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Is Legit? Is that your question?

You're not alone!

So many people are looking for a damn answer!

This review is going to answer that damn question!

I'm going to give you "PROOF" on why is fake!

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What is

Paid Club found at is a website that is highly advertised on Instagram and other platforms.

This site claims to be the world's leading survey aggregator, which is clearly not. promises to match you with the best free surveys to make money from home. While you can make money doing surveys, it's not going to be something that will make you rich.

There are many legitimate surveys out there, but they take some effort and the pay is not that great!

Making $150 per survey is complete bs, don't let fool you! Below I'm going to show you how works and show you proof and red flags on why this site is fake!

Does Actually Work?

No, does not work, it's a chips bag full of air with no chips inside!

This survey site is based on hype and fake income claims, they are just trying to lure you in into their spammy surveys!

Below I share with you 3 Red flags and why you should stay away from Paid Club!

Red Flag #1:  Fake Advertising

Paid Club is paying some famous Youtubers, Viners and rappers to make testimonial videos for them.

Usually these kind of paid testimonial videos cost $50 to $100 per a 3 minutes video.

These testimonials are usually fake and are made just for money.

For example, there is a video making a buzz of Boonk Gang claiming that he makes lots of money from Paid Club and other surveys.

You can watch the video below:

Boonk Gang and the other celebrities you see in the video have been paid to mention and this does not mean that the latter works!

Chances are these celebrities did not even try the site they are talking about!

People when they see their favourite artists advertising a program they just assume it's legit which is not always true.

Red Flag #2:  Paid Club is a Clone of another Scam

Looks like the owners of have created different variations of this scam.

As I am writing this, there are similar scams to Paid Club out there promising easy quick money!

The first one is Smart Dollars Club

Here's a video review of this scam!

The second scam that is similar to is called

I have made a video exposing that scam too!

You can watch it below:

If you have watched the videos above, I think you can clearly see how these scams are very similar in terms of design and everything really.

Red Flag #3:  Your Personal Info is at Risk!

  3. Smart Dollars Club

These websites are just the same, they send you a buch of spam into your inbox!

Guess what?

They will even sell your personal information to other marketers so they can promote their scammy products too!

Before you give out your personal information to a scam like think twice!

Is Legit or a Scam? in my opinion is a scam, you won't make $150 per survey, surveys won't make you rich!

There are many legitimate surveys that won't sell your information or send you spam.

The best surveys to make money I recommend are:

  1. Inboxdollars
  2. Swagbucks
  3. YouGov

If making some extra money is not for you and you want to solid way to make money, there is a better way that requires more time and patience though.

This is a training where you learn how to start a successful website like mine, you will learn and build a real website that makes money.

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Did scam you?

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