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Entrepreneur Jobs Club Reviewed!

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August 14, 2017

 Entrepreneur Jobs Club review
Please note that they change their design or logos VERY often to get off the radars

Entrepreneur Jobs Club is a clone of other previous platforms that the owners shut down after being exposed. Although they deal with products that can earn money, they dupe new clients into joining them with fake promises of making money hassle-free.

You keep on buying their expensive products as you get stuck into the system, but you get nothing out of it.

Like any other online platform, you need to do due diligence and get informed before investing in this highly-hyped entrepreneurship.


What is Entrepreneur Jobs Club Exactly?


Entrepreneur Jobs Club is an online money-making platform that claims to bring financial fortune to those who join. The website has many similarities with well- known scam platforms such as Easy Cash code, Home Earning System, and Home Cash Code.

This reason begs the question of who owns the three entities. According to their website, you pay an entry fee and other subsequent payments as you buy their products.

They manage to dupe many unsuspecting individuals because they have genuine products.

However, instead of training people on how to make money using the products, they concentrate on marketing the website using fake testimonials and endorsements from renowned media corporations such as MSNBC, Fox News and USA Today among others.


How does Entrepreneur Jobs Club Work?

The moment you decide to join the Entrepreneur Jobs Club you should set aside enough money for paying as joining fee and for buying products.

After joining, they introduce you to their products which you are asked to buy for you to make money. They will assign a professional sales person to you who will guide and convince you into buying more products.

You buy their high-ticket products as you advance in this platform.

All the goods on this website can fetch you some good money if you get proper training.

Sadly these guys don’t offer training because they honestly aren’t interested in helping you make money.

Like all scams, the more you lose, the more they earn. A scam operates like a game of gambling, so the more you buy their expensive products, the more you become bankrupt, and the more Entrepreneur Jobs Club owners rake in millions.


How Much Money does it Cost?

You can only arrive at the overall cost of this system after calculating investment done by individuals.

However, to join this platform, you part with at least $97.

They assign a sales person to convince you into buying their expensive products. Some of their business opportunities run I the tune of thousands of US dollars.

Those who don’t see the red smoke end up spending more than $20.

Like other scams, you must buy the product before selling it, an issue that contradicts the ethical tenets of any legal business. Technically, you are out and dry before you realize that someone is bleeding your wallet.


Is Entrepreneur Jobs Club a Scam?


The answer is yes; this platform is the mother of all scams.

If you take a closer look at the website and compare with the ones already mentioned you will see a lot of semblances.

This reason implies that the same thief undergoes reincarnation and comes with a different name.

One common thing with scams is their inability to train the potential customers before selling the business ideas.

Another sign of a scam is the promotion of the high-cost products at the expense of the services provided by the site.

You should also look at the fake testimonials and claims of false endorsement to know you are joining a scam.


Investing in online business ideas requires thorough investigation and due diligence.

It’s common sense that any venture with meaningful results needs working hard and perseverance.

Any ‘miracle money’ scheme should raise a red flag in your mind.

Many people get duped with the flashy ads and fake testimonials that make it sound easy to mint millions. However, as you will find out with platforms like the entrepreneur jobs club, all is not easy unless you work.

If you want to actually make money I invite you to check out Wealthy Affiliate which is a legit online business opportunity!

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