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Is Money Finder USA A Scam? (2022) A Colossal Scam?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 19, 2022

Is Money Finder USA a Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Money Finder USA A Scam?" review! (Updated for 2022)

I don't know many people who couldn't use some extra money these days. The idea of getting money without having to do a lot of work holds some major appeal. If it is money you are entitled to already, even better!

In its advertisements, the Money Finder USA claims to have the ability to connect you with your long lost money. Sounds pretty good, especially when they tell you that there are billions of unclaimed dollars out there. 

So you'd be crazy not to use this service right? Hold on before running over to the site and signing up.

You better make sure that everything is safe and legit! Is Money Finder USA a scam? Well, you better find out here in this review!

Is Money Finder USA A Scam: Quick Summary

Name: Money Finder USA


Founder: hidden

Price: Free

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No

money finder usa

What is Money Finder USA?

Money Finder USA Quick Summary

It is true that unclaimed money exists in the US. 

The government holds onto money at both a state and federal level that has not been collected by its rightful owner

Examples of unclaimed money include paychecks that were never cashed, lost bank accounts, and inheritance money that were never paid out.

Money Finder USA is a site that claims to connect you with that money. By using their service, you will (allegedly) be walked through the complicated process of getting what is rightly yours. 

Furthermore, it says that you MAY be one of the people with money owed. They are pretty upfront about the fact that there is no guarantee they will find money for you.

Some of you may wonder where Money Finder USA fit when there are national registries that are actually legitimate in helping people track their unclaimed funds?

If you are one of these, then you are thinking well! Because the truth is that it doesn't! Money Finder USA doesn't work like this. Continue reading to find out more about this.

How does Money Finder USA work?

Based on its website, the process goes through like this.

Money Finder USA process

So far, Money Finder USA may not seem too bad, right?. After all, even if they don't find you any money, you are only out a few minutes of your time if you try, right? Wrong. 

money finder USA application form

In order to use their service, you must first fill out a form giving out your personal information such as your email address, physical address, and phone number.

Personally, I always hesitate before putting my phone number into any online form because it is pretty much a given that the spam text messages will follow.

In fact, I have encountered a lot of scam websites which require these kinds of information. When I provided them, I ended up receiving endless spam messages and emails!

After you fill out the form, the real fun begins. You will have to click through pages and pages of ads before getting to the information you want. Every page is designed to try to entice you to click at least one ad, which is one of the ways Money Finder USA makes money off of you.

Rather than calling them ads, they refer to them as "offers," which almost makes it sound like they are doing you a favor. While you are clicking through the offers/ads, you will be bombarded with pop-ups.

Finally, you get to the end, the information you have been dying to find out. But does it tell you if you have unclaimed money? 

Nope. Instead, it gives you the links to national registries like USA.gov that are easy to find using Google.

Another one is MissingMoney.com, which is again, easy to find in Google. However, it is not run by the government, yet people visit it quite often.

What happens after?

So, let's say you go through the process and are disappointed to not learn anything from it. End of story?

Again, nope. By providing those sensitive personal information, you have now opened yourself up to an avalanche of spam.

The only way to get out from under it is to spend a few hours unsubscribing to the sites that are emailing you one by one.

If the emails are irritating enough, Money Finder USA actually sells information to 8 separate companies that will either call or text you. This is something you technically gave permission for.

money finder USA spam

They are counting on the fact that everyone clicks "I agree" without actually reading what they are agreeing to.

Here I would like to point out that agreeing to the phone calls and texts is something you can opt out of. 

You have to read very carefully, but there is a link to click that will then make a box appear that says you are NOT consenting to the texts and calls. They make it hard to do, and bank on people missing the option.

Money Finder USA is actually pretty upfront about what they are doing. Before signing up, you would have had to click a box or two saying you understood that they were going to sell your information to 3rd-party marketers. 

money finder USA sells your info to third party sites

Source: https://docs.corepassage.com/privacy.aspx?sid=4

They are just hoping you are too anxious to find out if you have unclaimed money to actually take the time to read.

Is Money Finder USA A Scam: Pros and Cons


  • NONE


  • Spams you with ads.
  • Sells your data to third party companies.
  • Does not actually help you with what you want.

The real purpose of Money Finder USA

The point of this site is to put money into their hands, not yours. Every part of the process is designed to get information to sell or a commission from you buying something.

Furthermore, when you go through the process, you will be part of their email list which they will sell to third-party companies.

Even at the very end, when they finally give you the links that are actually useful, they are trying to sell you something.

That final page also has links for loans and credit cards for people with bad credit. You will also get pop-up ads making last-ditch efforts to get some money out of you.

Is it possible that you will actually want some of the services advertised? Sure. There are just a lot of better ways to go about finding them.

Is Money Finder USA a scam?

So, is Money Finder USA a scam? Ultimately, this will depend on how you define scam. I personally hesitate to use that word in this case simply because I did not lose any money. However, that definitely does not make it a respectable website. 

Another way to look at it is they are scamming people out of their information. Due to that, I wouldn't really argue with anyone who labeled the whole operation as a scam.

Moreover, even though they are scraping information for their email list, which can be legal, the whole process they use is misleading!

Why do they have to hide behind an mage of being a company that can help people find their unclaimed funds?

Since there is no way of knowing the legitimacy of the sites advertised, it is possible that Money Finder USA can end up being a gateway of sorts to getting scammed out of money.

If you come across an offer declaring they can get you your unclaimed money for a fee, avoid it! These types of claims are almost guaranteed rip-offs. Here is an article by ABC News that warns you against the unclaimed money scams.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, Money Finder USA is NOT worth your time. The whole process is tedious and ultimately pointless.

 Add in all of the time you then spend dealing with spam and it becomes an even worse idea to mess with this site in the first place.

If you genuinely think you may have unclaimed money out there, skip the middleman and go directly to the two sites mentioned above. They will give you actual answers rather than a headache.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Money Finder USA A Scam?" article! If you have comments or questions, let me know in the comment section!

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