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Is Quick Cash System a Scam or Legit? (2022) Truth Exposed!

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By Anis

September 19, 2022

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Is Quick Cash System a Scam or legit? (Updated 2022) Can you really become rich in 60 seconds? 

If you are thinking about investing in this program, you MUST read this review first.

Did you just hear about this Quick Cash System and you are wondering if it is a legit program where you can invest your money and expect great results?

In this review, I am going to share my honest opinion, and there is a video made by them I want you to watch!

Without losing any time let's dig in!

UPDATE 2022: Quick Cash System's website is currently gone and their domain is up for sale. So, this could be a clear sign that they are scamming people. If they were legit; then, why would they take their website down? This could either mean that the authorities caught them or they changed their name to lure more people. However, if you want to learn about a legit way of making money online then read how I started earning money online from home!

Is Quick Cash System a Scam or Legit: Quick Review

Name:  Quick Cash System

Website: (Inaccessible)

Founder: Sarah Markel

Price: $250 (Minimum)

Recommended?: NO

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What is Quick Cash System?

Quick Cash System is an auto trading program that promises you to become a millionaire in just hundred days. It promotes binary options trading. They claim that if you invest in their auto trading robot there is practically no way to fail. So, just click on a button and you can go enjoy your day with family and friends.

Then when you come back, you will see your bank account full of money. However, is this something you should trust?

This is a scam! However, not the average scam that you see online though that only hire people from Fiverr to do testimonial videos for 5$.

On the contrary, this scam is well done to be honest. Sarah is the owner of this scam. Plus, she has made a couple of videos on YouTube driving her car with some kids, showing off her house and lifestyle to lure you in.

She also made a video where she teaches her friend how to become rich in the next 60 seconds. I want you to watch this video if you haven't and tell me would you trust these actors?

Plus, if you watch her other videos, you will see the crazy numbers she has on her Paypal account. However, I always see scammers posting payments as proof but it can be easily faked.

Well, guess what? I have just created a fake payment proof too. Furthermore, if I spent a few more minutes on it, I could add my picture to add credibility

Is Quick Cash System a Scam or Legit Fake Payment

So, please never trust these payments proofs and never trust anything online that is promising you to be rich in no time.

How Does Quick Cash System Work?

As you have seen in the video, you need to set up an account. Then, you will see the recommended brokers.

Choose one and then they will call you to ask you to invest $250 that will turn into a treasure within few seconds. However, the truth is their auto trading software is completely fake. They are just scamming people to steal their hard earned money!

Furthermore, Sarah is an actor and no one knows her as a great trader. Plus, even the best traders in the world lose money and there is no software that will guarantee you to become a millionaire!

Look at this video, look how she exposes these innocent children just to make a scam!

I know this all seems so silly and yeah they have paid an attractive woman to do this, so people will just run to sign up.

Furthermore, I wanted to visit their website but it took me forever to find it!

I have reviewed many scams like FreebitcoPaid2Youtubefour dollar clicksbitsforclicks, and more. However, Quick cash system is way bigger and somehow easier to trust as they have spent lots of money to give it shape.

Is Quick Cash System a Scam or Legit: Red Flags

Here is a summary of all the Red Flags that says Quick Cash System is a Scam!

Sloppy Mistakes

As you have known already, "Sarah" had done a lot of things to make Quick Cash System look legit. However, it seems that she had not been that thorough after all. For example, she spelled Barclay's Bank as Barklay. Furthermore, they are using a common Gmail as their business email. If they are a legit company; then, why can't they afford a specialize business email?

"Sarah" said that she lives in Oregon, USA; however, their phone number is a UK number with a prefix of +44. So, it seems that for a company that promises their customers quality service this is a very sloppy work.

Fake Actors

Everyone that you see in their videos and promotions are only hired actors. So, why would they do this if they are actually a legitimate company? Even the owner is a hired actress that is hired especially for the purpose of luring people with charisma.

Too Good to be True Promises

There is an old saying that says that if it is too good to be true then it probably is. Well, that applies here word per word. They promise that if you invest $250 then you will become instantly rich without doing a lot of hard work. On the other hand, we all know that is impossible.

