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Tips On How To Build A Great Website (Be Successful With It!) (2019)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

July 5, 2019

Tips on How to Build a Great Website

Hello! Welcome to my "Tips on How to Build a Great Website" article!

In this century, technology has been rapidly advancing, giving birth to new innovations and inventions.

One of the these is the internet. This is the place where we can find websites.

Everyday we use them.

Websites Logos

You probably wanted to make your own website, don't you?

I am not going to lie. Creating a website takes a lot of work. However, that's just part of the process.

In the end, it will be worth it.

In this article, I will give you tips on how to build a great website. If you follow them, then your website will be an excellent one!

Let's get on with the tips!

#1 Set your goals

The first tip I can give you is of course, to have a clear set of goals for your website.

Having to know what you plan to achieve with your website, is a great start to plan your website.

Furthermore, if you know your goals already, you can easily outline your website.

You will be able to know what to put there, what kind of content, design and many more.

It may sound a bit of a hassle, but trust me, writing down your goals will be so helpful.

Also, don't forget to always keep track of them!

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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#2 Identify your purpose

In relation with the first tip, identifying the purpose of your website is also very important.

With this, you will be able to find out what kind of website you want to make.

Do you want to have a blog? Or maybe an informational website? How about a e-commerce website?

There is a lot of kinds f websites out there that you can make. But make sure it first the purpose you want your website to have.

#3 Create a plan and strategy 

Creating a plan and strategy usually applies to anything, right?

It just makes your life easier and go smoother. I told you that creating a website takes a lot of time and work.

When you already have a plan, you can easily keep track of your progress with your website.

Having a strategy can help you build your website properly. You will know he specific things you need to do.

Will you start on the web design now?

Or what about the SEO?

#4 Choose a great domain name

Domain names

The domain name is basically what people will type in the address bar of their web browsers.

Think of it as the name of your website. Now, you want to have a great domain name, of course.

Choose a name that people will easily easily and can fit the purpose of your website.

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#5 Become an SEO wizard

The Search Engine Optimization is very important when it comes to websites.

It is responsible for the ranking of your web page in the search results.

You should always aim for rank one because when you are, it just increases the number of your traffic.

There are a lot of factors you need to work on, like the keywords and many more.

You might want to learn about SEO. There are a lot of tutorials in the internet.

If not, then you can hire someone who can do it for you.

But I suggest that when you are starting out, you need to have at least a great background on how it works.

#6 Quality of your images

High-Resolution Low-Resolution

When you search up for something and arrives at a web page, do you think it is pleasing whenever you see that the images are low quality?

Putting low quality photos is a turn-off for viewers. Avoid using it.

Another thing, if you put small images, do not stretch out to make them bigger.

It will result to a very pixelated image which is not a good thing to look at.

However, high-quality images means larger file sizes. If you put large size image in your web page, it makes it slower and much harder to load.

Furthermore, if that happens, search engines will rank your website lower. And you don't want that to happen.

There are certain websites out there that can compress our images, lowering the file size without affecting the resolution.

One website is TinyJPG.

#7 Check the mobile version

Remember, nowadays most people own a smartphone. They usually use the internet with it.

Do not just focus on the PC version of your website. Always check the mobile version too.

Sometimes, images and texts will be too large on the viewers' phone.

Make sure that the mobile version is easy to navigate and is user-friendly.

#8 Create your own logo

Part of making a website is to give it an identity. One was the domain name. The other one is your logo.

All great websites have their own logos. Whenever someone sees it, they can immediately know which website it is.

It will add "plus points" to our website. You can out it on your header, and in other social mediate websites to promote our website.

If you wish to have it professionally-made, it might cost you. However, it will be so worth it.

But you can always create your own. Try to experiment with your ideas and you will come up with a good logo.

#9 Use a PNG logo

Speaking of logos, remember to use images with transparent background (PNG).

It looks more beautiful and attractive to when your logo has a box around it.

#10 Fonts and colors

Of course, there will be content on your website. When it comes to color and font  size, I suggest that you use the rule of two's.

 Use two fonts (one for your header and one for your body of text) and two colors.

This is very recommended especially if you are still new to web design.

 With this, your website will be simple and easy to navigate and your content will be easier to read.

#11 Break your texts into smaller ones

Speaking of texts, I was able to learn this one based on my experience.

If your texts are too compressed on one paragraph, chances are, the viewers will get lazy to read further and it is just too difficult for them to read t.

Your viewers will not always be readers.

My advice?

Do not follow the paragraph and sentencing rules you hafve learned in your English classes before.

You can notice how I broke my sentences into smaller ones in this article.

After one or two sentences, I make another paragraph. This is much easier to read.

#12 Make it "sticky"

When making a website, do not aim for a "one-time wonder" thing.

Make sure that your viewers will keep on going deeper and further into your website.

Never prioritize one click on your website.

Make your website "sticky". Do something to make the, stick around your website and come back again.

You can do this by adding appealing photos, great website content, linking your other contents, more information, questionnaires or poll and many more.

