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InternetProfit.org Scam – Full Review!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 30, 2018

amazon cash websites fake news article scam

 InternetProfit.org aka Internet Profit System and Amazon Profit System Is a new work at program that claims is it going to partner you up with Amazon.

They claim you're going to earn over $25,000 a month!

All you have to do is send an application and if you get accepted you will start making real money!

This is all BS, in this review I'm going to explain what Internet Profit System is all about and give you a real alternative along the way!

InternetProfit.org Quick Review

  • Name: Internet Profit
  • Website: Internetprofit.org
  • Price: Hidden Costs!
  • Owner: unknown
  • Recommended? No
amazon cash websites fake news article scam

What is InternetProfit.org?

You have probably received a phone call that says something like: " We're hiring workers in your area for Amazon.com".

Or you have received an email about this opportunity called Internet Profit System or Amazon Profit System.

Regardless where you heard about this, you need to be very careful!

Because Amazon is NOT hiring any workers!

This website has been set up by some scammers with hidden identities and they are setting up a lot of similar scams.

Last week I wrote a review about Amazon Cash Websites and it's the same as InternetProfit.org.

amazon cash websites scam

They both have the same landing page with a picture of Jeff Besoz (the owner of Amazon) just have a look at the screenshot above to see.

I have even made a video about the Amazon Cash Websites, watch it below to see how this Amazon scam works!

How Does InternetProfit.org Work?

As I said before the scammers at Internetprofit.org call their victims or send them emails that try to convince you into thinking this is a legit Amazon opportunity.

If you are convinced you're going to be sent to buy another scam called the Money Sucking Website System.

You can click on the above link to read the full review of this scam they want you to buy, or you can just watch the video review below!

Money Sucking Website System (MSWS) is going to cost you $49 then you'll be asked to buy the endless upsells!

That's how the Internetprofit.org scammers make money!

They create a lot of fake websites like Amazon Cash Websites, Amazon Profit System, Internet Profit System to fool you into thinking they are Amazon jobs but they are just trying to sell you MSWS!

A new fake website from the same internetprofit.org scammers I recently review is called Fast Income Generator!

Here's a screenshot of how it looks like!

fast income generator scam reviewed

You can watch a video review of this fake Amazon site below!

The program that all these fake Amazon Websites want you to buy is MSWS.

If you have watched my video review or article of this scam then you know how they promise you to earn $500 per day instantly!

push of a button MSW System scam

Which is complete BS!

This scam uses fake paid testimonials and many unethical things to convince you to buy their scam!

If InternetProfit.org is a Scam, then What Do I Recommend?

Yup! Internet Profit is a big scam, because Amazon does not hire workers like that!

These scammers are ONLY using the Amazon name to scam newbies online.

There is NO way to make money fast and easily with Amazon, that's the real truth.

But don't worry, there are many legitimate ways to make money from Amazon.

If you are a newbie and you're looking for a legit way to earn from Amazon

 I recommend you to check out this Amazing training for Beginners!

They will give you great training and support on how to start a REAL Amazon affiliate website that makes money!

The training is FREE to try and you don't even need to provide your credit card, you have nothing to lose! 😉

Did you receive a spam call from InternetProfit.org?

Did you spend money on this scam?

Drop your comments below to warn others!

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