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Auto Affiliate Machine Scam Review – Easy Commissions or BS?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 3, 2018

is auto affiliate machine a scam

Auto Affiliate Machine sales page

Is Auto Affiliate Machine a product that can actually make you easy commissions from home? Or a total scam?

I did a deep research on this program and I'm going to share with you some real truth that has been hidden from you!

I'm not promoting to you this system, just read this review if you want to avoid some headaches! 😉

Auto Affiliate Machine Quick Review

  • Name: Auto Affiliate Machine
  • Website: autoaffiliatemachine.com
  • Price: $17 + upsells
  • Owner: Billy Darr, David Kirby & Justin OPay
  • Scam?: No
  • Recommended? No
is auto affiliate machine a scam

What is Auto Affiliate Machine?

Auto Affiliate Machine is a software that will generate for you product reviews on form of PDF's, so instead of writing PDF's from scratch, Auto Affiliate Machine will remove 90% of the lifting from your shoulders.

This product is also going to show you where to find these products to review, add your affiliate links, connect your social media accounts and start earning easy commissions from the comfort of your house.

Basically you have to share the PDF's that Auto Affiliate Machine creates for you, share them on social media and hope people will just buy using your affiliate links.

You don't have to write articles or buy traffic from Bing Ads or Google Adwords, all you have to do is rely on social media to bring traffic.

Auto Affiliate Machine claims that their software can bring in viral traffic fast to your PDF's so all you have to do is relax, click a button and start seeing the money coming in!

All of this sounds very good, but can you really trust Auto Affiliate Machine?

They say that you can earn lots of money easily and fast thanks to their magic sotfware!

Below you will see what you get once you paid them, right after that you will see some serious RED FLAGS on why this is not going to work.

Keep reading to learn the truth...

Here's What You're Actually Buying!

Once you pay $17, you will get access to your member's area.

The first thing you will notice is the PDF creator which is the software you will use to create simple PDF's.

an example of the pdf that  auto affiliate machine will generate for you

Example of a PDF Auto Affiliate Machine will create for you

So basically you have to fill out some forms within the Auto Affiliate Machine software, in these forms you have to add some info about the product you want to review.

Then the software will generate the PDF based on the info you have added to it.

The software will create some simple but good looking PDF's

Once your PDF is ready, you can use the promotional tool which will promote your PDF's on the following social media platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Blogger
  • Reddit
  • Linked In
  • Tumblr

You will also get training on how to add your affiliate links to the PDF's and where to find products to review.

Watch the video below to see the software in action and how it works.

That's basically how Auto Affiliate Machine works, so can you really make money using this software?

The answer is below!

Here's Why You Need to Avoid Auto Affiliate Machine!

After reviewing Auto Affiliate Machine, I think this is a VERY low quality product which is not going to bring in any results that they promise.

I talk more and in-depth below on why this is a software to avoid!

VERY Weak Training

Auto Affiliate Machine is not going to work, they have no training on how to actually make money thanks to Affiliate marketing.

creating reviews in form of PDF's and sharing them on your social accounts is not enough to earn the money they promise you.

Their training is basically three videos that are 2 to 3 ,minutes long, the total video tutorials are less than 30 minutes!

Most of the training is only about how to use Auto Affiliate Machine.

Affiliate marketing and making money with writing affiliate reviews is something that REALLY makes money.

If you can create reviews that actually convince people to buy, you will earn tons of money!

But as a beginner, you have no knowledge on how to convince people into clicking your affiliate links, if Auto Affiliate Machine is promising $100's a day they might as well give you a Solid Affiliate Marketing Training!

You're a newbie, so making all that big money is not going to come, unless you get some comprehensive training which will give you the knowledge you need to use to make money!

Unfortunately there are no magic money making buttons!

Sharing PDF's on Social Media is SPAM!!

Another reason why I think Auto Affiliate Machine is not going to work is because PDF's are not the right way to earn affiliate commissions.

People definitely don't want to open affiliate reviews from a PDF reader, this is something that used to work in the past, probably some people will read PDFs today but definitely this is not the way to go!

Auto Affiliate Machine ONLY relies on traffic from social media, chances are you social media accounts do not have thousands of followers, so how are you going to earn?

Another point is, you can't just share PDF's on social media and hope for people to buy, people do not know you so why should they buy from your PDf's?

Randomly sharing the Auto Affiliate Machine PDF's on social media to people that are not looking for them is total SPAM!

The Owners Create a Bunch of Low Quality Products

I am pretty familiar with the owners of Auto Affiliate Machine, I don't know them personally of course but I have seen them over and over.

The creators of this software are three marketers called:

  • Billy Darr
  • David Kirby
  • Justin OPay
auto affiliate machine creators

Auto Affiliate Machine owners

These guys are JVzoo sellers, JVzoo is basically a marketplace where sellers sell their digital products and courses.

