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Go Easy Earn DOESN’T PAY [Scam Alert!]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 9, 2018

Does Go Easy Earn Work?, Full Honest Go Easy Earn Review!, Is Go Easy Earn Legitimate?, Is Go Easy Earn Real?

Easy Earn

Go Easy Earn is a site that promises you to sign up and earn $100

But can you trust this site?

I’m not going to put you in suspense mode

Go Easy Earn is a scam and you need to read this review to learn the truth and find a legit opportunity!


Name: Easy Earn

Website: GoEasyearn.com

Price: Free

Owner: Anonymous

Recommend? NO

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What is Go Easy Earn?

Go Easy Earn is a relatively new website that promises its users to earn money by sharing a link

The site has become so popular that it will easily pop up among the top results on Google Search if you search “great program on the web to make money”.

There are plenty of such sites on the web but Go Easy Earn appears to stand out of the flock.

As it is usual with such sites promising great earnings on less effort, questions are bound to suffice on whether it is a legit establishment or not.

This site is no different than these link posting scams

How does Go Easy Earn work?

The requirement you need to fulfill is to sign-up with the platform and you will be promptly given a referral link that you will be told to promote on social networks, forums, and blogs.

Every new account created on the platform earns a bonus (free money in the account) of US$2.

When a person clicks on the personal link you’re promoting, Go Easy Earn pays you.

Each distinct click earns you US$0.01 but you can’t cash out until your earnings hit US$5 which includes the bonus. The more the clicks you get on your personal link, the more money you make.

Is Go Easy Earn a scam?

Looking at the Go Easy Earn website closely, anyone can easily notice that the platform is competent enough to fail the scammer meter.

It has everything that can raise hair in even the most gullible individuals out there.

Although it gives you a link to promote, you won’t earn a dime from the exercise.

Although it is free to join, it isn’t recommendable.

Lots of individuals who promote the links are used as click bait mules whereby it is the proprietor of the platform who earns from the clicks, not the promoters

The scam signs

The first clear sign of any scam is the “too good to be true” factor.

Is it ridiculous to earn money by promoting links? What is the purpose of those links anyway?

The second sign becomes apparent after you’ve started promoting the links.

You will quickly notice that every click isn’t earning US$0.01 but US$0.001.

This is a huge difference. For you to earn US$3 required to cash out, you will need to look for 3000 visitors.

This is near impossible to accomplish before giving up.

Thirdly, the site seems to give contradicting information concerning the earnings.

The member’s guide page says that you will earn US$150 in the first week (a ridiculous promise).

Then if you proceed on the homepage, the figure changes to US$100 first week earnings.

This looks fake at first glance.The fourth hint of scam is a glitch on the website.

A frequent user will quickly realize that s/he doesn’t even need unique visitors to make money.

All you need to do is refresh the page and the balance will jump by US$0.001.

Can You Make Money?

You can only make clicks not money.

In fact, its purpose isn’t to make anyone else to make money but the owner.

This is a total scam and no one should waste his/her valuable time on it.

Here a user of Go Easy Earn who posted a video on YouTube saying this is a scam and it doesn’t pay


Go Easy Earn passes the entire criteria of what qualifies to be a scam.

It is a site that can’t be recommended to anyone.

Although it is free to join, it is not worth your time.

There exist better ways to make money on the web.

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