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Is Sayso4Profit a Scam? Frank Review!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 6, 2018

sayso4profit scam

Is SaySo4Profit a Scam? 

Today I'm going to review this survey platform for you.

If making extra cash with surveys is what you want then keep reading to see if this site is worth your time.

You will also discover more rewarding ways to earn extra cash.

SaySo4Profit Quick Review

  • Name: SaySo4Profit
  • Website: sayso4profit.com
  • Owner: NetFusion Media, Inc.
  • Price: FREE
  • Type: Online Surveys
  • Recommended? No
sayso4profit scam

What is SaySo4Profit? 

SaySo4Profit is a website where you will find online surveys.

This website allows you to join different surveys to get paid. It doesn't look like a scam, however it's not good enough.

Legit surveys are sites like Swagbucks, Inboxdollars and Cashcrate.

These surveys are real in the sense that they are real research companies that connect advertisers with their target audience.

SaySo4Profit is not a market research company with headquarters like the companies mentioned above.

This platfrom is just a webpage where an affiliate of a bunch of surveys makes you sign up through his/her links.

SaySo4Profit is similar to SurveyCompare and DollaPal which are also websites created to make you sign up to other surveys by using their affiliate/referral links.

How Does SaySo4Profit Work? 

SaySo4Profit gives you a list with different surveys to join.

I have noticed that there are many legitimate surveys recommended that's good.

However, I couldn't help but notice there are a lot of shady and scammy survey platforms that Say So 4 Profit wants you to join.

sayso4profit list of surveys

I have recognized many legit surveys that this site recommends like:

But as I said above you're recommended by SaySo4Profit to join scam surveys that include:

I have tried joining some surveys myself some of the links are broken.

Or even worse some links are spammy as I was offered free Iphones and Products to Test and Keep.

However some links are dangerous and may contain malware which is dangerous for your computer.

For example when I tried signing up for a SaySo4Profit survey here's what I received (see the screenshot below)

say so 4 profits spam

Can You Make Money with SaySo4Profit? 

Yes you can earn with SaySo4Profit if you join the legit surveys they promote.

However there is a lot of spam and shady surveys within this site which may be dangerous to your computer as I said above.

While you can earn with this site I don't think it's the best one.

There are many Free High-Paying Surveys that will earn you a lot more than SaySo4Profit.

Pros & Cons 


  • There are legit surveys at SaySo4Profit
  • You can earn some cash


  • Many unethical & spammy surveys inside
  • You can earn some cash
  • Low earning potential
  • You're suggested to join lots of surveys.

Final Review - Is SaySo4Profit a Scam?

SaySo4Profit is not a scam, you're promised to make extra cash and that's true you can earn pocket money with this site.

However, since they are affiliates of the sites they promote, they want you to sign up for as many sites as possible.

That's a problem, because this will lead to confusion as every site has their own cashout limit.

But if you ignore their offers and only join 4 to 5 surveys maximum you should be fine.

With that said, I don't recommend SaySo4Profit because it's a lot of work for a low earning potential.

There are many better ways to earn that are worth your time.

Better Ways to Earn Online!

SaySo4Profit is a not good enough but there are many better ways to earn.

There are better surveys for you to make money with like Swagbucks

However if you want to make a MORE reliable income I recommend you to build your affiliate site.

With an affiliate site you can build a very good income from your sofa!

My Training will Teach You how To Build a PROFITABLE Site!

That's the exact training that has allowed me to make over $2,000 per month and quit my annoying 9-5 job!

What do you think about SaySo4Profits? Your Comments Below are Welcome!

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