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Is Survey Money Machines a Scam? (2022) Truth Exposed Now

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

October 8, 2022

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Survey Money Machines a Scam?" article! (Updated for 2022)

If you are in this review, then chances are you already have come across the Survey Money Machines website.

So, is Survey Money Machines a scam?

No, it's not a scam because it links you to legitimate and popular surveys that pay. But that does not mean it's going to deliver the promised results! I have noticed so many red flags and I have written this review to share them with you.

So, before you sign up for Survey Money Machines, you MUST read this review first!

You can also watch the video of my Survey Money Machines review below.

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam: Quick Summary

Name:  Survey Money Machines

Website: www.surveymoneymachines.com

Founder: Hailey Gates (Not Verified)

Price: Free

Is it a scam? No

Recommended? No

survey money machines legit or scam

What is Survey Money Machines?

Survey Money Machines is a website created by a person called Hailey Gates. It's a hub where you will find lists of surveys that you have to join.

Plus, you're encouraged to sign up for as many surveys as possible. That's what Hailey wants you to do.

She keeps saying that you don't have to pay or purchase anything to use Survey Money Machines. However, that's something normal because it will be crazy if you had to pay to take surveys.

Furthermore, Survey Money Machines is not a real survey or a market research company.

Rather, it is a survey aggregator where you need to join different surveys.

This website is no different than other survey aggregators like Survey Compare and Survey Voices.

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam: Registration

First, you need to register and fill up the following details.

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam Registration

After that, you can now use their service to find survey sites. However, you would still have to manually sign up in the different survey websites. This can be a major hassle since it would mean that you would have to repeatedly enter your personal information. Plus, you would also not know which survey site would be legit or which site would just send you spam.

Also, some of the links to their survey site is either broken or redirects to the wrong site.

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam: Earning Claims

You can see the potential earnings you can get with Survey Money Machines below:

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam Earning Claims

However, keep in mind that your payment won't come from Survey Money Machines. You will get it depending on what survey site you took those surveys.

Survey Money Machines claim that you can earn $200 to $500 dollars with them. However, the payment would not come from Survey Money Machines but from the survey site in which  you took the survey.

Plus, you have to keep in mind that different survey sites have different minimum balance withdrawal requirements. So, this could potentially make withdrawing your earnings hard.

Furthermore, you would also have to be very lucky to receive or be given a chance to answer surveys. In addition, they also some absurd earning claims testimonials in the site.

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam Absurd Claim

I have reviewed a lot of survey sites; however, I haven't seen one where you can earn $200 for just one hour of your time.

Does Survey Money Machines Really Work?

Survey Money Machines, as I said is just a survey aggregator website.

It's not a real survey company like Swagbucks or Inboxdollars.

Survey aggregator means that it is a website that do not provide you with their own surveys. It will only direct or lead you to other websites that will actually give you the surveys.

Survey Money Machines is created by Hailey Gates. This lady is a member of an affiliate network like Maxbounty or Panthera Network.

These affiliate networks allow you to promote different business opportunities that include surveys as well.

So. Hailey is promoting to you random surveys because she is going to make money every time you join a site she recommends. Let me clarify something. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Hailey making money by promoting you websites to join.

I do that too. It is what we call affiliate marketing which is a great and 100% legit business.

But during my research, I noticed there are different red flags on why Survey Money Machines does not work.

Is Survey Money Machines a scam?

Here are its red flags.

Survey Money Machine Red Flags

Is Hailey Gates even a real person?

If I want to join a website that looks cheesy the first thing I do is research a little bit the owner.

In this case Hailey is the owner of Survey Money Machines. There isn't a lot of info about her on her website. But on her "about" page, I found a picture of her.

I have exposed many scams that use fake pictures to represent the owner.

I thought I'd research Hailey's photo on Google just to see if she is real or another fake persona.

Unfortunately, after uploaded her photo on Google image search, I found something odd.

It turns out that the picture is used by other websites.

It means that the photo is fake, it's actually a stock photo. You can see below the proof. Now, I'm having a hard time trusting any of Hailey recommendations.

hailey gates is a stock photo

Hailey Gates is a stock photo that is used by different sites!

