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Millionaire Edge System – Scam Warning Review!

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May 7, 2018

millionaire edge system scam

Hey! Thanks for checking out My Millionaire Edge System Scam review! Since you landed here to read a review about Millionaire Edge System I’m assuming you’re very suspicious about the latter.

Good news because you’re not going to get scammed because you’re going to learn what the Millionaire Edge System doesn’t want you to know, the real truth!

If you want to stay safe online and still learn how to make an honest buck online, just read every word of this post, I promise you,  you’re not going to regret it!

With that out of that way let’s get into it!

Quick Millionaire Edge System Scam Review

Name: Quick Millionaire Edge
Website: There so many!
Price: $97 (just a bait) then heavy upsells
Owner: Unknown
Recommended? No

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What is Millionaire Edge System?

Millionaire Edge System is your ultimate get rich quick scheme, they say all the psychological words possible to share with you a touching story you relate to so you can easily fall for their scamming.

Since you’re reading my review, it’s obvious that you are smart and have some healthy skepticism as you’re not quickly falling for this load of BS.

Millionaire Edge System is literally promising you to start earning over $10,000 per day, I can’t believe that such programs even exist and no one is there to police them out, it’s really sad that people have to find these programs on their way when looking for a legit system that actually works.

I fell for scams before that’s why I hate them so much and I love to help people avoid them!

So Millionaire Edge System in a few words, is a fake system that wants you to believe you can earn $10,000 a day with them so when they say  you need to spend $500 first, you do it because you’re excited to start earning good money, then you realize it’s not working and voila you’re officially scammed.

That’s exactly what is going to happen to anyone that buys Millionaire Edge System.

I have talked the talk now I’m going to back up what I am talking about with solid proof so stick with me, but if you’re in a hurry and you already know this program is a scam, check out My Recommended Training for Making Legit Money Online.

How Does Millionaire Edge System Work?

I’m going to tell you what they are going to do and how they are planning to scam you so pay close attention, this information is not just useful for avoiding this scam but it will help you avoid any scam you may encounter in the future, if you want to stay safe online always, just keep reading.

Millionaire Edge System is just a landing page (a one-page website) with a full of hype video in the middle saying all the BS and lies possible, under the video presentation there is an email box where you should enter your email address.

I don’t know if you have ever come across scams in the past or if this is the first scam you hear about, in any case, 90% of online scams are a landing page with a video and an email box underneath it, I’m not saying every landing page is a scam but remember if you watch a video inside a landing page and you feel it’s too good to be true just stay away!

Never Give out Your Email Address to Scams!

Another thing is the email box that you see on every scammer’s landing page, scammers like Millionaire Edge System want to collect as many email addresses as possible.

The email addresses they collect are stored on an autoresponder service that costs around $20/month, this service allows them to send regular paid offers to all the email addresses they have collected.

The more email addresses the Millionaire Edge System collects, the more offers they will send, which means higher chances of people clicking and buying, usually the offers the will send to people are other get rich quick scams when you buy anything they offer they will make affiliate commissions.

So my advice to you is, never give out your email address to questionable sites like this one, because you will inbox will be loaded with spam emails! If you’re too curious or something just create another email address and give it to them, anything just don’t give them your personal email that you use for work or for friends, because you’re going to regret if you do.

Can You Make Money with Millionaire Edge System?

This system is just going to get your email address and start sending you lots of offers hoping you will click and buy, they are going to send you lots of offers of products like Mobe, link posting products or Digital Altitude as these programs are the most promoted by scammers as they pay a lot.

Most of the offers they will send you are scams but sometimes they would promote something legit that can make you money, but they don’t care as they just send offers blindly, I mean they just send whatever makes them money.

Even if they send you some legit products you won’t have anyone guiding you on how to use it so it’s useless, that why you’re not going to make money with this.

Millionaire Edge System is a SCAM! Here’s Why!

I have reviewed lots of similar scams to Millionaire Edge System and you will be amazed at how monotone and identical they are, here are some scam reviews I have written.

If you have read these 3 reviews above you have probably noticed one thing in common, did you?

Fake Testimonials!

Millionaire Edge System just like all the scams out there is using one of the most popular paid actors out there to say good things about their system

millionaire edge system scam artist

If you have watched the sales page of this scam you have probably seen this guy saying how good this scam is?

paid fiverr testimonial

Remember this guy? It’s a paid actor that has been bought from a site called Next time keep in mind that testimonials are not always legit.

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Did you find this review useful? I hope it gave you some useful info you can work with, if you liked it please spread the word, and definitely, leave your comments below if you have something to say! Any feedback or comments are welcome!

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