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Is Writing to Wealth a Scam? Or Extra Cash Writing Articles?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 2, 2018

write to wealth scam

Writing to Wealth homepage

Can you really become wealthy writing short articles thanks to Writing to Wealth? Or this website is another scam you have to avoid?

If you're having a hard time deciding whether this is a scam or not, I invite you to read this honest review where you will learn the UGLY truth that Writing to Wealth is hiding from you!

Writing to Wealth Quick Review

  • Name: Writing to Wealth
  • Website: writingtowealth.com
  • Price: $37 + Upsells
  • Owner: unknown
  • A Scam?: No
  • Recommended? No
write to wealth scam

No More Scams & Low Quality Products!

What is Writing to Wealth?

Writing to Wealth is a product that is sold on an affiliate network called Clickbank.

This product promises you to become wealthy by simply writing short articles for other people.

Writing articles is a reliable to earn money but unfortunately it's not for everyone, I mean websites looking for writers don't just pay anyone $100's of dollars, they are looking for experienced writers!

Writing to Wealth says that you can earn up to $300 per article, they give you lists of the latest writing gigs, you don't even need to have experience or any writing background.

In a few words, Writing to Wealth is not a place where you get trained on how to become a great writer (as I was expecting) but like a database where you will find writing gigs.

Writing to Wealth reminds of a big scam I wrote a review about on my site before, this scam is called Master Writing Jobs.

That's another site that claims it can make you rich from writing, but it turned out to be a complete waste of time and money, just click on the orange link above to see how many comments from scammed members it has received!

Writing to Wealth is also similar to other Clickbank products I published reviews about like:

Is Writing to Wealth a real way to make money or it's another low quality Clickbank product?

Just keep reading to find out!

How Does Writing to Wealth Work?

Writing to Wealth is not going to work like they claim, most of their claims are exaggerated and too good to be true.

So this product costs $34 but there are 2 downsells that will appear if you try to leave the site, the price drops to $12 after the downsells.

After paying $12 you will have access to the members area where you will find their training material.

Here's what it's included in the member's area:

  • How to get started guide
  • Tips & Tricks section
  • List of magazines looking for writers
  • Other methods to earn
  • Database full of random writing gigs

I noticed that they want you to join a website called Hirewriters, that's a website I'm very familiar with, it does pay, but you need to have experience, no one will order your articles if you have no ratings within the platform!

That's why you need tons of experience and real ratings for customers in order to earn!

Here's Why I Don't Recommend Writing to Wealth!

I had a deep look inside Writing to Wealth, unfortunately I have discovered many things which force me to NOT recommend you to join this site.

Below you will find all the reasons on why Writing to Wealth is not the real deal!

No Real Training on Writing!

Writing to Wealth is not going to train you because they are just a platform where you will find writing gigs.

They are going to make money when you join the writing gigs they promote to you.

That's ok, but if you apply for those writing gigs, are you going to be accepted, can you make money?

I don't think so, that's why I think Writing to Wealth is pretty useless if they are not training you on how to become a writer that can make $300 per article.

The truth is websites that want to pay writers are looking for a specific type of writers that meets the following requirements:

Yes, you need the above skills in order to be wealthy writing for other people, this is the truth, and you need to know it.

Obviously Writing to Wealth don't want you to know this because they make a lot of money if you keep applying for the websites they send you to!

I used to write for other people, at the beginning, I was rejected a lot, but when I learned how to make my articles rank on Google and other search engines, and can make people read my stuff for at least 3 minutes, I started to land some good writing offers.

As you can see, my writing skills are not that good, but who said you need any fancy grammar skills to make money writing, the key is to make your articles rank on the top positions of Google!

That's why website owners buy content, it's because they are going to publish it on their sites and they want it to rank on Google so it drives traffic & sales!

Writing to Wealth does not offer any training related to that so it's useless!

If you're interested to learn all of this, I highly encourage you to try this Training for Newbies!

They Promote Scams to YOU!!

To make things worse, Writing to Wealth are even recommending you to buy into other scams that are only going to suck money from you.

Within the Writing to Wealth platfom there is a tab called "Other ways to earn"

I noticed that you're recommended to join two products that are:

  • Get Cash for Surveys
  • A secret system that makes over $800 a day!
writing to wealth recommending you scams!

Get Cash for Surveys is a SCAM!

I'm familiar with the first product, Get Cash for Surveys is a total scam!

