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Is Fast Income Generator a Scam? Fake Work from Home Job!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 13, 2018

fast income generator scam reviewed

Fast Income Generator reviewed

Are you not sure if Fast Income Generator is scam work from home job?

My review is going to expose some really ugly truth about this program.

Make sure you read this entire Fast Income Generator review to learn the real truth!

Without any further ado, let's get into it!

Fast Income Generator Scam Overview

  • Name: Fast Income Generator
  • Website: Many variations
  • Price: $47 + more upsells
  • Owner: unknown
  • Recommended? No
fast income generator scam reviewed

What is Fast Income Generator?

Fast Income Generator is a website that claims it's going to offer you a work from home job with Amazon.

They are going to give you a work from home kit or what they call a package which is going to easily add $14k a month to your bank account.

I came across this site on my email inbox when I clicked on an offer that took me to a news article that talks about Amazon and how they have opened some work from home jobs in my area.

Fast Income Generator is a Scam![4 Solid-Proof Reasons] 

After having a closer look at Fast Income Generator I came up with 4 solid proof reasons on why Fast Income Generator is a scam.

I know this is a bold claim, I can't simply call a website a scam, but below you will read why.

1- It's a Copy of Another Scam 

Someone out there that is using a fake identity is creating different variations of one scam and spreading it all over the internet.

Fast Income Generator is just a copy of an older scam that I have published a review about before.

It's called Amazon Cash Websites.

Fast Income Generator & Amazon Cash Websites are the same, they both use a fake news report that looks like a real press release or something.

They want to make people think that Amazon has actually released a new work from home program.

But I can assure you they did not, you can make money from Amazon but in different ways and Fast Income Generator is not the right program for that.

By the way here are some legit ways to earn from Amazon, watch the video below:

Below you can see how the news reports of Fast Income Generator & Amazon Cash Websites are the same.

fast income generator scam reviewed

Fast Income Generator

amazon cash websites fake news article scam

Amazon Cash Websites

I even did a video review about Amazon Cash Websites, you can watch it below:

2- Fast Income Generator Wants You to Buy MSWS!

The creator of Fast Income Generator has created this fake news article just to lure people into another program which is where you will invest money.

This program that the scammers at Fast Income Generator want you to buy is named Money Sucking Website System aka MSWS.

It's a total scam where you're not going to make money, in fact MSWS and Fast Income Generator are only created for the scammers behind it to bank some easy money online.

MSWS claims they can teach people How to Earn $500 a Day by simply clicking a few buttons which is too good to be true.

This is how their website looks like!

push of a button MSW System scam

Money Sucking Website System (MSWS) is a Scam

And yes, they are a total scam, they even use fake testimonials and unethical stuff like that.

I have even published a video on Youtube that reviews MSWS, you can watch it below:

3- Carol & Paul Miller are Fake!

In the Fast Income Generator news articles there is a story of Carol & Paul.

They are a married couple and in their story explain how they went from total financial struggle to making thousands from home.

But that's not even a real story because the fraudsters behind Fast Income Generator have made up this story just to touch your emotional triggers!

By the way Carol & Paul's picture is NOT even real as it was both from a stock photography site called Shutterstock.

You can see proof below (Click to zoom up the screenshots)

fast income generator fake family photo

Carol & Paul are not real, this photo is fake

fast income generator fake stock photo

Source: Shutterstock.com

The same thing applies for the other scam, Amazon Cash Websites as they also use fake stock photos.

Just have a look below:

amazon cash websites stock photo

Another fake family photo!

amazon cash websites fake stock photo

Source: BigStockPhoto.com

4- Fast Income Generator is going to be EXPENSIVE!

The Fast Income Generator scam was created for the purpose of making their creators richer.

If you're not careful you can spend some huge money here.

I have some experience with these scams and I know how good they are at scamming people out of their money.

They focus on your psychological triggers and bank on the fact that you're a complete newbie to Making Money from Home.

They let you in for $47 when you purchase Money Sucking Website System, but then they will start selling you some extra training and tools that are useless.

Then you will start getting regular sales pitches to your inbox like clock work and that's how these scams make tons of money from innocent people online.

Fast Income Generator is not the first scam I review because these type of scams are everywhere.

Here are some of them that I have reviewed, have a quick read to learn some of their nasty scam techniques.

If Fast Income Generator is a Scam, what do I Recommend?

Unfortunately, Fast Income Generator is a scam because:

  • They are a copy of another scam
  • The creators of Fast Income Generator are fake
  • There are many Hidden costs & Expenses!

I'd like to conclude this review with the fact I don't recommend Fast Income Generator.

Since you're reading this review I'm assuming you're looking for a legit training for making money online.

I have personally used a training called Wealthy Affiliate, they have allowed me to work from home full-time.

If you're new to this, this training is perfect for you, because it's designed for newbies.

If you want to learn how to work from home like me, then click on the link below to learn more.

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