With this, your website will be more exposed and you can generate loyal viewers.

#13 Provide quality content

I have mentioned this several times before, provide a quality content.

The content of your website is one of the main things that decides on how great your website is.

Viewers click on websites to see the content and answer the questions they have and satisfy their needs.

The content will entirely depend on the purpose of your website.

Are you looking to sell products? Then provide high-quality photos of your products and a well-written and informative product description.

Is it an informational website? Then be sure to provide real facts and not false information. Research well.

#14 Keep track of your traffic

Website traffic

Your website traffic or the people who visit your website.

It is very important to keep track of them because with that, you can find out how your website is doing.

You can monitor which is what your viewers like and dislike. In this way, you can create more quality content.

If you notice parts that are completely ignored, then you have to decide whether to make changes or to erase it.

#15 Use social media

Since we are already using social media accounts every hour of the day, why not utilize it to promote your website?

With this, you can increase the number of your traffic and can expose your website easily.

Furthermore, you can create social media accounts dedicated to your website. Then you can just add the social media links to your website.

That will make your viewers easier to contact you too.

#16 Generate revenue

Many of you may not know that you can actually earn money with your website.

When websites got more and more known, webmaster overused ads and pop-up banners to earn money.

However, pop-ups and a lot of ads is very annoying. I am sure you can relate to that.

My tip? Do not overuse ads. Also try out other ways to earn money with your website.

You can sell products or even promote products as an affiliate marketer, which is the best way, in my opinion.

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#17 Great website design

Have you ever visited a website that is just completely composed of texts?

What do you think? Does it feel too empty or bland?

Because it does.

It will undoubtedly be unsuccessful. So make sure to giveyour website a great design. Add appealing photos, your great logo, use beautiful font styles and add color.

You can do it yourself. However if you want it to be done professionally, then you can ask for help from webmasters.

#18 Use open-source tools

Wordpress logo

There are a lot of tools available for you to create websites.

Some of these are Content Management Systems. However, most of them require you to pay to use their services and tools.

I recommend that you use open-source tools such as WordPress and Magento especially if you are still starting out.

#19 Do not try to please everyone


Focus on your goals and purpose.

There will always be people who will leave negative comments about you and your website.

However, there will also be positive comments.

So you better focus more on the optimistic ones and strive to improve. Do not be discouraged.

Always remember why you are doing this in the first place and let it motivate you.

#20 Avoid testimonials

Let me get this straight.

Testimonials are great to build credibility for your website.

However, if you use too much of it, your website won't be that believable and might shoo away your viewers.

Make sure to use specific and relatable testimonials.

#21 Do not expect to be successful right away

This should always be imprinted on your mindset.

Never expect that you can be successful immediately.

If you have this mindset, you can easily be discouraged whenever you don't notice any progress.

Building a website takes time. yyou need to invest a lot of work on it too.

So just keep on making it better. Then you will see results.

#22 Do not use Flash

Recently, Adobe Flash has announced that it will no longer support mobile devices and set-top boxes.

Although some websites use flash, I recommend not to use it.

The last thing you want to happen is to lose viewers because they can't view your website on their mobile devices.

#23 Don't hesitate to ask for help

It is great if you want to build your website on your own. It will give you joy and pride that you did it all on yourself.

However, there will always be times wherein you will need help from other people.

Do not hesitate to ask for help.

If you want your website to be successful, then you will need all the help you can get.

#24 Give space

When adding photos and other media and designs, I suggest to follow the rule of white space.

Do not cram them up together. Leave some space in between them.

This will make your website easier to navigate and read the content.

#25 Use free icons

Take advantage of free icons offered by some websites.

You can add more beauty on your website. And apart from that, you are safe from copyright infringement.

Bottom Line

Now you have reached the end of the tips on how to build a great website!

I hope that you have learned a lot about creating a website.

Always remember that doing it takes a lot of work. Do not expect that it will immediately attract a lot of people the moment you make it live.

Don't worry. All of your hardwork, time and patience will be worth it in the end.

One day, your website will be so well-known that it can be your source of income already!

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All of these offer and sell services and also different kinds of products.

I choose the best programs that best fit the purpose of my website.

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  • I’m looking to start up a new website on audio engineering, and I don’t really know where to start – I did notice that you mention that WordPress is a good starting point for new webmasters. Where would you recommend going to find some education on using this WordPress platform, and how easy is it to learn overall?

    • Hello Chris! WordPress is very easy to learn especially to the new ones. There are a lot of tutorials online, especially in YouTube wherein you can actually see how things are done.

  • I recently started my own website a few days back and I have to say that I am kind of lost when it comes to making it better.After reading all your tips I realized that I am missing a lot and I will start taking them one by one in order to get to success eventually.In your opinion, how long does it take to reach success online?

    • Hello Harry! Thank you for reading my post. Follow my tips and you will be on your way to success.

      Success with your website will take months or even years to build. It is not an easy job. However, if you put your hardwork and dedication on it, it will be so worth it.

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