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Ultimate Retirement Loophole is a Scam!

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By Anis

December 30, 2017

Ultimate Retirement loophole

What is the Ultimate Retirement Loophole?

When talking about Ultimate retirement Loophole, it generally refers to a recently launched website that claims to help retirees generate a lot of profit.

The platform actually asserts that one can earn up to $1500 per month by just utilizing the secret loophole.

Additionally, the programme makes the entire process so simple that you can actually start suspecting it.

Ultimate Retirement Loophole has purportedly been unfolded by a guy named Nate Rifkin who affirm that he was an ex-employee of Agora Financial Company.

Moreover, Nate Rifkin strongly claims that he is no longer an employee of the company and that he was dismissed simply because he confronted his employer about this retirement loophole.

However, much of the information on the website is so contradictory to what Nate says.

In fact this website is hosted by Agora Financial Company which Nate claims to have been dismissed.

Why on earth could Agora Financial Company opt to keep their confidential information on their main site?

This instantly turns you skeptical about the entire thing.

Can you really make Money on this platform?

It’s well ascertained that it’s indeed possible to make profits with ultimate retirement loophole through selling put options. However, this money comes with a lot of risks.

It’s actually a good way in which you can lose your money.
Comprehensively, it’s one of the risky forms of trading and the risky often outweighs the reward.

This is literally a programme that seems to work but it probably doesn’t.

Ultimate retirement loophole is just aimed at getting your $1500 which they claim is refundable, especially the $150 of it which they assert that they will keep preventing people from signing up and claiming a refund.

Is the Ultimate retirement Loophole a scam?

In further due diligence, I tend to think that there is a scam going on with the program.

Since the platform guarantees people a profit of up $1500 per month, you expect to get lots of praises on their website.

However, visiting the site you will be left with a rude shock of the more 150 customer complaints.

This is a show that there is something fishy taking place.

It actually becomes pretty obvious that Agora Financial Company doesn’t meet its promises.
Some of the complains that you can find the customer reviews are as follows.

  • Agora Financial, l not refunding subscription fees and payments
  • Agora Financial not keeping is promise
  •  Bad financial advice by agora financial to its customers leading to losses

The contradicting information of Nate Rifkin speaks volumes of what is actually taking place.

Ultimate retirement loophole and Agora Financial Company are basically the same thing.

Furthermore, it’s crystal-clear that income on demand is one product from Agora Financial.

It also seems that Agora Financial have several more which have been branded scams on numerous reviews.

The level of negativity from the customer reviews speaks for itself.

It’s easily conclusive that Agora Financial has actually been set up to fragment retirees with their cash.


It’s certainly not recommendable for any to trade, invest or even buy into any of Agora Financial Company’s programs.

The entire thing looks like bad news. Trading off and investing is a program that has more than 150 negative reviews is like looking for distress.

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