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DollaPal Money to Your Pocket or Scam?

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By Anis

May 31, 2018

dollapal scam money to your pocket

Is DollaPal a scam or legit site to make extra money online?

I have decided to put together this quick review because I could not find any reviews about DollaPal Online.

If you want to know what this site is all about and find legit surveys to make some extra cash just read this review.

DollaPal Quick Review

I came across this survey site called DollaPal when I was doing research for my post about the best surveys that pay instantly via Paypal.

DollaPal caught my attention because I have never heard of it before.

Name: DollaPal


Price: free

Owner: anonymous

Recommended? No

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What is DollaPal?

DollaPal is a site that claims to help you make money by taking surveys, they claim that you can make money instantly via Paypal.

This site has no about page and there is no information about the owners or how runs the site.

I have written different reviews about online surveys and the legit sites have about pages where they explain who they are and how they started.

I also write reviews about scams like Survey Voices and Opinion City and what I noticed is the scams have no information about them.

Scammers like to stay anonymous because if they get exposed nobody knows them any way that seems to be the case with DollaPal.

You can click on the below scam reports about different programs to see how scammers operate:

How Does Does DollaPal Works?

DollaPal seems to offer benefits to users like:

  • No Need to sign up
  • Straightforward offers
  • High payouts
  • No Minimum Cash out limit
  • great support staff
  • Monthly Contests

While some of the benefits above seem to be true however I don’t think DollaPal looks legit.

When I tried completing some surveys I had to put my email address on these forms below so I can earn Paypal money.

dollalpal reviews

When you put in your email address and hit the submit button DollaPal will take you to some random and questionable surveys that I have never hear about.

The legit surveys are websites like:

Sometimes when I submit my email address for a random DollaPal survey I see some legit surveys.

However, most surveys at DollaPal looks very sketchy

For example, have a look at the screenshot below:

dollapal sketchy surveys

As you can clearly see above, DollaPal just redirects you to complete some third-party surveys.

They don’t have their own surveys.

The worst part is you have to give out your credit card and sometimes even pay money!

If you forget to unlink your credit card you will be charged regularly.

I don’t recommend you to give your credit card details to websites that look cheesy like DollaPal.

Can You Make Money with DollaPal?

I think you can earn with DollaPal because there are some legit surveys on their lists.

However, most surveys look cheesy and not trustworthy.

While you can make some cash with this site there are Way Better Legit Surveys that Pay Well.

Pros & Cons


  • Free to join
  • You can find some legit surveys.


  • DollaPal does not have their own surveys.
  • Lots of cheesy looking surveys
  • Some surveys ask for credit card details
  • Sometimes you need to pay to take the DollaPal Surveys.

Is DollaPal a Scam?

I don’t want to call this a scam yet, but it definitely does not look legit to me.

There are some surveys where you can make money but most of them are not recommended.

I need to try DollaPal for a longer period, I’ll definitely update this review when I have more info for you.

Make sure you add your comments below if you have anything to say about DollaPal you will definitely help us know what is all about.

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