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Is Panel Payday a Scam? [Honest Review!]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 23, 2018

How Does Panel Pay Day Work?, Is Panel Pay Day Real?, Panel Pay Day Reviews!, What is Panel Payday?
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Panel Pay Day Website

If you're planning to join Panel Payday and start making money, you need to wait and read this review first.

Is Panel Payday a Scam? it's not a scam, however, it's not a site that you want to join.

In this Panel Payday review, you will learn all the truth!

Panel Payday Quick Review

Name: Panel Payday

Website: Panelpayday.com

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Panel Pay Day

This survey site is full of spam and lies, it's a misleading site that will only send you to other sites rather than give you surveys to complete.

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What is Panel Payday?

Panel PayDay is a website that seems to promise you to earn around $25 to $75 per survey.

But if you're familiar with surveys or have at least tried taking surveys once in your life you know that $75 per survey is kind of too good to be true.

Earning $75 is possible don't get me wrong, but these are not the type of surveys that pay that much.

You can earn even $200 per survey but you will need to be knowledgeable about a specific topic or study.

Panel Payday is similar to Survey Voices, Survey Compare and Part Survey.

Panel Payday doesn't have any surveys, they just want you to sign up using their referral link so the earn commissions.

Panel Payday

They want you join surveys sites like:

  1. Earning Station
  2. Opinion Plus
  3. Survey All Stars
  4. IPsos Panel

The sites mentioned above that Panel Pay Day wants you to join are well known

I have personally tried the first two

I know that there is no way you will earn even $8 per survey let alone $25 or $75.

To make it worse, they even link you to big scams that will cost you big money if you join them!

I'm talking about fake MOBE sales funnels like Countdown to Profits that cost up to $45k to be all in.

looking for a free way to make money online

How Does Panel Pay Day Work?

Panel PayDay is not planning to help you earn money

But they just want to earn affiliate commissions off you 

When you join the surveys they recommend they earn commissions 

 That's fine so far, but the problem is when you join so many sites and they even recommend scammy programs that are going to rip you off! 

They say that you're going to earn $75 per survey but there is no such thing as that when it comes to surveys.

They are lying to you just to convince you into joining their sites using their referral links

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Panel Pay Day Complaints

$25 & $75 per Survey?

The are many negative reviews and complaints about earning $25 and $75 per survey

It's definitely not a good and honest thing to promise people to earn a specific income and when they put in work they earn cents.

Surveys nowadays pay less than $2 per hour, so there is no way the one would earn $75 or $25 per survey.

In a few words, Panel Pay day is too good to be true

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Negative Panel Pay Day Reviews

One thing that I put into account when looking for money making opportunities to join is their reviews online.

It seems that Panel Pay Day has negative reviews online

panel pay day negative reviews


There are many negative reviews about the site charging money every month and sending spam.

panel payday complaints

As you can see Panel Pay Day is clearly not a honest website

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Full of Spam!

If you give them your main email address, rest assured that you will receive a lot of spammy emails!

spam emails panel payday


It seems like Panel Payday sells your personal information to third party advertisers that promote different scams into your email inbox.

Is Panel Pay Day a Scam?

Panel Pay Day wants you to join sites using their links so they earn commissions

That's not something that would make them a scam

However when they send you scams that cost money, that's a big problem 

The promise you big earnings but none of that is true as you can't earn $75 per survey

They even hit your email inbox with spammy offers

Panel Pay Day is a site that I'd never recommend because it's shady and unethical.

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