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Is Insider Profit System a Scam? 100% Honest Review!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 26, 2018

insider profit system scam

Chances are you're wondering if the Insider Profit System is a scam or a legit program that can actually help you make money online?

If you're confused and want to know the truth, I invite you to read this very honest review which is going to explain everything about this system! 

So if you want to find out what the Insider Profit System is planning for you and want to know how you can actually make money online! Just read this honest review!

Insider Profit System Scam - Quick Review

Name: Insider profit System

Website: insiderprofitsystem.com

Owner: Jeff Davis (Probably a stage name)

Price: Free

Scam?: No

Recommended?: No

What is Insider Profit System?

Insider Profit System is system that is by invitation only which claims to allow you earn over $1,500 per day, and all you have to do is follow a few steps and you're ready to go.

I first heard about this system on Quora as someone left a question there asking if Insider Profit System is a scam or legit. Since I review make money online programs for a living I decided to have a look into it

After having a closer look at the Insider Profit System I realized that it's another ''done for you system'', basically Jeff has created some sort of website that he manages, all you have to do is join these two programs:

  1. GetResponse (an Autoresponder)  
  2. some Affiliate programs like Clickbetter and Clickbank

When you sign up to GetResponse which costs $15 a month and become a Clickbetter affiliate (free), you will need to give the login credentials to Jeff so he can set up your money making landing page.

The landing page that Jeff will set up for you will be managed by him! So you won't have control over your site!

So Jeff Davis is going to have control over your sales page, but is this person trustable? 

Let's Find out!

Who is Jeff Davis?

Jeff Davis is supposed to be the owner of Insider Profit System, Jeff says that he used to be a struggling donut shop owner, he was looking for ways to earn a living online, at first he didn't find any and got frustrated.

A few years after making many mistakes and errors he managed to earn money online, which led him to create a program to pay it forward, this program is Insider Profit System.

This is definitely a touching story, however I am very skeptical because I review scams all the time and literally all of them use these kind of touching stories that you can relate you, this is a psychological tactic to connect with you and make you buy what they recommend.

You can actually read some reviews on scams on my website to see this in action, here are some recent scam reviews I have written:

Regarding the owner Jeff, there is a picture of him in the Insider Profit System website, but as soon as I saw the picture I suspected it could be fake so I decided to do a quick Google search to see if I can see his picture somewhere else.

I do this because I've reviewed a lot of scams where the owners use fake stock photos as their own to fool people into thinking they are legit when they are not.

After trying this image trick on Jeff the owner of Insider Profit System I was right.

Have a look

Jeff Davis
Insider Profit System Jeff Davis scam stock photo

As you can see this is a huge red flag, if the owner is using a fake picture to represent him then that's no good unless the owner is just shy to show up?

How Does the Insider Profit System Work?

what is the insider profit system? how does it work?

If you're wondering why Jeff is giving you out the Insider Profit System for free, it's because he's going to make money off you when you join the following programs using his affiliate links:

  • GetResponse ($15 a month) which is an autoresponder that will send out automated emails to your email subscribers (Insider Profit System will teach you this)
  • Affiliate networks: Clickbank, Clickbetter, CJ. these will give you products that you can promote to other people and make commissions from.

Don't get me wrong, it's 100% fine and normal for Jeff to make money off you when you join the programs he recommends, that's affiliate marketing and it's a legit business.

How Are You Going to Make Money with Insider Profit System?

Jeff Davis is going to teach you how to build a sales page, in this sales page you will be advertising products that will teach people how to make money online, if your sales page convinces people they will try to optin using their email addresses.

When they put in their email it will be registred into your GetResponse account, the more emails you collect the more commissions you will make (assuming your subs trust you, people need to trust you or they will just unsubscribe)

So The Insider Profit System will teach you how to find products to promote on Clickbank, CJ and Clickbetter, When you pick up the right products you will create sales pages around them to promote them, then you need targeted traffic (visitors) that are looking for your products.

People if interested they will leave their email address so they can receive emails from you, IPS will teach how to write promotional emails messages so you can monetize your list of email subscribers that is hosted by GetResponse.

Is Insider Profit System a Scam?

Insider Profit System to me does not sound like a scam, I'm saying this because you're virtually paying nothing, maybe $15/month for GetResponse but that's not a lot of money.

However I'm still a little bit skeptical because when a program is completely free then there must be a catch.

Below I'm going to share with you some red flags as to why I think this system might not be good enough.

Give me Your Login Credentials! What?

Jeff Davis says that the Insider Profit System can't be a scam because you won't be paying nothing, I think that's not a solid proof.

So Insider Profit System recommends you to join Clickbetter, Clickbank and CJ, that's where you will find products to promote and that's also where you will earn commissions. Jeff also recommends signing up for GetResponse which is where you will collect email subscribers

The problem is Jeff Davis wants you to give out YOUR login credentials of GetResponse and the affiliate networks, I think this is exactly where the scamming might happen.

If you give out your login credentials to Jeff, then he can easily take away all your email subscribers that you have worked so hard to collect and also withdraw the affiliate commissions you have earned with your hard work!

Let me be clear I'm not saying that Jeff is 100% going to do this, he might be honest, but asking for your login credentials of products that have your money inside is a huge red flag.

You Will need to Buy Traffic!

In order to make money with this you will need traffic, getting free traffic with a landing page is very hard that's why the Insider Profit System suggests buying traffic which is a great way to get instant targeted traffic.

However the big problem with paid traffic is it costs money, if you're not good with it you can waste thousands of dollars without earning a cent! What I don't like about Jeff's program is it does not teach you how to buy traffic.

There are a lot of newbies that have wasted tons of money on paid traffic wihout earning a cent and that's because they are beginners and don't have much experience on this field which requires a lot of training that the Insider Profit System lacks.

Final Words + Recommendation

Insider Profit System is another program that will teach you how to build a landing page, promote products and drive traffic to it.

This system is free which makes people trust it more, however free does not mean it might not be a scam, first of all the owner is using a fake stock photo and he says it's him which is a red flag.

The second thing is Jeff wants your login credentials, there is a high risk he might hijack all your email subsribers and affiliate commissions, this is not something new because it happened on another program called the Four Percent Group and the Four Percent Challenge

Another thing is this system requires you to buy traffic, we all know how hard it is to buy traffic and how you can easily burn TONS of money if you don't know what you're doing

Insider Profit System does not teach you how to buy traffic at all.

I hope my review was useful, if you have any experience with this program please drop your comments below!

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