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Is Tube Crusher a Scam? Yes it is! (Reviewed!)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 24, 2018

tube crusher reviewed

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Is Tube Crusher a Scam? Or your way to $1,000's paydays from Youtube?

This system is NOT how it looks like! There are a lot of hidden things which this review exposes for you!

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Tube Crusher Video Review

  • Name: Tube Crusher
  • Website: tubecrusher.co
  • Price: The Usual $37 + upsells
  • Owner: unknown
  • Recommended? No
tube crusher reviewed

What is Tube Crusher?

Tube Crusher is a new program that claims it can turn you from a complete newbie to someone that earns +$2000 a day from Youtube.

The owner of Tube Crusher claims to be someone that knows the ins and outs of Youtube, therefore he's going to turn you into a successful Youtuber since he already makes millions using it.

The problem is, there is no real information about the identity of this guy voicing the video presentation.

There is NO proof that this person behind Tube Crusher is actually killing it with Youtube.

In the sales video there are some screenshots of his payments, but nothing credible really, especially from someone that you can't even see their face.

tube crusher screenshots are easy to fake

Tube Crusher payment screenshots are EASY to fake!

In a few words, Tube Crusher is another BS Clickbank product like the usual clickbank products that I review all the time on my site.

Here are some examples for you to read:

Feel free to click on one of the above reviews, you will see how the Clickbank products work, you will also see some common scam signs.

Next time you come across a Clickbank scam similar to Tube Crusher you will easily avoid it!

Below I want to show you how this Tube Crusher scam works, keep reading below to learn more.

Here's How Tube Crusher Actually Works!

So Tube Crusher has been set up with the end goal of making you spend as much money as possible.

I have bought a lot of these fake Clickbank products and I know very well how they work.

I did a review about another Clickbank scam called Tube Profit Sniper, I have actually bought, tried and reviewed this scam.

They also teach you how to start a Youtube channel and related stuff, but their training was just some rehashed PDF's and some videos taken from Youtube that you can find for free.

Since I have bought that Clickbank Scam I have been receiving regular daily emails about new Clickbank scams to buy like:

All these products are expensive and are NOT going to make you any money, actually the opposite they are going to eat up you hard earned money!

Tube Crusher happened to be one of the scams that was recommended to me by that anonymous Clickbank scammer.

Basically, Tube Crusher is going to send you all of type of BS Clickbank products to buy.

Can You Make Money with Tube Crusher?

No, you won't make money using Tube Crusher, because it's not a real program.

This system as I said before was built to make the hidden owner richer while you're swimming into useless products and more products that you have to purchase.

Tube Crusher tells you all type of lies and uses all kind of psychological techniques to lure you into this.

They tell you all kind of things like how you will pay off your mortgage and how you will enjoy your life in Hawaii.

tube crusher bs lies

That's all bs, because a legitimate products does not make such big claims.

Tube Crusher is not going to work, because they don't teach you how to actually make money from Youtube.

They just use some random Youtube videos or some rehashed PDF and give it to you, they know thoese are not going to teach you anything and that's what they want.

They are going to send you more limited training on your email but you have to swipe your credit card.

That's how Tube Crusher makes money, they basically target newbies that have no idea how making money online works and unfortunately these online scams make tons of money this way.

Since Tube Crusher is a scam, they have to buy testimonials from a site called Fiverr, in order to make you believe that their system works.

Here's the proof below:

tube crusher paid testimonial
tube crusher paid actor from Fiverr
another paid actor from Fiverr
tube crusher fake actor from Fiverr

Below, I'd like to explain to you how making money from Youtube actually works, so you have an idea of how this works and on the other hand you won't fall for scammers again.

Making Money from YouTube the Real Truth!

Tube Crusher says that you can make $3000's a day in affiliate commissions today thanks to Youtube.

But that is NOT how things work, that's hype.

It's very easy to create a Youtube channel (watch the video below!) but it's very hard to get people to watch your videos.

You can make money from Youtube only if your videos are interesting and people want to watch them.

Youtube does not allow you to even monetize your videos unless you have an established Youtube channel.

To start making money with Youtube you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in a year!

Yes, that's the reality of making money on Youtube, this proves that Tube Crusher is NOT going to make you any money!

By the way you can make a lot of money from Youtube, but you need to work very hard, because no one is going to give you easy money!

Tube Crusher in the video presentation makes a reference to a successful Youtuber called Pewdiepie and how he makes over $15 millions a year making stupid videos.

tube crusher sales video

The person voicing Tube Crusher video is trying to make you think you can make some stupid videos and start racking up millions of dollars!

That's not true, because PewdiePie has worked his ass for 7 years in order to reach that success!

Here's one of his videos where he explains how to get started on Youtube.

Is Tube Crusher A Scam? Final Review!

Yes, I think Tube Crusher is nothing but a scam, they are just lying to you about how much money you can earn.

They just want to make money from people that don't know how to make money from Youtube.

Earlier in this review I showed you examples of similar scams to Tube Crusher.

I showed and proved to you that this scam uses fake testimonials to make you believe actual members make money which is not true.

I have also showed you how making money from Youtube actually works which is not 15 minutes a day like Tube Crusher claims.

Making Money Online - The Training YOU Need!

If making money from the internet is your goal, then you should stop trusting these scam half baked products that are only after your money.

I was in your shoes not so long ago, I spent money on different scams and wasted my time in useless products like Tube Crusher.

But just 17 months ago I came across this comprehensive training that is legit and actually cares about helping you make money!

This training will teach you:

  • How to start a site from Your passion
  • How to create a Youtube channel
  • How to use Amazon to build a full-time income from Home
  • Get visitors from Google, Youtube and Bing!

This training is detailed and structured very well which is VERY easy for newbies like you and me to consume.

If you want to finally make it online, then click on the orange link below:

My #1 Training for Newbies to Make Money! (Free to Try!)

Is Tube Crusher a Scam? or a Legit opportunity?

What is your opinion?

Did you already buy this system?

Please leave your comments below and SHARE this review to help other people know the truth!

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