Most of the products sold on this marketplace or at least what I always come across are make money online products which are low quality and full of hype.

The owners of Auto Affiliate Machine also create lots of low quality of products that promise people easy earnings from home! 

auto affiliate machine creators are just there to earn money from you

Auto Affiliate Class is another product created by the owners of Auto Affiliate Machine

Auto Affiliate Machine just happens to be one of their low quality products, as I am writing this review, these guys have lots of bad products online like:

  • Push Button Traffic
  • Video Profit Machines
  • Super Affiliate Class

As you can clearly see these programs algo give fake promises of easy online riches just lick Auto Affiliate Machine!

another low quality product by the owners of auto affiliate machine

Push Button Traffic is another one!

These guys seem to create a bunch of softwares and products just to take advantage and earn a quick buck from people looking for work from home opportunities!

Auto Affiliate Machine is FULL OF HYPE!

Most of the Auto Affiliate Machine claims and promises about you earning tons of money every day as soon as you start using their software is complete hype only.

Hype is the only way for such products to make money from you, if they don't use those type of lies and psychological triggers they are not going to earn from you.

They know very well that you won't buy their software if they showed you how it works right from the start!

Auto Affiliate Machine is no different than other hyped up make money products like:

Just read some of above reviews too and pay attention on how many lies they use to convince you to buy their stuff.

Auto Affiliate Machine Costs More than $17!

Auto Affiliate Machine was created with the intent for making the owners richer only, there is no focus on helping you Build an Online Business in the long term term.

This product is only going to try to send you more extra training and products to invest in. Since you're in their email list, just expect to receive other push button products.

Auto Affiliate Machine has an affiliate program. it means if I promote them I'll earn some affiliate commissions, but I don't promote low quality products because they will just damage my relationship with my email subscribers and visitors.

Below you can see some of the upsells that you will encounter if you buy Auto Affiliate Machine.

these are the auto affiliate machine upsells

More costs from Auto Affiliate Machine

You're NOT going to Make Money with Auto Affiliate Machine!

I don't think anyone will make money using Auto Affiliate Machine.

They don't even offer you training, sharing some random reviews on social media is not going to cut it.

People don't buy products from people they don't trust or have any connection with!

In order to successfully sell affiliate products, you need to find the right people that are actually looking for them.

The best way to get targeted visitors that want your stuff, is to either buy traffic or get your reviews ranked on Google.

If you buy traffic or get visitors from search engines like Google, you will be getting some VERY hyper targeted visitors that will convert a lot better.

If you just share some PDF's on social media, people will just ignore them, because they are not of their interest!

That's why I think this system is not going to earn you any money!

Is Auto Affiliate Machine A Scam?

I don't want to call Auto Affiliate Machine a scam because you get some training for what you pay ($17)

Other than that, this product is pretty useless and not going to earn you any money.

Above in this review I shared with you how their training is pretty limited, they only have three videos that combined are 25 minutes long!

Sharing PDF's on your social media accounts is not going to earn you a cent, because chances are you have no people following you on your social media accounts.

it's nice that Auto Affiliate Machine has a tool that allows you to promote your reviews to all your social accounts in one click, but without followers and traffic there are no $300's paydays!

It's incredible how this program is misleading, all of their money claims are fake.

Above I showed you and proved that the owners are only there to earn some quick money from gullible people, they create tons of low quality courses just to lure people in to spending money!

I also talked about and showed you the upsells that they going to show you later!

Because of the above reasons I can't recommend Auto Affiliate Machine to anyone, please note that this review is my personal opinion, you're always free to try and buy anything you want!

But if you're serious about creating a real affiliate machine, just read below!

Create YOUR OWN Affiliate Machine!

You can make real money with affiliate marketing, but the catch is there are no shortcuts to success.

You need to learn all the basics and apply them in order to earn.

You have to create a website, write articles and reviews and get them to rank on the first pages of Google.

You have to learn all these things in order to get lots of traffic and great commissions.

There is no lazy way around that unfortunately, you really need to learn affiliate marketing well and work hard to build your sites.

If you don't do that, you will just waste money on useless products like Auto Affiliate Machine.

I recommend you to try the same training that allowed me to earn a 4 figure income from home with affiliate marketing.

My training is FREE to try as you enjoy 10 free lessons without paying a cent, this training comes with HUGE support and help.

If you're a newbie, this training is perfect for you!

I'm also going to help you build your affiliate site, so click the link below to join me!

Have Anything to Say About Auto Affiliate Machine? 😀

Did you purchase Auto Affiliate Machine? What do you think about it?

Did you enjoy it or it turned out to be duds like I say in this review?

Drop your comments below if you have anything to add or any questions!

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