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Is 3D Wealth Machine a Scam? Or $10k a Week?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 5, 2018

3d wealth machine scam

3D Wealth Machine homepage

Is 3D Wealth Machine a Scam? Can you really earn +$15,000 per sale?

This program is not what it looks like, they don't show you the whole picture!

This review is going to give you the truth that they are hiding from you, make no mistake, read this honest review to see what you're buying!

3D Wealth Machine Quick Review

  • Name: 3D Wealth Machine
  • Website: 3dwealthmachine.com
  • Price: $3.240 -  $21,800
  • Owner: Coach Bob
  • Recommended? No
3d wealth machine scam

What is 3D Wealth Machine?

3D Wealth Machine is a website created by Bob Coach who is an online marketer that says you can earn thousands of dollars thanks to his system.

Coach Bob claims that now he is making over $100,000 a month and he is an average person like you.

But can you really believe Coach Bob or he is just a scam artist?

First of all 3D Wealth Machine is NOT a real system, but a sales funnel to another product named Leveraged BreakthroughSystem (LBS)

Coach Bob end goal is to make you buy LBS, because he is an affiliate of that program, he has created 3D Wealth Machine just to sell you LBS!

If this is the first time you have about Leveraged Breakthrough System I have actually written a full detailed review about it before, you want to give it a read because that's the exact product Coach Bob wants you to buy.

If you don't feel like reading, just watch this quick video about LBS to learn more about it!

So are 3D Wealth Machine and LBS any good? Should you build your online business with them?

I don't think they are good enough, just read how they work first before you waste your money!

Here's How 3D Wealth Machine Actually Works

3D Wealth Machine is all about recruiting new members to the system. 

If you buy 3D Wealth Machine you will be sent to Leveraged Breakthrough System where you will learn how create a website like 3D Wealth Machine that you will use to sell LBS!

That's what Coach BOB did, and now he's recruiting you to join LBS which is going to teach you how to be a coach and promise people to make thousands!

To get started with LBS you have to buy one of their four memberships which are the following:

  1. Gold = $3247
  2. Platinum = $7,447
  3. Diamond = $14,667
  4. Ultra Royal = $21,888
Leveraged Breakthrough System cost to join

Cost to Join LBS

While the memberships are very expensive, you can make a lot of money if you manage to recruit members.

You can only earn from the membership you're positioned at:

Here are the four memberships again (see below) but along with how much money you earn per sale.

  • Gold = $1,500
  • Platinum = $3,500
  • Diamond = $7.000
  • Ultra Royal = $10,000

As you can see 3D Wealth Machine and LBS are going to earn you good commissions but remember that you can only earn from the membership that you have bought.

For example, if you buy the gold membership that costs $3.242 you will earn $1,500 for every sale, but if you recruit someone but invests in the platinum membership you won't earn $3,500! 

That fat commission will go to your sponsor, in this case Coach Bob.

Everytime you lose such a big commission you will get angry and buy the most expensive memberships by any mean!

That's where things become dangerous and start to feel like gambling, because you will be putting in LOADS of money here.

Here's WHY 3D Wealth Machine Needs to be Avoided!

Below you will find all the reasons on why you should NOT invest your money in 3D Wealth Machine.

This is the most important part of this review so don't miss it!

3D Wealth Machine is going to Kill You Financially!

They way 3D Wealth Machine is structured is very dangerous and expensive, you will make money only from the memberships you buy.

If you recruit someone that buys a higher membership than yours you will waste big commissions (up $15,000)

If that happens you will rush to buy the most expensive product which costs $21,000.

I have explained well on my Leveraged Breakthrough System review how they use PLR products as products to promote.

3D Wealth Machine basically does not offer any value, they just use some cheap digital products, they give them some fancy names and use them to create these fake and expensive memberships.

3D Wealth Machine is a Pyramid Scheme!

According to Wikipedia a Pyramid scheme is when a company is promising you to earn a lot of money, but you have to recruit members by promising them money as well.

I took a screenshot of Wikipedia's definition to pyramid scheme and pyramid scams.

wikipedia definition of pyramid scheme

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme

That's what 3D Wealth Machine is doing here, they are not selling you any real products or services but just promising to make nice commisions.

And to make nice commissions you have to promise other people nice commissions! 

Recently two similar companies named Mobe & Digital Altitude have been completely shutdown by the FTC just because of how they lure people in by promising them huge money.

It's Harder than it Sounds!

Finding clients that will trust 3D Wealth Machine and LBS is extremely hard, you have to invest tons of money from day one.

There is no guarantee that you will earn any money or at least earn back your investment.

People nowadays are VERY skeptical about buying make money products online because there are tons of scam artists that literally steal people's money.

Just imagine yourself investing up to $21,000 in 3D Wealth Machine and LBS only to find yourself without paying clients? That would be very bad.

No doubts that this program does not look legit and the fact you're reading this review proves it, that's what other people will do too.

It's Not Even a Real Program!

3D Wealth Machine is just a name that was invented by coach Bob, it was created simply for promoting Leveraged Breakthrough System.

When you buy 3D Wealth Machine, you will be immediately taken to LBS which is going to teach you how to Create Your Own Website with a name that you can come up with.

Then you will have to pretend to be a millonaire so you can convince people to buy those expensive memberships.

In my opinion there is no satisfaction in creating a website where you lie to people with a fake lifestyle, that's not even honest.

This system reminds of some similar products that I recently reviewed:

Is 3D Wealth Machine a Scam?

No 3D Wealth Machine is not a scam, you're clearly told that you will buy Leveraged Breakthrough Sytem.

You can make money from this system so I don't think it's a scam.

But spending all that money upfront on a system where you have no guarantee is not recommended.

Plus 3D Wealth Machine works like a MLM and Pyramid scheme so it might get sued and shutdown by the FTC anytime soon.

You're not going to earn money fast, because it's not going to be easy to convince people to drop thousands in such a risky website.

I personally do not recommend 3D Wealth Machine because of the reasons mentioned above.

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Did you try 3D Wealth Machine? Do you have anything to say? 😀

Drop your comments below if you have questions or something to add!

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