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Is the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle a Scam? [Honest Review]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 16, 2018

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Are you for looking for the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle reviews because you’re not sure if this system is a scam or legit?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a program that I have been seeing a lot on my Facebook feed

I have also watched a webinar about this program where a guy explains how this all works

I have seen people wondering whether it’s a scam or legit

That’s why I decided to look it up for you

If you are looking for an honest 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle 2018 review, you are in the right place!

Without wasting time let’s get rolling!

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review


Name: 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

Website: my8figuredreamlifestyle.com

Price: $2000 – $22k

Type: MLM

Recommended? NO

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What is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

When I first visited the 8 Figure Dream website, I noticed that it’s a login page

It’s very hard to find any information about the owners, their background or anything.

Even their domain name registration is private, their domain was registered 2 years ago

After doing some research now I know what 8 Figure Dream is all about

It’s essentially an MLM scheme where you need to buy some high ticket packages and resell them to other people

When you sell those expensive products (that need a heavy upfront investment) you will be able to generate those big commissions they talk about so much.

There are a lot of people that to promote 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle they create sales funnels to sell you this program

For example, a sales funnel called Partner with Coach Anne promises you to be rich within 30 days

Obviously, you won’t be rich in 30 days, that’s just some hype tactics used to sell you the system fast.

It’s crazy how all these high ticket programs have members create sales funnels to promote their opportunity

Here other high ticket products that do the same

These sales funnels are so unethical and shady that do all type of lying and hyping to sell you their stuff

They usually target newbies that have no idea how they can earn a legit income online.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle doesn’t show you the price to be in immediately

Because if they did, you wouldn’t even think about it!

The rest of this review will be the truth about this program and how it really works!

How Does the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Work?

As I said before to make money with this program you will need to invest in their high ticket programs

You can only promote the programs you have bought

The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Products

  • Basic Package: $2000 + $195 (the licence cost)
  • Builder Package: $6,500 + $395
  • Pro Package: $12,500 + $445
  • VIP Package: $22,000 + $500

The Compensation Plan

This system is all about recruiting other members, it’s a pure MLM scheme, some people even call it a Pyramid scheme.

To get Started you will need to buy the basic membership, this will allow you to be compensated whenever you bring someone to join and starts paying money for the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle basic membership.

If you make your first sale aka the qualifying sale, it will be taken by your sponsor (the person that invited you to this program)

Your first $2000 will be taken by your sponsor as you can see

But when you make other sales they will be all yours

However, if you invite someone that decides to buy the builder package but you are still a basic member

You will only earn $2k out of the $3,5k as the $1,5k will be given to your sponsor

If you are a builder package member but your referral buys the Pro Package, you will lose around $6,500 just because you’re not a Pro Package member!

As you can see this is a pure MLM scheme where people on the top memberships make the most money while the lower membership people lose on commissions until they upgrade to the higher memberships.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle can cost you at least $30,000 in total! That’s very expensive

If that exceeds your budget

you may want to check out My Recommended & Affordable Work at Home Training!

Can You Make Money with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

I think you can make money with this system

However, it’s not going to be easy as the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle testimonials claim

This is an MLM scheme, where you need to invest heavily to make a solid profit

People are very skeptical about investing on sites like these

You are reading this 8 Figure Dream lifestyle review because you’re skeptical about it as well

Let’s say you spend over $30,000 for the higher memberships

But how can you earn back your investment?

I don’t think many people will spend that much because this site looks sketchy and it’s very risky

If you are a newbie, you will be at a great risk of losing your money

No Training Inside

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle has no training or tutorials on how to succeed at this

All you have to do is buy and resell their high ticket products

This makes me assume that their system is for experienced marketers only

If you are a newbie here is a Great Training for Newbies to Start an Online Business

8 Figure Dream lifestyle will get you to buy traffic from other websites

Which means more money to be spent.

These high ticket products and MLM schemes usually low success rates and sometimes they are even illegal

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Testimonials & Reviews

I noticed people are looking for real reviews and testimonials of the 8 Figure Dream lifestyle

I was able to find some interesting things

First of all, they have a good BBB Rating (B+) but the rating is good because there are no reviews yet.

There a video on Youtube about some 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle testimonials that look legit

But are these testimonies real or well staged?

Is the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle a Scam?

I’m not sure if I should call this a scam or not

But I’m sure it’s not a program that I would recommend to anyone

It’s all about recruiting other members

There is no training that will teach you how to start a real online business.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is unethical and shady, it says that it’s easy to earn money with their products

But people are very skeptical about buying very expensive products

I don’t recommend you to buy this program especially if you are a newbie

Because the risk is huge with this system, you can lose all your life savings with this program

I wish I was kidding but that’s the truth, the 8 figure Dream Lifestyle is designed to make you gradually invest in the higher memberships.

There are people that call this program a pyramid scheme, I won’t be surprised if this system one day faces a lawsuit.

Here’s the Best Way to Make Money as a Newbie

If you are a newbie you definitely don’t want to be involved in the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

It costs a lot of money and it’s very risky and difficult.

But I have a safer alternative for you

You can make money using your passion if you check out:

My Recommended Training for Beginners

It’s affordable, risk-free and you’re not forced to buy any expensive products to make money!

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