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Done for You Online Business a Shortcut or Hype?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 25, 2018

done for you online business

Chances are you came across different websites that promise you a done for you online business.

They claim that they have done all the hard work for you, you only have to set up drive traffic to it and you're reading to go profitable even from day one.

But can you trust these done for you online businesses? Can you really make thousands of dollars easily thanks to this business models?

I think in theory they sound great but when you get down to business you will start to see the limits and the difficulties

Below You will read what you need to know about these done for you sales funnels!

What is a Done for you Online Business?

A done for you online business is basically joining and leveraging an already existing sales funnels that have been already tested and therefore they're proven to convert visitors into paid customers at a good conversion rate.

Instead of creating your own internet sales funnel (which is by the way not easy as it requires lots of testing and investing) you can just buy into an existing done for you internet business.

How does a Done for you Sales Funnel Work?

A done for you sales funnel or as it's called an "online business is a box" usually will offer you all the required tools to get you started like:

  • Ready to promote products
  • A landing page
  • An Autoresponder
  • Email swipes (that are also tested and proven to convert)

Basically, all you have to do is drive traffic to your landing page and you're ready to enjoy conversions.

You have to send traffic to the front end product which usually costs a small fee to your visitors, once you get the email address of your visitors thanks to the autoresponder, the done for you email messages containing your affiliate links will be sent automatically to every lead.

Whenever a lead purchases something you will get paid on an autopilot.

Do You need a Done for You Internet Business?

You need don't need a done for you business model in order to have a Successful Online business or an Affiliate Site.

You can sign up to affiliate programs and promote them however you like and you can do this successfully without even spending time on testing or things like that.

Obviously, it's not going to be easy to build your own sales funnel because it takes time to put all the moving parts together but at the end of the day, it's better to create your own internet business versus buying a ready-made for you online business.

The real truth behind these done for you systems is they are not made for you or are based on your niche, but they are basically the same company or product that you have to promote and earn commissions from.

I'll talk more about the positives & negatives of buying into a done for you money making system.

The Positives of A Done for You Sales Funnel

The major benefit of having a done for you online business is the fact you don't have to think about testing or creating your own email swipes.

All you have to do is drive traffic to your money making system.

While that sounds good and easy in theory it's not in reality.

Driving traffic is the most difficult part along with some other negatives which make the  done for you system not that lucrative as it sounds.

Below I explain in details what I'm talking about

The negatives of a Done for You Money System

There are many negatives when it comes to these done for you online businesses and in my opinion the negatives below are the biggest reasons why you should build your own online business instead of leveraging an already existing one.

Hype Galores!

A program similar Massive Online Paydays

The number one reason why I don't like these done for you systems is the fact they are usually very misleading and full of hype.

There are thousands of products that just make you believe if you get their done for you money making program you will be rich in no time.

Perfect examples would be these systems that I reviewed on my sites called Profit with Mike B, the Rookie Profit System, and Automated Income Sites.

For example these done for you systems claim to give you a fool proof system that generate thousands of dollars easily.

Unfortunately, they turned out to be complete duds!

No Value Added

Another issue with these done for you sales funnels is they add no value, they are basically just cheesy looking sales pages or videos.

You basically plug in and start promoting a product you have no idea about and that you don't like.

These automated sales funnels add no value and they are created just to make money.

In my opinion there is a great satisfaction when you actually put in the time and work to create your own sales funnel.

You don't only get a great personal satisfication and pride but also learn how to create effective sales funnels over and over rather than relying on someone elses sales funnel.

You Don't Own Your Online Business

Yes it's called a done for you online business.

But that does not mean it's your business, you get landing pages, an autoresponder and other tools that are technically yours.

But at the end of the day you don't have total control of your business, because if the company or the product you promote shuts downs all your hard work, money invested and websites will burn and disappear like they never existed.

I'm saying this because this is something that has happened just last month with a big company called MOBE which was a done for you internet business where you had to invest thousands!

They recently been shutdown by the FTC because of their hype and deceptive tactics.

Now all their members have lots their businesses and have to start from zero.

If you create your own sales funnel you won't have these risks, maybe a product you promote will discontinue but there are other millions if not billions of other affiliate products you can promote.

Your sales funnel will be always yours whatever happens!

High Costs & Risks

The last point I want to touch on is the high costs and risks that come with these done for you systems.

Most products that operate with this business model recommend buying traffic, we all know how risky and expensive is that.

For example, Mobe & Digital Altitude (both shutdown now) they used to suggest buying traffic and they explained how that could make tons of money easily.

a person complaining about mobe

But their members only wasted money and in fact most members did not make any money!

Final Words

The only way I'd buy into these automated done for you online businesses if I'm able to request a custom done for me internet business.

I mean it would be great to ask a company to build an automated online business based on the niche I'm passionate about then I only have to add my affiliate links and start promoting it.

Until then I really don't recommend these automated sales funnels you find online, they are really not good enough, at least for me.

If you want to build a reliable affiliate site from your passion just check out 

 This Legit Training you can it try for free, it will teach you the right techniques and give you the support you need to succeed.

So what do you think about these automated online businesses? Do you think they are worth it?

Let me know what you think in the comments section

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