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Cash Advance Loans Can Help You Quickly Fix Funding Issues

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May 25, 2020

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Cash Advance Loans Can Help You Quickly Fix Funding Issues

Tough times are inevitable, especially when it comes to money matters, and we came face to face with it at one point in our lives. But instead of feeling downhearted, there are many possible ways you can get through a financial crisis. You just need to go over all the resources available for you, such as applying for cash advance loans. 

But why cash advance loans when there are so many other loans available for you to apply? What makes it an effective way for you to fix your financial issues? Here are the reasons why.

What is a cash advance? 

Cash advance goes with many other different names some call it payday loans, credit card cash advance, and even merchant cash advance, but that’s another topic as well. 

A cash advance is a type of quick cash loan (or also known as unsecured loan), and applying for it is available anywhere, even through online or storefront locations. A popular online lender like CreditNinja offers hassle and stress-free cash advance loans. That makes one of the few good things when you apply for a cash advance loan. 

But what are the advantages of a cash advance? 

There are few advantages of applying for a cash advance and here are some of them:

No credit check needed.

This has to be one of the most inviting reasons why many individuals lean more to apply for a cash advance. It is a known fact that a solid credit score is needed for any person to be qualified to apply for a loan, such as a personal loan. But when it comes to cash advance loans, your lender won’t get to conduct a credit score review as long as you have the requirements. 

Applying for a cash advance doesn’t affect your credit score. 

Many individuals who face financial crisis common dilemma is either they don’t have a good credit score to be qualified or delay repayments might affect their credit score. When it comes to cash advance loans since lenders don’t conduct credit score review, your credit score status won’t be affected

But be warned that carelessly taking out a cash advance loan is a risky game too. You don’t want to get caught in a revolving utilization debt. 

Easy and fast loan cash release. 

One thing that makes any borrower anxious when they apply for a loan is the release of the cash. When it comes to other types of loans, releasing money takes a long process since there is a need for documentation, credit score checks, credit background, and other necessary processes that need to take place. 

But with cash advance loans, you will get your money instantly right after you have applied, whether online or in a physical location. This brings a great advantage for anyone who faces financial struggle and needs the money instantly to pay off other debt as well—no more waiting time, which is highly convenient for the borrower.

Yet, cash advance loan doesn’t come without risk, and here’s everything you need to be wary of: 

It comes with a high-interest rate 

This is expected for this type of loan due to its nature of being an unsecured loan. An unsecured loan poses a high risk for the lenders most especially when there is no credit score reviewing done. Simply put it this way, in order for the lender to benefit and secure their money, they need to impose a high-interest rate for your loan amount. 

The interest rate also depends on the lender, which is commonly stipulated the moment your loan is approved. 

No credit check means no credit building.

If you think that not performing a credit check is an advantage, it also poses a significant disadvantage for you. Credit building makes up good financial credibility for any individual, that is why if you keep patronizing on taking out a cash advance loan, you’ll end up not building up a good credit score

Take note that most lenders that offer cash advance loans don’t perform hard credit inquiries. Because of this, they are not obliged to report any of your payment transactions to any credit bureaus. Hence, your payment credibility is not recorded, which results in no improvement in your credit score. 

Pro-tip: A cash advance is a good loan option but consider it as your last option

Many financial experts recommend always to exhaust all your funding resources first before you consider taking out a cash advance loan to fix your financial issues. This type of loan may have a lot of advantages, but also it does come with heavy cons that, when not regarded carefully, would be your greatest downfall. 

Experts always suggest that never take out a loan that you cannot afford to pay and never take out a loan for leisure and unnecessary expenses when you can save for it. It takes a lot of responsibility when taking out and repaying a loan. 


Cash advance loans offer a lot of benefits, and it is an easy and quick fix to your financial issues. However, there are a couple of things that you need to consider first before taking out a loan. 

Furthermore, it requires you to understand how the loan works and what are the responsibilities that come with it. Carelessly taking out a loan will result in a much worse situation than you are currently facing. 

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