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Postal Job Source – USPS Jobs SCAM!

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By Anis

May 26, 2018

Do you want to get a postal service job with the help of Postal Job Source but you're not sure if it's a scam or legit?

I've got you 100% covered with this honest review!

Just keep reading if you want to learn the truth and find legit ways to build an income from home as well!

postal job source scam

Postal Job Source - Overview

There is a lot of confusion going on online about this site called Postal Job Source.

I came across it as it was advertised on a website I was reading.

I noticed that many people are skeptical about it because they don't know if this site can really land them a job at the postal office.

Today you're going to read a quick & honest review of Postal Job Source

What is it, what it actually offers & how it exactly works.

Keep reading to learn more...

  • Name: Postal Job Source
  • Website: (there are many versions)
  • Price: $48 for the training package
  • Owner: it's hidden!
  • Do I Recommend this? No

What is Postal Job Source?

Postal Job source is a website that promises you to get a high paying job at the post office.

I noticed that their website has different links like:


There are tons of other links and what I noticed the last 3 letters on the link are the only difference.

 Definitely these links do not look good and usually scammers have these kind of spammy urls.

Anyway Postal Job Source promises you to land you a postal clerk job that has some benefits like:

  • Paid vacation & Paid sick leave
  • Salary of over $50,000 per year
  • Job security
  • and a lot more!

The best part is you need no experience.

The above benefits are all legit thus Postal Jobs Source looks legit.

At first I thought Postal Job Source was going to give you the job.

After having a closer look I realised that they want to sell you something that is supposed to guarantee you this profitable job.

All you need to be qualified for this job is:

  • US Citizen or Green Card
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • At least 18 years of old of age.

Postal Job Source unfortunately is not as legit as it seems.

This is honestly one of the hardest scams to spot.

Because I review scams all the time and it's crazy how their income claims are.

Some examples of easy to spot scams are:

However Postal Job Source scam is hard to spot at first glance.

Keep reading if you want to know how this program is planning to scam you.

How the Postal Job Source Scam Works?

Postal Job Source says that in order to land this amazing job that comes with lots of benefits you need to pass a test.

If you pass the test you will get the job.

If you don't then no luck!

But they have a registration package for you.

This package as they explain will guarantee you to get your postal clerk job

The Postal Job Source Registration package includes:

  • Step-by-Step guide of the Postal office hiring process
  • Sample exams with usual questions & answers
  • list of all the postal office jobs available in your town.
  • Double refund if you're not hired.
postal job source scam guarantee

You're guaranteed to land the job! How?

The postal job source registration package costs $48.

The thing that I can't understand is they offer you a double refund.

If you don't get the job after using the Postal Job Source package you will get a 200% refund which is $97.

But what if everyone pretended to fail the USPS or clerk job test and got a double refund?

To me this seems weird and a scam sign.

postal job source registration package

the registration package costs $48

Is Postal Job Source a Scam? Yes with Proof!

I think the Postal Job Source is an obvious scam and below I'm going to back up what I am talking about.

This website wants you to buy the registration package for $48, that's their plan, they don't care about you getting any jobs.

Keep reading to learn more about the red flags...

Postal Job Source Fake Address

First of all if you go to the Postal Job Source FAQ page you will read this.

postal job source faq page


As you can clearly read on their FAQ page, they say that they are no way affiliated with the USPS.

But if you go the contact page of Postal Job Source you will find the address where they are located.

But after doing some research the address belong to an actual UPS STORE!

postal job source address


postal job source UPS store


As you can see the address belongs to an UPS Store.

Now I'm wondering what is Postal Job Source an actual UPS store? Impossible.

Postal Job Source Complaints

The Postal Job Source has a A+ bbb Rating but I think Business Better Bureau is not a valid indicator of a program being a scam or legit.

But the BBB page of Postal Job Source says they offer Labor services, anyway there are 0 positive reviews but only 4 negative reviews.

Go to Postal Job Source BBB page to read all the reviews.

postal job source complaints


It's a Government Job Scam!

This type of scamming is very popular indeed.

It's called government Job scam.

The official website of the Federal Trade Commission has a full article on scams like Postal Jobs Source.

Here is a sneak peak of it (look at the screenshot on the right)

postal job source government job scam


That article felt like it was describing what Postal Job Source is.

Especially this part. Carefully read the paragraph below.

postal job source FTC article


Final Words 

As you can see Postal Job Source is a scam, hard to spot really, but they trick people by selling them a training package that supposed to guarantee you the postal job.

Scams like these want to trick as many people as possible then disappear.

I have seen this happen over and over.

If you want to steer clear of scams I have put together a full article on how to avoid online scams

If you are a looking for a postal job, the best place to seek is the USPS employment page.

There are many scams similar to Postal Job Source everywhere and surely new ones will pop up anytime soon.

Make sure you avoid them to stay safe.

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Hopefully this review has been useful to you.

Don't forget to share this review to warn your friends & family!

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  • So Anis, I have fallen prey to this scam. There are a ton of websites stating Postal Jobs. I did contact one employee from one website that stated they were there for support. She didn’t try and get me to pay their fee. Was she a scammer too?
    Also, have you known anyone to get a refund? Is there is a place that deals with these scams to protect us and help those scammed get justice?

    • Hi Marnie, I’m sorry to hear you fell for this scam, regarding the employee you have contacted I have no way to tell if she is a scammer or not can you please link me her site so I can have a look?

      If you want to try to get a refund and report this scam please head over the FTC site you can also call them 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357).

      Also, try reporting them on BBB.

  • Great article. I never heard of this postal job source scam but I can see how people could easily fall for it. Thanks for doing your homework and sharing. It does seem weird that anyone would ask for money up front to help you get a job. Good idea to always be skeptical. Thank you!

  • Thanks for letting us know about this scammy program. It’s sad that people looking for a job and probably in dire need of money might get scammed if they fall for this program.

    I have always gone to the actual company and applied there to get jobs — I would not the word of someone else’s training unless I was 100% sure it was legit.

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