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Is Mingle Cash a Scam? $24k/day Watching Ads?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 16, 2018

mingle cash scam reviewed

Is  Mingle Cash Going to Scam You?

Is Mingle Cash a scam? Do people really make money using this site? Is it a waste of time?

These are just some of the questions that many people are asking online.

These questions are all answered inside this Mingle Cash honest review!

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Mingle Cash Scam Overview

  • Name: Mingle Cash
  • Website: Minglecash.com
  • Price: FREE
  • Owner: Andrew Gitt
  • A Scam?: No
  • Recommended? No
mingle cash scam reviewed

What is Mingle Cash?

Mingle Cash is a browser extension for Google Chrome & Firefox that you can install in your browser, the extension will start popping ads into your browser.

The ads will make you money when they pop up, you don't have to click on them or anything, or you have to do is let them pop up on your browser.

You can also earn money from Mingle Cash by downloading their Android & IOS app which you can use to watch videos and ads.

How Does it Work?

The good thing about Mingle Cash is you don't have to pay anything in order to make money, so even if they turn out to be a scam, you won't lose anything (hopefully).

But it may be a waste of time, that's why you need to keep reading this review to learn the actual truth that Mingle Cash does not want you to know.

How to Earn from Mingle Cash

Mingle Cash offers you 5 ways to earn which are:

  1. Surf & Earn
  2. Play & Earn
  3. Watch & Earn
  4. Offer Wall
  5. Referral Program

1- Surf & Earn

You have to install an extension into your Google Chrome or Firefox browser, this will make ads open up in different tabs, it's like when you're watching a live streaming when those annoying pop ups start showing up as new tabs on your browser.

2 - Play & Earn

You can play games and earn money, you don't get paid because you play but because there are ads within the games you play.

Mingle Cash makes money when you watch the ads within the games and they are going to give you a small percentage of their earnings.

3 - Watch & Earn

You can also earn cash watching videos, you can set and forget the videos and let them play by themselves, go do something else and comeback to see how much you've earned.

4 - Offer Wall

With Mingle Cash you can earn doing other things like taking surveys, completing offers and downloading apps just like other GPT sites like Survey Compare or InboxDollars.

5 - Referral Program

All the four methods to earn mentioned above will earn you pennies, the referral program is where there are the big bucks as Mingle Cash says.

It works like this:

  • You get your own referral link
  • Share it with your friends or family members
  • They join Mingle Cash through your affiliate link
  • You earn 5% of whatever they earn, you can earn the 5% of 10 of your referrals.

How Does Mingle Cash Pay You?

Payments are realeased every 3 days throught Paypal.

You need to earn above $2 in order to get paid, that's a low treshold which is good.

All countries that support Paypal are accepted, if your country does not support Paypal you can request a Payza payment.

Even if your country supports Paypal, keep in mind that the earning potential is different for every country.

Mingle Cash users from the US for example are going to earn more versus people from countries like India or Pakistan.

Is there Any Payment Proof?

I know people are looking for some Mingle Cash payment proof, I did my research online and could not find many payment proof posts.

That's not a good sign, but I found this video from this guy from India who says that he received a payment from Mingle Cash to his Payza account.

You can watch the video below:

Mingle Cash Biggest Concerns

I have found some alarming scam signs when I was looking into Mingle Cash and below I'm going to share with you my findings.

$24,000 a day With Mingle Cash, Seriously?

Mingle Cash want you to believe that you can earn $24,000 a day by simply referring other people.

That's hype only, because no one is going to earn that kind of money.

You will need millions of referrals in order to earn that amount of money and we all know that referring people is easier said than done.

mingle cash hype

$24,412,00 is too good to be true!

John Peters

 " If It's Too Good to Be True, Something's Wrong."

The Mingle Cash Success Stories are Fake!

Mingle Cash shares with you two success stories about two members that have earned a lot of money thanks to this website.

But since a lot of scams do create fake success stories I thought I'd look into these success stories just to see if they are real or not.

After doing a Google image search of Bob's photo (I realized it was not a real photo)

The picture of the first testimonial Bob is just a stock photo that you can buy from a stock photography site called Shutterstock.

mingle cash fake success story

Bob Wilson is a fake persona!

Mingle cash testimonial is fake

You can find "Bobs" photo on sale on a site called Shutterstock

Why Mingle Cash Has Fake Testimonials?

Testimonials can be a great way to make people trust you more, that's the reason why there are testimonial videos all over the Mingle Cash site.

But unfortunately the testimonials did not make money using Mingle Cash because they have been paid just to say good things about the site.

The testimonials are bought from a site called Fiverr.com

Below you can see one of their testimonials exposed as a paid actor.

A lot of scams do use paid actors as testimonials here are some examples:

Mingle cash fake paid actor
mingle cash testimonials have been bought from a site called Fiverr

Is Mingle Cash A Scam?

Mingle Cash is not asking you for money, so they are not going to steal any of your money and disappear like the common scams.

But it's not legit to mislead people and tell them all type of lies especially about how much money they will earn.

I don't think a legit website would use fake testimonials and success stories to convince their visitors to join in.

Is Mingle Cash a Scam? It's up to you to decide, you wanted to read a review, I obliged, if you want to give Mingle Cash a try go ahead and do it.

Do I recommend this? To me this site does not look legit and I'd never try it out.

You're better off making money with a legitimate and reputable GPT site like Swagbucks.

If your goal is to make a regular income online just keep reading below.

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Mingle Cash is just a bag full of air, they are not going to earn you $24,000 a day, that's too good to be true!

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Did you try Mingle Cash before? What is your opinion about it?

Do you have questions or something you want to share with us?

Just drop your comments below!

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