The minimum amount is also too expensive and is probably meant to influence their victims to invest more. This is the sunk-cost fallacy. Sunk-cost fallacy is a phenomenon where people who have already invested heavily in something would less likely to abandon that investment.

Is Quick Cash System a Scam or Legit?

To sum this up, Quick Cash System is a scam! So, I suggest that you stay away from it and protect your money. Quick Cash System promises you with a quick money scheme. However, they are only be the one getting rich and not you.

There is a lot of these scams out there and this is just one of them. However, you have read this review and now know what to avoid. 

Looking for a Legit Alternative?

I have also been a victim of different scams before I first started searching for online jobs. So, trust me some scams were so lucrative, and I was so blind to them. In the end, I paid the price.

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It's a social trading investment network where you get trained by the best traders in the world; it's free to get started, and you have a demo account where you can try things out.

So, have you ever fell in a scam? What do you think about Quick Cash System? Do you have any experiences with it?

Well, please share with us your thoughts, if you have any questions please don't forget to drop a comment!

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  • Lady is stacked to the gills but looks like another hustle. I’d be wary of any online program that promises the world .the online offers are bs that will not only waste your money but valuable time.

  • Wow, this is so scary! It is crazy how far people will go just to scam someone else. They don’t even think about who they could be hurting. I am thankful for people like you who give us the truth about these scams and are looking out for us! Thanks Anis, love your reviews:)

  • Although it IS possible to earn upto 80% profit (180% alk together) on LEGIT binary tading software, any real trader knows such short trades are really gambling. There is no auto trading software that can win 100% of the time, even 60-65% is great for pros. These scams pop up by dozins. Thank you exposing one.

    • Yes it’s possible to earn 80% profit but it’s not going to happen every time without failing, I hope people won’t fall for this scam, thanks for stopping by and have great day Xena 😀

  • This is crazy! That video was enticing. He nearly doubled his money in 60 seconds lol. I’m glad you pointed out the scam because someone could easily fall for its simple and quick concept.
    Thanks again!

  • There are a lot of stock trading scams online. There is no loophole and I can’t believe people fall for these. Spend $250 and we promise you millions. Looks legit to me!

    I never really trust stuff online that looks like it’s completely over the top. Showing you the millions they made with screenshots is a scam tactic. I have seen this time and time again, over the last 10 years. If someone is so successful than why do they need to go over the top to prove it. I would Google her name. Chances are no one has heard of her. Fake.

    Are there any stock trading systems you do recommend?

    • If you google her name you will see everyone there screaming its a scam; I’m not into trading, to be honest, but I do know that Etoro is a legit alternative which is very popular but man you can’t become millionaire in seconds.

  • Hi Anis,

    It is indeed brilliant acting isn’t it? It’s disgusting to think they would use children as pawns to scam people. In fact, they should be arrested. It makes me very angry. I am glad I found your site though, there is no way I will be checking this Quick Cash System out.

    It would be nice if you could share their website too, just so more people avoid it. That way, it will be familiar if they stumble upon it.

    • Well their site is hidden, and you can’t have access to it, but Sarah Markel or whoever scammer behind this is using a blog like this writing reviews about products and promoting quick cash system, every time they change the links, so they don’t get exposed.

      I have spent like 30 minutes just to find their site!

  • Hi Anis, thanks for exposing this scam. I bet the actor in these videos had quite a production amount, good camera angles and everything in those videos. Still, crappy actors give it away, and if that isn’t enough for viewers, hopefully they come your way to find out the REAL truth.

    I took a look at Etoro, but I didn’t understand anything because I only speak english. Do you have any experience on Etoro?

  • Holy cow, thanks for letting us know about this! I’m also looking into trading but I actually wanted to learn how to do it, not just give someone my money and have them invest for me lol. Either way, promising quick riches just sounds like a bunch of red flags to me. Hopefully, people come across this review before they invest their money!

  • Hey thanks for clearing out that auto trading company. It is so hard to tell these days which online money making programs are legit or a scam, so this post helps a lot! This sounds a lot like a trading company I was going to join called, “Snapcash Binary” they did similar tactics as “Quick Cash,” i’m so glad I saved my money!

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