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Is Secured Web Orders a Scam? Yes, It’s a Fraud!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 3, 2018

secured web orders scam

Secured web orders

Secured Web Orders is nothing new.

Is a program that I have seen many times, is it a scam?

I think yes, if you want to see the real face of Secured Web Orders all you have to do is read this honest review.

I'm going to explain everything for you and also the right path to earn a solid income online.

Secured Web Orders Quick Review

  • Name: Secured Web Orders
  • Website: securedweborders.com
  • Price: the usual $97
  • Launch date: New
  • Presented by: Rhonda Paul
  • Do I Recommend it? No.

What is Secured Web Orders?

Secure Web Orders is a new product that wants to fool you into believing you can make over $379 per day working from home.

This website says that all you have to do is post links on social media sites and you will start generating $15 for every click.

They call this link posting.

Needless to say that there is no such thing as link posting.

This is just a name invented from Affiliate marketing which a business model where you can make money when people buy stuff using your affiliate links.

No one will pay to post links online, because there is no value on that.

The only way companies will pay you to post links is if you bring them sales.

Secured Web Orders wants to confuse you with link posting, you can't make money every time someone clicks your links.

Legitimate companies like Amazon will give you a costum link, if you can send people from your custom link to buy stuff you will get paid.

Earning $379 per day in an hour is complete BS and nobody makes that amount without experience.

Secured Web Orders is presented by a lady called Rhonda Paul.

Who is Rhonda Paul?

Before I buy any product especially online I make sure I research very well the owner.

In this case Rhonda Paul is the owner of Secured Web Orders.

If you try to find some real information about her you will have a hard time.

There is no about page where you can see her real face or proof that she actually exists.

Rhonda Paul Success Story - Is it Fake?

Inside her webpage you will find a photo and a few paragraphs where she talks about how she used to struggle when she lost her full time job.

She couldn't afford to buy gifts to her daughter anymore and she has no money to pay the rent and food.

Rhonda then explains if she didn't find a job soon she and her daughter will sleep on the streests.

She started looking for a job but she did not want a to have a boss, I don't know how the one can be picky when they are about to go homeless.

Then one special day she found a special system called Secured Web Orders.

Then all her financial crisis are gone as she started making a killing every month by working an hour per day.

Rhonda Paul & Her Story are 100 % Fake

I know it's a touching story, but you need to know that it's no a real one.

Rhonda Paul is also not a real person, it's just a scammer with a fake substory full of Psychological tricks to make you relate to her and buy her bogus products.

Here's a screenshot of Rhonda Paul picture and her substory.

secured web orders reviews

The blonde lady is not Rhonda Paul that's just a stock photo.

Last year I wrote a review about another link posting scam called Cash from Home.

This scam was presented by a lady called Cynthia Sprinter.

Guess what?:

Cynthia Sprinter's story is word for word the same as Rhonda Paul's Story.

Have a look at the screenshot below & read the paragraphs and notice how they are the same as the screenshot above of Rhonda Paul.

secured web orders scam artist

Can you notice how the two stories are literally word for word the same?

That's because Secured Web Orders is rehashed from other old scams that include:

If you read the above reviews you should notice how they all claim they can teach you how to earn $379 per day.

However they are total scams just like Secured Web Orders!

How the Secured Web Orders Scam Works?

Secured Web Orders is a fake product that comes with no real training or anything.

This scam is a copy of old scams that I have mentioned earlier in this review.

There are some unethical anonymous marketers that build different scams with different names.

What they basically do is create a bunch of pages then slightly change their names and designs.

They drive traffic to every single page hoping people like you would buy the products they want you to buy.

That's how they make money and they make tons of money by scamming naive newbies that just want to earn an honest living online.

Secured Web Orders is a copied Scam

Have a look below so you can see that Secured Web Orders is nothing but a cookie cutter site.

Trust me there are a lot of other cookie cutter sites like Secured Web Orders and they also want to teach you how to start banking $379 every day.

How funny is that?:

home cash code
home online profit education
computer gurus
facebook bonanza

Can Secured Web Orders Make You Money?

Don't be fooled:

To Work from Home and be Successful online you need a training that will guide you and give you the right tools in order to succeed.

You can't succeed with hype this system gives you.

You can't make money using Secured Web Orders because they have no comprehensive training.

Secured Web Orders is a scam just like Secret Society of Millionaires, Money Sucking Website System and Super Affiliate Success System

If you want to actually make money you need a real training with real members that will support and guide you.

That's how I learned how to make money online:

Click here to check out the Affiliate Marketing Training that has allowed me to earn a full time income from home.

Pros & Cons


  • Nothing Good about the Secured Web Orders


  • The News Video & the Logos are Fake!
  • The three Easy Steps Won't Make You a Dime
  • Hype & Fake Income Income Claims
  • $97 Can't Buy You Success.

Below I will elaborate more on the cons of the Secured Web Orders and explain them in details for you.

The News Video & logos are Fake!

Secured Web Orders wants to trick you with the news video and logos.

They want to trick you into believing that their website has received a lot of national media attention.

Unfortunately, there are many gullible people that believe this.

If you go back to the news video on the Secured Web Orders website and rewatch it you will notice that it does not mention the Secured Web orders at all.

The video talks about work at home in General not this Scam!

secured web orders total bs

The same applies to the fake logos.

If you look closely it says "Working from Home Has been featured on"

Again no mention of Secured Web Orders.

working from home has been featured on

This ABC video covers some of the common red flags to look out for when buying a questionable product.

The Three Easy Steps Won't Make You a Dime

Secured Web Orders say that you will make money in three simple steps:

  • Login to your account & copy your links which are automatically generated by Secured Web Orders.
  •  Join affiliate programs that should give you links to post.
  • Fill out some details & Create Your Site

These steps make absolutely no sense.

First they say that Secured Web Orders will generate links automatically for you.

Then in the second step they give you examples of affiliate programs where you should grab your links.

secure web orders link posting programs

Netflix has no affiliate program & BlockBuster is no longer in business!

The 6 companies above have affiliate programs except Netflix.

Blockbuster is no longer in business from a long time.

The companies above will pay you only if you generate sales not generating clicks!

Hype & Fake Income Income Claims

hype hype hype

Secured Web Orders is trying to sell you a dream.

You need to remember that a legitimate work from home opportunity does not focus on telling you how much money you will earn.

A legit program will focus on explaining you how you're going to make money and the right tools to do it.

Secured Web Orders is like a bag of chips, more air than chips.

$97 Can't Buy You Success!

Just think about it:

Does it make sense to buy a system that guarantees you to be rich for $97?

You need to be dead crazy to sell a money making machine for $97.

Secured Web Orders as you can see makes no sense.

How to Make Money Online with An Affiliate Site!

If you are a newbie that wants to finally learn how to make money on the internet I have a great opportunity for you.

As you know Secured Web Orders has no real training.

I personally recommend you to build an affiliate website.

With an Affiliate website you can:

  • Make money from your passion
  • Promote Popular products from Amazon for instance.
  • Get free traffic from Google & other search engines
  • Make affiliate commissions while you sleep!

You can learn how to build a successful affiliate website that makes you passive income.

If you are curious and don't know how to get started.

Then you need this Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step Training for Beginners.

You can test it for free (no credit card required!)

Your Comments & Feedback are Welcome!

Now I will pass the ball to you, what do you think about Secured Web Orders?

If you have noticed anything wrong in this review or you have something to say don't be shy, drop your comments below!

Also make sure you spread the word by sharing this review around!

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