Signing up for 3 surveys per day? Bad idea!

After you sign up for Survey Money Machines, Hailey already wants you to join 3 survey sites in the first day.

Then she wants you to check out over 182 surveys and sign up for 3 every single day. As I said before, this is affiliate marketing and it's a good business. But what Hailey is doing is very misleading.

She tells you to join 3 surveys per day and she is making it sound like it's for your benefit when it's the total opposite.

When you sign up for many surveys and other people do the same, Hailey is going to earn tons of money because they surveys pay her.

The problem is, you are not going to earn money in this way.

If you do join a lot of surveys, daily, you will end up confused and you won't make money.

Each survey panel is going have a threshold. For example, if you join Inboxdollars, you need to earn $25 first to ask for a payment.

If you join Ipsos panel, you have to accumulate enough points to cash out! Some surveys do not even pay in cash but in points!

By signing up for a lot of surveys you will end up earning little amount of money in each survey. So, this will only going to get you confused and waste your time without earning a cent!

I recommend you to join ONE survey or maximum two! Joining 3 surveys per day is a lot!

Can you earn a reliable income from Survey Money Machines?

I like Survey Money Machines for one thing only. They are not like Smart Dollars Club or Clout Cash Club.

They are pretty honest and transparent about the earning potential.

You're actually told that surveys are not a get rich quick scheme and you can't be rich answering surveys. That's true. But surveys are not a reliable way to earn income.

You can expect to earn pocket money and that's all.

If you want an extra $200 per month, then surveys can help you achieve that.

However, I do not think that the time you need to spend on surveys is worth $200 a month.


Because there are better ways to to invest your time like Building an Affiliate Site.

This is the reason why I earn + $2300 a month from home!

In a few words, don't expect to earn a reliable income using Money Survey Machines.

But there is something else you have to expect.

Have a look below.

Expect a lot of spam!

Yes, you have to expect to be bombarded with lots of spam.

This is because you're going to give your email address to a lot of survey websites.

Some websites are not even reputable.

Another thing is it is very likely that Survey Money Machines is going to sell your info to third party marketers.

This is something that a lot of websites do.

I was searching for some Survey Money Machines reviews and complaints and I came across this complaints about spam

survey money machines negative review

Source :BBB.org

As you can see the user says that they receive over 30 emails per day from legit and scam websites!

That does not sound good!

You can read the complaints on the the Survey Money Machines BBB page.

Unfortunately, if you start receiving spam, there are no ways to delete your Survey Money Machines account.

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam: Pros and Cons


  • Registration is free
  • Huge catalog of survey websites


  • You need to register repeatedly on different survey sites
  • Some survey sites does not pay well
  • Misleading claims
  • Owner information is not verifiable

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam?

For the final verdict, "Is Survey Money Machine a scam?"

Survey Money Machines is not a scam but I don't think it's a trustworthy site to make money doing surveys.

First of all the owner is hidden. There is a fake stock photo of the owner in the about page.

Why does the owner do that?

You're asked to join 3 surveys per day!

I have explained how that is just going to waste your time and not earn you money. This is because earning with surveys is slow and each site pays individually!

Surveys are not a reliable source of income. If you spend all your energy on them, then you will only waste time.

You can allocate your time with other ways to earn money online and from home!

If you want to earn very well, you need to work harder.

Below I share with you how I work full-time from home.

This is How I Make Money from Home!

Surveys are great for earning some pocket money!

But they are a waste of time if you want to earn anything better than just pocket money!

Survey Money Machines do not care about you.

They just want you to join a bunch of surveys because they are going to make money.

Take it as you being used by them.

Joining more than 1 or 2 surveys is a big No-No!

I was also jumping from random work from home products and surveys in the past.

And then I came across this amazing online community!

This place I'm about to share with you is going to teach you how to build a profitable site, step by step!

Even if you're a total newbie and have no experience you can learn from this amazing community!

They will give you training, tools and lots of support and coaching!

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