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The Facebook Money System SCAM! [Full Review]

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By Anis

December 12, 2017

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weird trick that makes newbies make $500 per day

So I was scanning through Facebook and after a while, I found a post about a new program called the Facebook Money System

I was wondering if this Facebook Money System is a scam or legitimate

If you’re wondering the same thing and you want to know if this is worth your money, you definitely want to read this whole review.

Don’t spend your money before reading this truth exposing review!

The Facebook Money System Scam 

Name: The Facebook Money System


Price: $37 + HIDDEN COSTS.

Owner: Unknown (Maybe an alien?)

So the Facebook Money System claims that you are going to make $500 per day with their system

They say that’s so easy to earn that thanks to a secret loophole they know

What they say is Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates had a meeting in a restaurant where they were talking about blending Facebook with Microsoft.

the facebook money system

So the person voicing the FMS video presentation claims she was working on that restaurant

She claims that now she heard everything Bill and Mark said and she is ready to expose for you the loophole and the secret to earning hundreds of dollars every single day easily.

What is Facebook Money System?

This is a program I have seen before and it’s nothing but a rehashed scam

Facebook has never released a make money program for newbies

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates never had a meeting about mixing Facebook and Microsoft together.

That’s a complete load of BS and lies just to convince you into investing money into something that is only going to benefit the scammers behind the Facebook Money System.

Facebook Money System is a rehashed Scam

As I said before the Facebook Money System scam is not something new to me

This scam has been rehashed off two programs I know very well which are The Facebook Cash Code and Facebook Bonanza.

The scam program says that Facebook has released a training for newbies to teach them to make $100 per day easily in a short period of time.

This is absolutely fake and you the reader should never trust in a program with an anonymous woman saying she served Mark and Bill Gates while showing no proof or evidence to back up her words.

How Does the Facebook Money System Scam Work?

The Facebook Money System focuses on turning on your emotional buttons first, the person in the video mentioned all life problems that you will surely relate to.

That’s a psychological tactic to play with your emotions so it will easy for you to swipe your credit card and buy this scam without doing your homework.

Earning $500 per Day?

Earning $100 or $500 per Day as a Newbie is possible online

However, that is going to take a lot of consistent focused hard work

There is no loophole or secret to earning money, that’s complete BS.

How Much does the Facebook Money System Cost?

To get started you need to pay $37

Unfortunately, that’s another scammy tactic to lure you into thousands of upsells later.

I know many scammers sites like $500 Cash Club, Big Profits Plan, Rookie Profit System, 700 Profit Club that charge a little price and hit you with the huge upsells later.

In a few words, the Facebook Money System will cost quite a lot of money and the worst part you won’t be earning any money.

The Facebook Money System – Final Review

This system is a total scam it’s based on a fake story of an anonymous woman that heard a secret conversation of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

There is no way you would earn $100-$500 per day working 2 hours per day, that’s some imaginary stuff that has nothing to do with the real life.

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