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Partner with Mike B a Scam? It’s a Hype Galore!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 16, 2018

partner with mike b scam

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Can You Make $1,000 per day automatically or Partner with Mike B is a scam?

You have to learn what Partner with Mike B doesn't want you to know, because the sales presentation is sweet talk only. You're in luck because this is a truthful review which can save you money and headaches!

Partner with Mike B Review

A few months ago, I came across two products named Get Paid from FB and Facebook Vault.

These systems are created by a guy called Mike Buontempo who claims he has done 95% of the ground work for you and you can start making $1,000 daily automatically by laveraging Facebook to Promote CPA offers.

facebook vault is identical to partner with mike b

source: fb-vault.com

Today, I stumbled upon another product by Mike Buontempo which he calls Partner with Mike B, so is Mike Buontempo a scam artist? Can you trust his products? Most importantly can you make money?

This review tells it all!

  • Name: Partner with Mike B
  • Website: partnerwithmikeb.com
  • Price: $35 to +$3,500
  • Owner: Mike Buontempo
  • Recommended? No

What is Partner with Mike B?

Partner with Mike B is a system created by an online marketer named Mike Buontempo, this guy is really good at talking and if you have watched the video presentation he really makes it look easy to make $1,000 a day.

He says that the hard work has been done for you, now I can tell you that these are just some false and deceptive advertising techniques used to make you buy his products.

Unfortunately most people don't accept the fact that it takes hard work and dedication to Build an Online Business, that's why programs like Partner with Mike B are all over the internet.

They basically say all the sweet words you want to hear, but they just manipulate you into spending your hard earned cash into their products.

Mike Buontempo is the guy behind this product can you trust him? Let's talk about him a little bit.

Who is Mike Buontempo? A Scam Artist?

A photo of Mike Buontempo

Mike Buontempo is a 24 years old entrepreneur, in his website mikebuontempo.com he claims that he has made is first one million dollars when he was 21.

In his other website digitalmarketervault.com he offers Facebook advertising services for companies that want to increase their visibility online.

Mike looks like he knows what he is talking about, but I'm having a hard time trusting him because of his products Get Paid from FB, The Facebook Vault and Partner with Mike B.

His products do offer some good training on Facebook Ads and CPA, however I have seen tons of red flags that force me to not trust this guy which I'm going to share with you in the rest of this review.

How Does Partner with Mike B Work?

Partner with Mike B is another product that relies on buying traffic and promoting the same product you bought to other people.

You're basically going to be trained into buying the Partner with Mike B expensive products which you have to promote to other people.

Mike B system is a 6 step training that covers:

  • Landing page building (a one paged site you will use to promote Partner with Mike B)
  • Buy the Partner with Mike B High Ticket Products
  • Spend money on Facebook Ads to buy traffic to your landing page.
  • Make money when your visitors buy what you promote.

How Much Money Is this Going to Cost You?

You can join the Partner with Mike B 6 step training course for $37 only.

This will give you access to good training on Facebook Ads and how to set up your business with Partner with Mike B.

But there is a catch here

You need to spend a lot more money on:

  • Buying the resell rights of the Partner with Mike B Products
  • Facebook Ads

Mike Buontempo's system forces you to invest into his products in order for you to resell them.

You can choose which products you want to buy and promote, you can only promote the products that you have bought their resell rights.

There are cheap and expensive products, but the catch is the cheap products are going to make you little money and after realizing that you will have no choice but spend more money on the more expensive products.

Honestly before writing this review I was thinking about promoting Partner with Mike B because they offer lucrative affiliate commissions to their affiliates.

I mean $2000 per sale!

partner with mike b affiliates

As a Partner with Mike B affiliate you can make $2000 per sale

But I decided  NOT to promote this offer to my readers because I think it's not good enough, I know that my readers and email list followers will stop trusting me If I try to sell them Partner with Mike B.

But think about it, why would Mike B pay $2,000 per sale to his affiliates?

Because the money does not come from his pockets but from people that spend the double or the triple when they buy  Mike's system!

Chances are you heard about Partner with Mike B after receiving an email invitation, no matter how you came across this system rest assured that an affiliate is the one that sent you to it.

If you buy the Partner with Mike B products which can amount to up to $3,500 per product, the affiliate that invited you will make up to $2,000!

That's pretty much the same thing you have to do to make money, you have to promote the Mike B products for commissions.

In a few words, Partner with Mike B is an expensive business and below I will also explain how risky it is!

Partner with Mike B Is at Risk!

This system is an MLM scheme because everyone is inviting everyone to buy expensive high ticket products and sell them to the next person which also has to do the same.

At the end of the day, the only people that have bought the expensive memberships will make the most commissions!

Partner with Mike B is another product that teaches you how to create ad compaigns on Facebook and teaches how to convert leads into paying customers, but they feed you TONS of hype and use that to convince you into spending thousands of dollars to buy their products!

That's LITERALLY the same thing popular products like Digital Altitude and Mobe used to teach. I said they used to teach because today they no longer exist as they have been shut down by the FTC!

Needless to say how many people wasted ten thousands of dollars on these popular schemes.

That's why I think Partner with Mike B might get the same treatment by the FTC  because it's also deceptive and misleading.

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Partner with Mike B Reviews & Complaints

There are different reviews about Partner with Mike B, there are also different complaints 

You can Read all the Reviews & Complaints Here 

You can read more negative reviews at Ripoff report. One thing that I noticed which is a total trust killer in my opinon is the fake students and testimonials.

For example, at some point in the Partner with Miken B video presentation Buontempo talks about one of his students and how well she is doing thanks to his system.

But it turns out that the student he talks about is fake as her Facebook profile he mentions is fake, the proof is below.

mike buointempo fake student
partner with mike b scam artist

Pros & Cons


  • You can make money


Is Partner with Mike B a Scam?

No this is not a scam because at the end of the day you technically can make money with this. 

I have reviewed lots of scams that I easily called scams like Money Sucking website system, Five Minute Profit Sites and Kindle Sniper because they literally don't work or make you money.

With that said, Partner with Mike B is NOT recommended, Mike is going to make you pay tons of money to promote his products.

 I wanted to sign up as an affiliate and promote his products but I don't want to put my money in a risky business opportunity that might die anytime soon.

This system is deceptive, money has never been that easy to make, be realistic and don't join such a lying product!

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​Leave your comments below if you want to share with us anything about Partner with Mike B!

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