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Is Survey Bucks a Scam? $300 a Day or Lies?

Anis Founder of

By Anis

August 9, 2018

survey bucks scam reviewed

Surveybucks reviewed

Did you come across Survey Bucks and you think it's a scam?

Relax and read my honest review about this survey aggregator!

I'll share with you the truth about Survey Bucks!

Survey Bucks Quick Review

  • Name: Survey Bucks
  • Website:
  • Price: FREE
  • Owner: unknown
  • Recommended? No
survey bucks scam reviewed

What is Survey Bucks?

Survey Bucks is a survey aggregator, this site's job is to connect you with other surveys where you can make extra cash.

They call themselves the world's leading survey aggregator which is something that made me even more skeptical.

is surveybucks safe

This website reminds me of some other survey aggregators called Survey Compare & Opinion City.

How Does Survey Bucks Work?

Survey Bucks is a website that has been created by an affiliate.

I don't know who is the person behind this site because it's hidden, but this site was created by an affiliate who is trying to promote numerous third party surveys to you.

Survey Bucks is NOT a market research company like they claim on their site.

From the first look, this site looked sketchy, after having a deeper look my skepticim got even stronger.

But when I discovered these 3 MASSIVE Red flags I'm going to share with you below, I was sure this is a scam.

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Survey Bucks 3 Biggest RED FLAGS!

Below I'm going to share with you 3 reasons why I think is a scam!

1)  Survey Bucks is a REHASHED SCAM!

Looks like there is a scammer with his/her identity hidden making these fake websites that promise people $100's from surveys.

So I have reviewed this website called Survey Voices a big scam full of spam viruses and trojans that will compromise your computer.

And here's how this scam's website looks like: rehashed scma

Now compare this scam's website to Survey Bucks site!

survey bucks website

As you can see they are the same!

It does not even end here.

There is another survey scam called Smart Dollars Club and here's how their website looks like!

is smart dollars club a scam

I have even made a video where I explain how Smart Dollars Club works, you can watch the video below to see how similar it is to Survey Bucks!

Best Surveys to Make Money!

  1. InboxDollars ($5 to $25 per Survey)
  2. Swagbucks ($15 to $50)
  3. YouGov ($35 to $50)

2) My Antivirus Blocked Survey Bucks!

This one is a massive red flag, my antivirus did not even allow me to access Survey Bucks.

Here's what happened when I tried to sign up to website.

survey bucks is not safe

Is safe? NOPE!

I have an antivirus on my computer that stops any website containing Spyware and viruses and when I tried accessing Surveybucks my browser blocked it.

The language of the screenshot above is Italian (I'm from Italy) and it says that the web access is blocked because the site is full of spyware, pishing and viruses!

Surveybucks is not a safe website and you can see the proof above!

3) Survey Bucks = Spam Spam!

All websites like Survey Bucks are known to be full of spam, if you give out your personal email address or phone number, don't be surprised if your inbox and your phone gets flooded with spam.

Basically sites like these sell your personal information to other bs marketers that are going to just feed your inbox with tons of spam!

My Advice to you is never give out your main email address to sites like these.

If you're curious create a secondary emails just for these kind of sites.

Is Survey Bucks A Scam?

In my opinion Survey Bucks is a waste of time, it might not be a scam, in the sense that it won't steal your money and run away.

I think you SHOULD run away, because these guys are going to sell your info to third party websites.

Their scam has the same design of other confirmed scams and that's a big red flag!

Even my antivirus screamed scam when I tried accessing one of their surveys!

There are many legitimate surveys where you can actually make money!

Here Are My Top Earning Surveys! (100% free!)

  1. InboxDollars
  2. Swagbucks
  3. YouGov

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I hope my review was useful

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Thanks for the support!

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