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Bitcoins Wealth Club SCAM [Full Review]

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By Anis

December 14, 2017

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Yesterday I received an email about a new opportunity called Bitcoins Wealth Club which seems to be everywhere now

The first question that I asked is, is Bitcoins Wealth Club a Scam?

If you are planning to invest in this company you really want to read this whole review because it might save you both time and money.

Bitcoins Wealth Club Scam

Bitcoins are literally everywhere, everyone seems to talk about them

These digital coins have made lots of millionaires and billionaires that trusted in them

Investing in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies is definitely something legit that it may pay off like any normal investment.

There are many good Bitcoins courses like the new Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy

Unfortunately, there are also many programs appeared to scam newbies that don’t know much about cryptocurrencies

That’s why I’m going to share with you an honest review about the Bitcoins Wealth Club so you know what you are getting into

Just keep reading.

What is Bitcoins Wealth Club?

Bitcoins Wealth Club is an MLM program that is promoted by many people

It’s a program that claims it will make you 0.3 bitcoins per day which is quite a lot of money

With Bitcoins Wealth Club you can earn bitcoins by investing money and also by recruiting other members

Vitaliy Dubinin

Bitcoins Wealth Club is owned by an Isreali guy called Vitaliy Dubinin

Vitaliy is behind many other different programs which have been labeled by many people as scams

How Does Bitcoins Wealth Club Work?

When you buy this course you will get 7 modules of training

The training includes lots of information about the basics of Bitcoins, how to invest in them all the way to how to accelerate your income and multiply it by 5.

As you take the training you will need to have some money ready to invest

You can invest any amount you afford but you’re recommended to invest big sums of money to earn big

What confuses me is at some point in the training you will be bombarded with upsells of somehow similar program which are

  • USI – Tech: Discover how I found a secret loophole that generates for me over $11,000 per day
  • Cryp Trade Capital: Make %360 ROI with a well-known company
  • Trade Coin Club: Make $100k per month with this auto trading company
  • Mindset 24 Global:  Partner with a millionaire investor and copy his mindset to earn millions.

These are practically the same products as they all talk about how to invest in bitcoin and make thousands or millions.

This is something that has raised many red flags in my head, to be honest

You will have to spend money for each program which makes me think that Vitaliy is just planning to make a quick buck.

my #1 recommendation

How Much Does Bitcoins Wealth Club Cost?

Bitcoins Wealth Club is free to join

however, there is a VIP membership that you will have to purchase

The VIP membership is going to cost you $250 per month

So it’s a pretty costly program

Keep in mind that there are other 4 upsells that you will have to buy which I mentioned above

each program has a different price, I’m going to break down each upsell’s price below

  • Upsell #1 Mindset 24 Global = $5,500 in total
  • #2 Trade Coin Club = monthly memberships are paid on Bitcoins
  • #3 Cryp Trade Capital = $50
  • #4 USI Tech = $750

On top of that, you will have to have some money that you will actually invest in the Bitcoins after having the proper knowledge that you have paid all that money for.

So as you can see it’s a pretty expensive opportunity.

Bitcoins Wealth Club is all About Recruiting!

BWC is a program that is mixed it’s both an investing and recruitment site

But in reality, it’s all about recruiting other members

People don’t really make money by investing in bitcoins they just refer people that will eventually refer other different people.

It’s an MLM scheme.

So to make money you will be inviting other members and honestly, it does not make sense to pay $250/month just for inviting people.

Many people have no idea how to recruit members so you will be spending money every month for nothing.

Is the Bitcoins Wealth Club a Scam?

You can make money with BTW but all you have to do is refer people

There is no training on how to refer people so newbies will suffer a lot, especially with that heavy monthly fee.

The training talks about investing but most members don’t do that

4 other programs are upsold to you which doesn’t make sense

This makes me think the owner only wants to make money off people.

Bitcoins Wealth Club Scam – Final Words

The Bitcoins Wealth Club is a program I don’t trust, therefore I won’t recommend

It comes with many red flags, it’s not clear how it works and you definitely don’t want to invest in a site that is not trustworthy

It seems like the only way to make money with BTW is to recruit people

Vitaliy (owner of BTW) sells you 4 other programs, which is weird.

Here’s What I Recommend you to do!

If you want to make money I recommend you to start your OWN online business

Here is an Amazing Online Business Training for Newbies (Free to Try)

If you want to invest in Bitcoins I invite you to check this out:

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