100% of the affiliate commisisons if someone buys affiliate Genie using your affiliate link.

If you buy the resell rights of Affiliate Genie for $47 you will get 100% of the commissions if you promote this software!

I skipped this upsell because I'm not planning to promote this software for now.

I was hoping I will have access to my software but no there is another upsell that costs $17!

affiliate titan scam upsells

Affiliate Titan upsells

This is a suite of all their best selling software called Affiliate Titan and it's going to cost you $17 only, does not sound legit at all.

For $17 you will get 6 tools that are:

  1. King of the Zon Software
  2. Clickbank 500 Software
  3. King of the ZOO Software
  4. Launch Pulse
  5. Click Affiliate
  6. Rapid Video Creator

These tools are very hyped up as the are advertised to pull in thousands and thousands of targeted visitors and thousands of dollars on autopilot.

All for $17, how crazy is that?

Of course the author adds some scarcity in there to make you pull out your wallet faster.

Thanks God that was the last upsell!

So Finally I have Access to what I actually bought!

Damn! It took forever to swim through those cheesy upsells! Now I finally got access to the damn software! Hint: it's NO good, keep reading below to see how bad it is or just check out a legit way to earn below! It's your choice!

Sick & Tired of Scams?

Affiliate Marketing is real, but there are no shortcuts!

 You need a real training that actually works! 

There is one I recommend.

Affiliate Genie: What You're Actually Buying!

I have to say that Affiliate Genie is EXACTLY what I was expecting, after getting inside and after giving the software a try I have no idea how it works.

Thankfully there was a video training that walked me throught to get used to the software, the video was hosted on Youtube so I thought I'd embed it here so you can see with your eyes how this training works

After watching the video I decided to try the software again, I logged in again.

Here's how the software looks from the inside by the way, it's called "Affiliate Builder".

affiliate genie - affiliate builder software

TIRED OF SCAMS? Here is a Legit Affiliate Marketing Training! (Free to Join)

As soon as you get inside you will see the templates that you can edit to your own, after you finish customizing your templates you will have to download them into your computer.

There is also a keyword pack that you can download, it's a text document that contains different keywords related to affiliate marketing, nothing fancy, this is something you can easily find online for free.

Here's how the software looks when you're costumizing a template.

affiliate genie software review

Here is how the affiliate builder software works

Note that each template includes a video, so basically these templates once costumized can be promoted online to get commissions since they include your affiliate links already.

Here's an example of a video that I found on one of the templates I was editing.

Well, that's all there is to it folks!

I wish I was kidding but that's it! 

This is the so called Affiliate Genie that should make me six figures!

All I got is a software that builds templates, nothing else!

There is no training

  • How to get visitors
  • How to turn them into leads
  • Nothing!

How the hell I am supposed to make money with this?

This software is useless if I don't know how to bring visitors to it.

Tolda ya! It's a software that will build some affiliate campaigns but where is the traffic? It's pretty useless! Read my final review below and find a REAL training that I personally tried and had success with!

Is Affiliate Genie a Scam? Final Review

I need your opinion on this one, please leave comments below and tell me what you think.

I'm honestly confused, you can't make a super hype sales page like that only to slap people with a BS software that is just useless.

In my opinion Affiliate Genie is like most scams out there, it was created for the sake of milking money out of you.

They do this in purpose to leave you confused and go search for the upsells to make this work.

I know $7 is't much but I don't think after buying the upsells I will be making six figures.

If you just go back and see the upsells again you will notice they are:

  • Affiliate Genie PRO = More Campaigns & Videos
  • Affiliate Genie Resell Rights = You can resell this and make 100% of commissions (If you find gullible clients of course)
  • Affiliate Titan= 6 More BS software tools!

These are the upsells!

The point is none of these upsells is a guide or training on how to get traffic that buys your stuff!

That's literallly ALL YOU NEED to make money and it's missing.

By the way, I'm by no means a hater of this program, I bought it and I gave you my real review.

I like to give honest reviews and if you want to give Affiliate Genie a try I would love it if you Use My Affiliate Link!

But remember that I don't recommend it and there is a real system that I recommend instead which you can learn more about below!

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
[The Right Way!]

Affiliate Marketing is a good opportunity for beginners to make money, unfortunately there are many low quality products like Affiliate Genie that take advantage of newbies by misleading them into thinking they can earn fast and easily.

That's not the case, I got started with affiliate marketing 2 years ago, today I earn $2,000 a month, that's all thanks to the training I'm about to share with you.

Please keep in mind that this training requires taking action and putting in the work, the results won't come quickly, but it's going to be worth it!

In addition, before you spend money you can try 10 free lessons without even using your credit card.

So even if you're skeptical, there is nothing to lose, just try the 10 free affiliate marketing lessons and notice the different between Affiliate Genie and Wealthy Affiliate which is my favourite affiliate marketing training for beginners like you and me.

I hope you have found my Affiliate Genie review honest and useful

I'd really appreciate it if you share it!

Don't forget to drop your comments or if you have questions, I reply quickly to everyone.

Affiliate Genie is quite a low quality software!

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