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Fbpaydays.com + Cash4adsteam.com review – They are NOT Safe!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 13, 2019

cash4adsteam.com & fbpaydays.com review

So did you come across FB Pay Days or Cash 4 Ads Team and you are wondering if you can really make some money renting your Facebook account?

In this Cash4adsteam.com & FBpaysdays,com review I'm going to show you reasons why you should avoid anyone who asks you to rent your Facebook out!

So, is Fbpaydays a Scam? Or Is Cash4adsteam.com a scam? you will find the truth below 😉

What Is FB Paydays?

Fb Paydays is a website that claims that you are going to make hundreds of dollars each day by renting them your Facebook account ads space.

They say that everyone who's from the US and 18+ with an Fb account at least one year old can join and get  $25 as a sign up bonus and a $15 per month to rent your ad space on your Facebook page.

they also claim that you can earn up to $65 per every friend you refer to join Fbpaydays.com.

Unfortunately, Fbpaydays.com is not safe as they claim and renting out your Facebook account can get you in troubles, and I'll be talking about this more below just keep reading!

What Is Cash4adsteam.com?

Cash4adsteam.com and Fbpaydays.com are twins and that's the reason why I'm reviewing them both at once.

Cash 4 Ads Team also claims that you are going to get up to $65 per every referral and you can easily make + $200 per day with this opportunity.

As I mentioned above, renting your Facebook Account is not safe, and it's against Facebook policy.

Below I'll be talking more about how Cash 4 Ads & FB Paydays actually work.

How does FbPaydays.com & Cash4adsteam.com work?

In order to join one of these two sites you need to get accepted and when you do you'll need to install browser plugin created by the owners.

In both Fbpaydays.com & Cash4adsteam.com's home pages there is the same video of a woman who claims to be one of the people behind these two companies.

This is the video:

After watching this video, I was like " I know this woman, I'm sure I've seen her somewhere else!"

Then after doing a quick research, I found out that she is a paid actor from Fiverr.com that I've certainly seen on some scam site that I've reviewed on the past.

This is already a huge red flag, and to give you a proof here is a screenshot of her Fiverr.com profile.

fbpaydays and cash4adsteam.com fake owner

Ok, let's ignore the fact that this woman is a paid actor and she's just paid to say what she said on the video and let me show you why this is not a safe business.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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Is it Safe To Rent Your Facebook Account?

Renting your Facebook account to anyone is not safe and it's against Facebook Policy and can get your account banned!

The reason why Cash 4 Ads Team and Fb Paydays want you to rent your Facebook Account is that they are running questionable ads.

Facebook focuses on "user experience" and those who are behind Cash 4 Ads Team and Fb Paydays will place ads that both you and Fb don't want to see.

And even if Facebook catches this, and blocks your account, the hidden owners of these two sites will start over with another rented account without any problem or anyone knowing who they are.

FbPaydays.com & Cash4adsteam.com Red Flags!

Below I'll expose some red flags that will make you avoid Fb Paydays and Cash 4 Ads Team at all costs.

1 - It's Against FB Policy!

The first and most important thing you need to get into your mind is that this Facebook Account renting thing is against FB Privacy and it's an easy way to get your Facebook account banned.

2 - The Spokesperson is Fake

I mean why do the owners of Fbpaydays.com and Cash4adsteam.com need to hide their Identity and not talk for themselves?

I'm sorry but I can't trust a website using a paid actor to promote them, I mean there is no resson to hide unless you are doing something illegal, like scamming people.

3 - FbPaydays.com & Cash4adsteam.com are new sites!

These two guys are new and according to ScamAdviser.com, fbpaydayz.com is only 47 days old while Cash4adsteam.com is only 11 days old!

I personally don't trust new sites especially with hidden owners and without any info or "about us" page!

Anis chity

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4- There Are a Lot Of Scams Like these two sites!

 I've seen tons of sites like FbPaydays.com and Cash4adstea.com, and I've read on sites like BuzzFeed News, and BBB that using websites like these two can get you in legal trouble.

The ads they run are questionable and not accepted so stay safe and do yourself a favor and avoid FbPaydays.com or Cash4adsteam.com or any similar site like the following:

  • Rentyouraccount.com
  • FbDollars.com
  • Fbcash.net
  • fbrenters.com
  • rentusyourfbook.com
  • Fbclub.site
  • rentusyoursocialmedia.com
  • Rent4fb.com
  • & More

Are FbPaydays.com & Cash4adsteam.com Scams?

Yes, in my opinion FbPaydays.coom & Cash4adsteam or any similar site is a scam because they are running questionable ads that will make Facebook ban your account and get you in legal trouble!

These scammers are not showing up and the person who is giving you the "training" is saying that he's not the owner so the only one who's going to get in trouble here is you.

These scammers have tons of similar sites and even if Facebook blocks your account, they will move to another rented account and start over without anyone knowing who they are.

And when it comes to making money with Fbpaydays.com or Cash4adsteam.com I guarantee that you are not going to get paid and your account will get banned before your payday will come.

This just a waste of time and an easy way to get in trouble.

How To Make Money Online Legitimately & Safely!

I highly recommend you to stay away from FBPaydays.com or Cash4adsteam.com or any unsafe way to make money online.

I hope this review was helpful and don't forget to share this with your friends to spread the awareness, let's make the internet a safe place 🙂

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