The second one is a SECRET system that makes $800 a day, that's Bullshit because no one can just promise you to earn that much money!

The thing is Writing to Wealth is going to make money when you invest in these scams, don't do that, because it will only give you headaches!

They Overwhelm You with Different Methods to Earn!

Writing to Wealth is supposed to be a website to learn how to make money writing, but looks like they want to teach you other money making methods too.

They have some PLR products about differet money making methods like:

  • How to make money with Amazon affiliate program
  • Make money with Twitter
  • Make Money with Google
  • Sell stuff on Ebay
  • Buy & Sell domains
  • Make money as a Professional blogger
writing to wealth other ways to make money

The other ways to earn by Writing to Wealth

All these money making methods are just PLR products, they are basically some rehashed low quality tutorials that are vey cheap to buy.

Other than, you just can't make money with all these different methods, each method is going to take months if not years to work, and you can't split your mind! 

You need to focus on one thing and make it work for you. for example, if you want to make money writing, focus on that only, do not try to do everything, because you will just fail!

False Promises & Income Claims

No one can tell you how much money you're going to make, people are different and anyone that says you can earn a "specific income" fast and easy, you need to be extremely skeptical.

From my experience with falling for scams and reviewing over 400 scams

I noticed that legitimate products do not say how much money you will make, but they tell you HOW you're going to earn and give you the right training and material to make it happen.

All the Writing to Wealth claims are fake, you should not believe them, there are tons of websites that give you the same promises, but they end up being total frauds after you try them!

Who is the Owner of Writing to Wealth?

Legitimate products have "About Us" pages, that builds trust between the company and the customer.

But when it comes to Writing to Wealth everything is secret and mysterious, there is no information available about the owner or the owners of this website.

No pictures or anything! That's definitely worrying, I'd never invest in a website where the owner is hidden!

Upsells & Hidden Costs!

Clickbank products like Writing to Wealth are builtf or the purpose for taking advantage of their members by using them in different ways to make money!

For example, they send you to sign up for a lot of third party websites, so they earn affiliate sales, then they get you to sign up for scams!

I'm sure they will send you more offers to buy right in your inbox!

Other than that, they have some upsells ready for you, I took a screenshot for you 😉

writing to wealth upsells

Upsells you have to go through

Unethical Advertising & Scarcity tactics!

Writing to Wealth uses a lot of misleading and unethical tactics to convince you into buying their stuff.

For example they make you think, their website is available on your area, in my case they say that Writing to Wealth is open to residents in Italy.

fake scarcity tactics

Lies & lies!

It says Italy because that's where I live, and I'm sure at your end it says your country.

Writing to Wealth is available anywhere, and those are just fake techniques.

Is Writing to Wealth A Scam?

I don't want to call Writing to Wealth a scam because you get something at least for the little price you pay in the beginning.

But I don't think, this is a good place to make money from writing, they are very deceptive with their advertising.

First of all, they have no training that will turn you into a writer that can write articles that other websites are actually looking for.

They even want you to invest in scams, because they are going to earn affiliate sales this way, this only makes me think Writing to Wealth only wants to use you to build wealth for themselves!

You also have to expect spam to your inbox with other different products to buy and purchase, I have also showed you above the upsells and extra costs that they are hiding from you.

I don't recommend Writing to Wealth for all the above reasons, I know lots of people will still join this site also after hearing about these massive scam signs.

That's because some people are desperate about earning money that they give themselves excuses into believing this is going to work.

Don't do that, because this product is going to be a bad experience!

If you're interested into a real way to earn feel free to check out a legitimate opportunity below.

The Best Way to Make Money Writing!

While you can make money writing, there is a better way to make money from writing.

You need to know when you write for other people, you're basically helping them grow their businesses to make more money.

So why not start your own website, write articles for yourself and make real money instead of helping other people achieve their dreams?

To do this very well, you need a solid training that comes with help and tons of support, that's the same type of training that allowed me to quit my 9-5 job and start working from home full time!

My Recommended Training is going to teach you VERY useful skills like:

  • How to rank articles on Google
  • How to convince people to buy what you recommend
  • Make money using your passion
  • different ways to monetize your site!
  • & a lot more.

If you want to learn all of this step by step, just check out the link below.

Get Trained to Make Money Writing for Yourself!

Did you invest in Writing to Wealth already? Did you like it?

Do you have anything to share with us?

Leave your comments below, I reply to all comments!

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